Blogmas 2019 Day 1: All the Advent Calemdars

How is it already December? I’m not sure where 2019 has gone, doesn’t feel that long ago I was doing Blogmas last year! Anyway, I’m going to give it another go and try to post daily, or almost daily as I’m probably going to catch up with my days after I’ve been away rather than opening the days early like in the past, it never seemed to work that well.

I may have gone a bit overboard when it comes to advent calendars this year. The most I’ve had in the past was three, this year I have six! Only one will really have a review each day as the others I think are exclusive to the advent calendars, but they are still available. I have a feeling a couple of them will be for some time so if half way through you like what you see it might be worth picking them up on sale, they’re already reduced!

I’ll start off with the two charm bracket ones. I got one that’s a watch strap or belt looking bracelet with Harry Potter charms to add. It’s kind of like a flat Pandora style one in the way it works with adding charms. It’s an unusual style and I like that it looked decent quality, I’ll have to see how long it is before it turns green but I like the look now. The Friends charm bracelet one is a more standard golden coloured charm bracelet with ones that clip on, so both have interchangeable charms that you can easily swap depending on what you feel like. They also both started with the bracelet itself and I like that they’re all held in with little material elastic bands so no losing charms to other days of the calendar.

The two sweets one I have are a Kinder Minis advent calendar, which tastes amazing and now makes me want to get a kinder eggs because I forgot how much I like the chocolate, and a Haribo one. I like that a fair amount of the Haribo sweets in here are ones you don’t generally get in the uk, even if they’re not Christmas themed, like the tropical fruit and phantasia mini bags. this Merry Christmas mini bag has Christmas shapes like stars, snowmen and hearts, and they taste like the Haribo gummy bears.

And now the two biggies, the Lego Harry Potter one was one I couldn’t resist. I’ve always wanted Lego ones but before now they weren’t themes that I was that into, I like Star Wars but don’t collect anything to do with it, but as I love the Harry Potter universe I had to get it, even if it’s a bit expensive. I like how they give the kids the shorter legs, even if you can’t pose them, and the detail on the hand knitted jumper from Mrs Weasley is really nice! I am so tempted to build my original Hogwarts model to have a mini great hall to put these all in as I open the doors and the feast builds up too.

The most expensive, and probably the one that is the least surprising when you see what my blog is about recently, is the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty advent calendar. I got this a few years ago, I think twice, and missed out last year. Having seen the products in it this year I wanted to try some of them and there are some favourites in there.

Today’s product is a full sized tube of the Aveda Damage-Remedy, which is a daily hair repair treatment, so like a leave in conditioner. It looks like a thin consistency conditioner and smells like a herbal hair product. It is cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s pretty nice, maybe some floral in there, so something I’m looking forward to trying. As I’m growing my hair longer then the ends might want some more TLC, even though they normally do pretty well on their own. This tube holds 100ml and costs £25 (on offer at £20 now) so I’d hope it was good! Not one I’ll probably repurchase unless it’s amazing, but it could surprise me!

I have to say I’m liking these so far. I think the only one that’s sort f a surprise each day really as to whether I’ll like the products is the Marks and Spencer’s one. I know I like the sweets and the charm bracelets, and I always love Harry Potter Lego. I do know what comes in the beauty advent calendar but have already forgotten a lot of it and no idea what is which day.

I think I need to get back into this daily blogging routine, this is going out way later than I originally planned as we were decorating the house for Christmas and time got away from me. Have you guys decorated yet? We’re getting a real tree tomorrow so will decorate that and probably finish off the rest of the house too. Hopefully anyway! I’m not sure how we used to get it all done in one or two days, I’m sure it takes longer each year!

I hope you guys are enjoying the lead up to holiday celebrations, even if you don’t celebrate anything then the season in general. Hope to see you guys tomorrow!

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