Blogmas 2019 Day 2: Themed Christmas Trees?

I have never done the themed tree look, unless uncoordinated mess of colour is a theme. But I’ve been seeing so many youtubers do them and loving the look of the Scandinavian style that I decided to give it a go. One step I maybe should have avoided was trying to use spray on snow as DIY flocking. I’d seen a few others do it and it looked good, I just didn’t realise how much would be needed for a 3 foot tree! I was wondering how many of you guys do themed trees? And if you do what themes do you go for? I have to say I’m loving the farmhouse theme with the buffalo check and red truck that’s everywhere in America, I may have light some cheap cushion covers with that style for my desk chair.

It’s the second day of advent and it’s definitely still feeling like Christmas morning when it comes to opening six surprises each morning though I’m not sure I’d get this many again! It’s fun but storing them is a lot harder!

The sweets today were another plain mini in the Kinder Minis calendar with the white milky centre and milk chocolate coating, and a pack of sour Winterland shapes in the Haribo advent calendar. I think these are one of those flavours you don’t get in the UK, I haven’t seen them around. I’d say as far as sourness goes they’re somewhere between the standard haribo mix sweets and the tangfastics. I’m a fan of sharp flavoured foods so it’s not overly sharp and I can see them being OK for people who find Tangfastics a bit too much.

I really like the look of the two charm bracelets, they’re definitely very different styles but I like both. Today’s windows had some of the charms I was most looking forward to. The Harry Potter charm is a slytherin tie in silver with green enamel to make the stripes. It slides onto the bracelet itself very easily, it will definitely need some of the beads that hold it in place like Pandora ones do, if you don’t want it sliding around the place. The charm in the Friends calendar is Chandler’s name in, what I think is, a rose gold finish. It’s a nice charm but was so hard to get on, the clip was so stiff to open enough to get it on the bracelet and then getting it to close enough to stay on took a few tries with it falling off. I’m hoping they will be easier in future charms or after being put on or taken off a few times.

The Harry Potter Lego toy today was a toy train, which I am pretty sure is supposed to be a minifigure model toy sized version of the Hogwarts Express, or at least a train with the same colours. I like how the doors of each day have the instructions inside them. I didn’t use it for the minifigure but I definitely needed it today. Also, the fact they give extra pieces. This is a nice little model, especially for the size, and it works well with the minifigures as a toy for Christmas in the Hogwarts Christmas scene that you’re gradually building up.

Whenever you get a beauty gift box you always get a black mascara, and today is that day in the M&S beauty advent calendar. It’s an Eyeko Lash Alert mascara that has has caffeine, arginine and biotinoyl tripeptide which apparently stimulate lash growth. It also says it has fibres in so I think it’ll be one that builds you lashes that way as well, so it’ll be interesting to try. I do like the shape of the wand, these are always easier to use when they’re rounded for me, and the squeeze tube style container often means you can get more of the product out onto the wand towards the end I find. The full sized tube is normally £19 and 8ml, so this travel sized version that has 4ml I guess would be worth £9.50 (though travel sizes are always more expensive per ml).

I do like these, everything so far has been good and I am actually interested in this mascara, despite it being the standard black mascara. It would be nice to have a waterproof one in these things a bit more often. I have been told by people at Eyeko on Twitter that their formulas use a tubing technique that means they should be waterproof for cold water, they come off easily with warm it says on the M&S site, but I’m not sure I trust it. I would like to be proven wrong though, it’s always good to find a nice waterproof mascara. Have any of you tried the Eyeko mascara? Has it worked well for you?

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, I’d love to hear about your Christmas decorations too. You can find me on social media @thoughtfulpigeon on Instagram or @thoughtfulpige1 on twitter.

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