Blogmas 2019 Day 3: My DIY Flocked Tree

I mentioned this yesterday but I wanted to post a photo and I was wondering if anyone has done the whole DIY flocked tree with fake snow thing? I would say it was a success, except for the amount I thought I needed, but know it takes longer than I expect to dry. Last night it was still wet and wiped off easily, today it’s all crumbly and only comes off in pieces. Have any of you tried this? Is there a knack to it or is it just spray it on and leave it?

Today’s Kinder Mini advent calendar had a mini with little pieces of puffed cereal in. I haven’t tried this combination before and it’s pretty good, definitely had a bit of a matleser taste in there. The Haribo calendar had a mini Golbears pack, I do love these, it’s the first mini pack so far I’ve actually tried before this week.

The Friends charms advent calendar had a charm that isn’t for the bracelet, it’s a bag charm with You’re the Monica to My Rachel, which is kind of cute but not one I’ll probably use. Not sure how Friends like it looks, to be honest I’d rather have had an extra charm with a friends reference for the bracelet or even as a bag charm.

I really like the Harry Potter charm, it’s a silver Deathly Hallows with little crystals set in it. It’s got a bit of sparkle but not overly and quite subtle for a cheaper crustal charm. It’s one of those charms that isn’t overly obvious as a Harry Potter one if you didn’t know, it could just be a symbol without any meaning and just a pretty charm.

I kind of love the mini trees in the Lego Harry Potter calendar, they have the white top that makes them look like they have snow on and I quite like the effect of the green wedges o the bottom and the way they have the star on the top. You also get some extras, I’m putting them all in a bag and might see if there’s enough to make something at the end. They’re actually an ok size, even with getting two in the one day, as you can see next to the minifigure Harry Potter.

I like how the Marks and Spencer’s beauty advent calendar has little phrases on each box and they’re often a bit of a hint to what’s inside. Today’s was ‘‘tis the season’ and it’s a lip and eye treatment from Formula Absolute, an M&S beauty company. It seems very appropriate since my lips are so unhappy at the moment, so I was definitely pleased to get this one today. It seems like it has no scent at all, not just like those non scented products that smell of a cream base, literally can’t smell anything from it, so I think it much just be very weak as I can’t see how it can be scentless. It’s a fairly thin consistency and is easy to apply. It sinks in very quickly and doesn’t feel greasy. I’m not sure how much of a difference it makes but it is cooling and soothing so I’ll keep trying with it. This comes in a jar rather than a tube when you buy it full sized and costs £18, so it’s not cheap but if it works could be worth looking into repurchasing.

I have to say that I think today’s is the best so far from the beauty calendar, also liked the Deathly Hallows charm and the trees in the Lego so overall a good day for the advent presents. I’ve only really tried the night cream from this ultimate range from Formula Absolute, but I do love that too so maybe I should look into these a bit more and see if there’s anything else worth trying.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, I’d love to hear about your Christmas preparations too. You can find me on social media @thoughtfulpigeon on Instagram or @thoughtfulpige1 on twitter.

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