Review: Smashbox Shooting Star Gift Set

Smashbox Shooting Star set title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the three palettes on a wooden surface

Until this time last year I hadn’t tried anything Smashbox, their Christmas gift sets are a great way to try things for yourself as the price is so good compared to their permanent range. The Covershot palettes are £24 normally, this set of three is £42, or £35.70 in the sale at the moment. In the Smashbox Shooting Star Gift Set is a limited edition eyeshadow palette called Supernova, Minimilast which is a permanent one, and a small face palette with a highlighter, blush and matte bronzer.

As with all Covershot palettes these are small, they’re a great travel sized palette or to throw in your bag, so for the price they are still expensive and it seems they can be a bit hit or miss when it comes to pigmentation, I tend to do research before getting them but as this only has one permanent product in there I risked it.

I like how Smashbox do their Christmas sets, you have a clear view of everything in them and information on the back about the ingredients and a good picture of exactly what’s inside. The Christmas editions of the Covershot palettes are a bit different to the standard ones, in that the lenticular design that normally makes it look like pigment exploding out has been replaced by a design that makes the star twinkle and move on the front. I like the look and it does tie the collection together, but I do think the regular style is more eye catching when you move it.

Inside each has a small mirror that fills the lid, these are pretty good and work well for applying eyeshadow, a bit more difficult with doing a full face because of the size and fact you have to hold it up, but it’s doable if it’s the only mirror you have.

I’ll start with the Minimalist palette and I’m not doing full reviews of each because that would make this post too long, if you’re interested in a more in depth review of any of them I can do a separate post. I just wanted to keep the set together in one to start with.

I like the Minimalist palette, it’s definitely got good colours for a no makeup makeup look if you have fair to mid tone skin, it would show up as a bit more of a bold look on darker skin tones I think. The mattes in the palette are pretty powdery but they apply nicely and blend ok. They do need a primer base but stay put all day. The shimmers are good too, easier and creamier to apply and don’t need the primer base so can be a very simple brush on the lids if you’re in a real rush.

I think this is a good palette if you want either one to accompany a brighter palette for blending out and transition shades, or if you just want a very natural look. It’s not the most pigmented palette, but then you don’t want it to be if you’re going for the minimalist look so I think it goes with the name. I like the fact there’s two slightly different colour palettes but they stick within the minimalist look and I can see them working on skin tones with different undertones.

The Supernova palette is definitely a bold one, I love the act there’s two very different looks with the purple and monochrome based colours and the orangey brown matte could work in both. The glitters in this are pretty sheer, they are more of a glitter to go on top of others to me, but they stick ok with a primer and do blend nicely. The mattes are again pretty powdery, but they have decent pigmentation and build up nicely, especially the pale purple. The duochrome and the purple shimmer are both very nice and easy to use. I think the black is ok, it’s slightly disappointing that the purple glitter that shows up in the pan doesn’t really translate on your eyes but it does build up to be a nice matte black.

It’s a pity this is a limited edition as I do really like it. It’s not available outside of this set as far as I know so you’d have to buy all three to get it. It’s a great palette for the party season as I think it’d be a good evening look palette for a lot of people. I hope they bring something similar out in the permanent line.

The three face products in the Star Bright Cheek Palette all seem aimed at people with fair skin tones. They’re very nice on pale skin and can build up so I can see them working maybe on a mid skin tone but I don’t think the bush or bronzer would show so well on darker skin tones. The highlight is such a nice golden shimmer that leaves a light sheen and that would work for anyone. The pink blush is a deep dusty rose that applies pretty sheer compared to the colour in the pan and the bronzer is another matte which is a nice change. It’s a light orangey brown and does work well as a subtle bronzer as it blends out well but can be built up if you want to.

I like the fact the blush and bronzer are matte and that I now have a palette that I can use the face products without having to be super careful so I don’t overdo it. One thing that might annoy people is the size of the pans, they’re small for face products and you have to be careful if you like to use a bigger brush. I’m not sure if they do face palettes in the permanent line, I haven’t seen them, but this particular one is a limited edition and I think exclusive to this set as well.

I think that this is a great little set of palettes, you have eyes and face covered and they’re the perfect size for a weekend away so you don’t take up a lot of room but you have enough colours for different looks for your eyes. I’d say that it was a good idea including the Minimalist palette alongside Supernova as there are some really nice transition shades and mattes that help complete the look so it’s not all shimmery and sparkle.

I can see this being a nice set for people who are new to makeup, those with an eyeshadow collection already will likely have a lot of the shades in the Minimalist palette and maybe the Supernova one. Also the fact it’s separated into the two groups of four makes it less intimidating to try. I do think they’re good for any beauty fan though, they’re a great size and having all of the colours in the Minimalist palette in a little pocket sized palette to take alongside a bright one if you want is very helpful sol you don’t have two big palettes in your bag.

The only downside to this set is the price, it’s a good price for Smashbox and the palettes are nice, but it’s still not a cheap brand and you can get others for less. If it’s in your budget it might be worth checking out.

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