Another Christmas Home Haul: A Bit of Everything

The title image for the post. It says Christmas Everything and there's a photo of all the Christmas decorations lying on the bed

I have never had a proper theme when it comes to Christmas decorations, it tends to be throw all the colours at the tree and see how it looks. This year, however, I decided to have a bit of an overhaul and give a themed look a go. It won’t be for everything, just the main tree and bits around it, but having seen all the natural wooden and white looks out there I thought I’d give it a go. Considering my decorations mainly looks like a metallic rainbow this meant a bit of a shopping spree.

This post is probably more hauls than haul, I may have got a bit carried away and bought from a few places. It’s a mix of The Range, Ikea, Disney Store and eBay.

I’ll start with Ikea, this would have been a post by itself but half the things I wanted weren’t available online to deliver to me. That is one annoying thing about the site, it’s in stock online but not in my area.

Photo of the Christmas Ikea products laying on the wooden floor. There's a three pack of wrapping paper, metal tin in the shape of an apple, a roll of paper ribbon, a pack of brass round coasters and two sets of small hand made models

I love wrapping presents, every year I try to find a cute wrapping paper and accessories, and I love the craft brown paper look so I had to get this pack of three with the Santa hat, snowman and blue mountains. This is only £4 (£3.20 family price) for the pack of three which is not a bad price as it feels like its pretty nice quality. I did really want this one with the Gonk Christmas gnomes pattern on it but it was out of stock. I also got this papery string ribbon to tie it all together and is only £2 for 100m (£1.60 family price). These are both recyclable too so less rubbish at the end of the day.

I have to get at least one Christmas candle each year, I often go for an advent calendar, and when I saw this apple shaped tin with an apple, vanilla and cinnamon scented candle inside I loved the sound of it. The scent isn’t overly strong but it’s got a good throw, cost £2 (£1.60 family price) and I think I’ll be using the tin afterwards.

There are two sets of these little Santa themed models, one is three Santas (£6 or £4.80 family price), the other has a Santa, Reindeer and sleigh (£8 or £6.40 family price). These are so cute and look handmade, I want some little bottlebrush trees to go with them and make a display.

These technically aren’t Christmassy and will be used all year but this six pack of brass coloured coasters with a cork base are so neat and look amazing on my side. I like the fact they come with a holder as well. These are £4 for a pack of 6.

Two glasses laying on a blue carpet. There's a gnome using a candy cane as a snorkel with bubbles going u to the top of the glass

The final IKEA thing was this six pack of Santa glasses. I don’t normally go for Christmas glasses but these have little gnomes snorkelling under your drink with a candy cane. How could I not buy them? They hold 30cl, so 300 ml which is a decent sized glass of drink. They’re £4 for the pack of six, or £3.20 family price.

in the middle of the photo is a wooden train in white with gold details and three carriages with Christmas characters in. Around it are six 'picks' or smack bunches of fake leaves and berries with a cone and fake snow on them

The eBay goodies I can’t find now online so no links but there’s a lot very similar out there so just do a search, unless I find that they’re back up then I‘ll try to link them. I’ve been seeing so many people use picks in their trees, I always saw thought you used them in floral arrangements, so I thought I’d give them a go and got a cheap set of six eucalyptus picks with glitter and white in them. They aren’t the best and the glitter is already everywhere from taking photos, but they’re fun to try. I also got this little white wooden train that’s in the style of vintage wooden Christmas decorations. We’ve had ones that hang in our tree since I was little and I love the style because of that, this was cute and about £2 with free P&P so I was pleasantly surprised at how not bad it is.

I wouldn’t have thought of buying decorations from the range, we’ve bought lights but I’ve never looked much at their individual decorations, but I would recommend it to anyone, whether you’re on a budget or not! They have so many different styles and sections you can find something no matter what your theme, kind of reminds me of a cheaper version of some of the garden centres near me. The only thing is none of these are still online so it’s a case of check in your local store and see what they have.

The decorati9ons laid on the floor. There's a pack of white laser cut wooden decorations in the shape of hearts, stars and trees with stags and a woodland scene in each, a small white gnome, a garland of small white jingle bells and a pack with wooden decorations in the shape of sledges, skis, a pair of mittens, ice skates and socks.

As I said before I’m loving the Scandinavian natural wood and white look so I got a few bits to go with that. Also I tend to find that laser cut wood is one of th9ose things where it’s harder to tell if something is cheap or expensive compared to painted faces that can look a bit odd. This set of 7 Hanging Scandi Icons with the sledges and skis is so cute with the fluffy trim and I like the way the pairs of things hand on either side of the branch, also at £2.09 it’s a good price. Another laser cut wood decoration set I went for is the Set of 9 Hanging Heart/Star/Tree decorations, only £1.59 and they’re so detailed with the antlers. Not sure how much I’ll use the hearts as they’re not a shape I go for on Christmas trees, but even if I just use the other 6 it’s still a good deal.

I have to say I am loving all of these Hanging Gonks, or Christmas Gnomes as they seem to be called a lot in America, and really wish I’d bought more of this cute little guy. He’s got a knitted jacket and fuzzy trim and I love their little noses that poke out. He’s the 14cm version and also comes in red, they’re both £1.79 and I might get some of the red too for the future. I also love the little white bell garlands they sell, these are only 1.2m long though so I‘d say get a few even if you have a small tree. My 3ft tall one is going to need at least 2 so I’m hoping they have them in stock when I go in on Wednesday. I can’t find the price for this one but I think it was around £2 (sorry if I’m wrong, I’ll change it if I get another one!).

I love garlands, but round here they’re either very plain and cheap looking or very expensive, I don’t want to spend £30+ on one. They have to many at The Range that I would love to have up, and this Garland of Pinecone/Berries/Stars and Lights is 1.2m long and cost £5.49. I like the way the pine needles look and the fact that the battery pack is hidden in a mini hessian sack, but you can still feel the switch so no need to get it out every time you turn it on and off. The only thing it’s missing is the timer function that some have now, but at the price you can’t complain.

These silhouette hanging copper decorations, the Star and Tree are 79p each and the thing I saw a while ago and wanted to get that made me properly look at their decorations. These look great, and most of them are in great condition, but it’s worth mentioning that one I have the copper has chipped off a bit and showing a white layer and metal underneath. I missed this until after the return date, plus I didn’t see them in stock afterwards anyway, just something to check rather than just picking up the shape you want.

the box of nightmare before Christmas decorati9ons. The seven baubles are round the edge, showing each of the characters, and the Jack Skellington Santa tree topper is in the middle

The final decoration is by far the most expensive, though it’s a set of eight, and it’s the Nightmare Before Christmas set with a Jack Skellington tree topper with his dressed as Santa. I have to admit, that is the main reason I had for buying it. The seven baubles are black glitter with an are in the middle of each with a different colour of the rainbow and character on them. Six of these have Jack Skellington on the back, the last has him on the front and the Nightmare Before Christmas logo on the other side. I will definitely use them, especially when I get a bigger tree, but the tree topper is definitely the star of this set for me! This is out of stock in the UK Disney Store but it’s still in the US at £34.99/$34.99 (yes, they are the right prices when I looked).

I may have gone a bit overboard with the decorations this year. I will be using a lot of older stuff I have, though I seem to have lost three or four boxes of baubles which is annoying, but it did feel like time for a shake up of my decorating style. Have you guys got a theme this year? Have you already decorated? We always wait until the beginning of December, but we do have the boxes down from the attic and have checked the lights. Getting in the Christmas spirit already!

Jack Skellington Santa on the tree top

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