Blogmas 2019 Day 4:

Had a meeting today and realised it’s only three weeks until Christmas. I mean, I knew it would be soon because it’s December but at the same time it feels like it shouldn’t be that soon. Does anyone else feel like that? I’m not sure I’m that organised this year, I haven’t decorated completely, haven’t got my Christmas card list written and haven’t bought any Christmas presents for a while. It all started so well too. Oh well, looks like it’ll be panic buying at the last minute again.

I may have forgotten to take a photo before I ate the two sweets from the advent calendar. The Haribo has a small pack of Maoam Bloxx in orange flavour, I always like Maoam so happy to have them, and these blocks seem to last longer than the strips. The Kinder Mini was the same as yesterday’s, the one with the puffed cereal in the middle, and I think I like this more than the regular one, I’m definitely tempted to look for a proper bar or pack of these in the future.

The Friends charm advent calendar had another bag charm, though this one is a light purple with ‘I’d rather be at home watching Friends’ and one I’d use more than the other one. Apart from the phrase its not particularly Friends themed, I’m not sure about the bright purple colour but it’s one I’d be happy to have on my keyring or maybe on my purse as the little tab you use to open the zip has gone.

Today’s Harry Potter charm is the first that isn’t a hanging one, it’s the sorting hat and slides on alongside three others nicely as it stands out in front of the rectangle that fits around the bracelet itself. It’s pretty detailed, you can see exactly what it is with the texture and shape of the hat, and I do like how they’ve left it silver rather than using an enamel to colour it brown.

After yesterday’s smaller Christmas trees, today’s Lego Harry Potter advent calendar had a third tree. This one is bigger and I’d say probably one that’s supposed to be model of one inside the great hall because of the size and how they’re desr ibed in the books. I think the three together could work well in any Christmas or winter scene for any theme, they’re not specifically Harry Potter themed.

In the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent Calendar today is an Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Damask Rose. This is most definitely very rosy, I could smell it when I opened the window and it’s even sealed at the end as well as having the lid. If you’re not a fan of rose then definitely not one for you. It says it’s a cleanser that is hydrating, restores the PH balance and cleanse off dirt and makeup. I haven’t tried it properly but it seems gentle and not overly drying so I’m looking forward to giving it a proper go. This is limited edition and I can’t actually find it on the Marks and Spencer’s site.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, I’d love to hear about your Christmas preparations too. You can find me on social media @thoughtfulpigeon on Instagram or @thoughtfulpige1 on twitter.

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