Primark Christmas Haul

Primark Christmas Haul title image. behind the text box is a phot of the products I bought against a white wall

I think it’s close enough to December to be talking about Christmas, or more specifically Christmas decorations. There’s so many styles around this year and I decided that I’m going to have a bit of a makeover of my Christmas decorating style as I haven’t bought much new for the past few years and it always feels so similar to me so there might be a couple more decoration hauls coming up as well.

The first haul is from Primark, though it’s been more like three trips where I bought other bits too but I thought I’d wait until I had enough Christmas things to be worth a post by themselves. There’s definitely more I’d be tempted to get if they have them in stock in stores I go to.

The three items of clothing I boought, left to right is a pair of black and whit epatternes cosy leggings, a pack of twenty gold and red christmas earrings and a three pack of Grinch ankle socks

I don’t know about you guys but in the winter I pretty much live in leggings, especially around the house. Primark leggings are so good and I thought I’d give one of the cosy ones a go to see how they compare. They have a few styles in this but I love winter patterns so went with this black and white pair that I think will go really well with some of my plain dresses I wear with leggings in the colder weather. I managed to forget to make a not of the price but the other cosy leggings online are £5 so I’m going to say that these were the same. I love how soft they fell so hopefully they’re nice and warm.

the three pairs of Grinch socks, one is red with snowflakes, the middle is cream with the Grinch heads and baubles and the right pair is grey with a Grinch face and the bauble at the top

I do love having Christmassy clothes to wear throughout December, I may have more Christmas jumpers than I need, so when I saw the Grinch socks I had to get them. I find that their licensed 3 packs of socks don’t dig in around the tops so I tend to go for them, at £3 for a pack they’re not exactly expensive even if they do cost more than their bigger packs.

The pack of twenty stud earrings, a mix of plain round studs, snowflakes, gingerbread men, candy canes and bows

This pack of earrings is so pretty, I love how there’s a lot of them that could be worn the rest of the year as they’re not specifically Christmas with the pearls, gold and red. I think my favourites are the pair that look like the fancy ribbon bows you get for presents. I would say that six or seven of the twenty are Christmas specific, or winter specific, so for £3 you get a lot of earrings and most can be worn throughout the year. I tend to get these big packs and wear them till they turn green and then throw them out, though they last for weeks with them always in my ears.

The three packs of decorati9ns, the elf bauble which is clear glass with polystyrene balls to look like snow, a two pack of Muppets ones with Miss Piggy and Kermit dressed for Christmas, and a two pack of Christmas ET and a blue moon bauble with their silhouette on

I love the licensed decorations they do, they’re definitely not all Christmas themes  to me but having the chance to add them to your tree is nice. The two packs are all £5 and they have a range of Disney, Harry Potter and other movies. They do have some spinner style ones I like the look of , and there’s a few different versions of the large glass baubles with glitter or polystyrene balls in, also £5 each.

I love how the Muppets ones are actually Christmassy, though you may have to be careful and find ones that look good as some looked a little derpy. We always watch the Muppets Christmas Carol so the Muppets go with Christmas to me. I love ET and thought the moon bauble with the silhouette is such a good idea and ET with his Christmas hat and present would be so cute on the tree. These are all resin and have a bit of weight to them, they also come with the ribbon attached which is always good.

The decorations out of their boxes with some lights behind

I was tempted by the Harry Potter sets but as they have two and there’s Harry in one and Hedwig in the other and I got both last year I probably won’t get them. If you want to see those up close you can check out my review post from last year’s decorations as they’re exactly the same, but this year you get a Marauder’s Map with Harry and a Hogwarts suitcase with Hedwig rather than the two coming together.

The Elf bauble is bigger than ones I’ve bought in the past, I’m not sure where I’m going to put it, but I liked the snowglobe style with the silhouettes and the little characters and Christmassy objects from the movie. This bauble is very light and I can see it being easily broken so maybe one to keep out of reach of little kids or animals.

On the left is a pack of Mickey and Minnie Mouse bedding, it sh9ows a pi0cture of the one side that's red with Mickey and Minnie on a sledge with Merry and Bright written on it. On the right is a wooden decorati9n showing a scene with snow, trees and deer cut out of wood and layered with lights behind

This final decoration is the one I wanted the most. I love the Scandinavian style decorations that are everywhere this year, they will definitely be making an appearance in future hauls too, and the wood and white mix is so pretty. There’s a lot of places doing similar styles, I don’t think I’ve been to a store that sells decorations without seeing at least one deer snowscape wooden decoration, but I like the triangle shape that makes it almost look like a Christmas tree overall as well. The only thing is it doesn’t light up, but as I have it in front of some of my harry potter bottle lights already I can say that it does look good lit from behind with other lights so that’s easy to do if you did decide you wanted that effect.

the other side of the duvet cover, with branches, leaves and mickey heads in red, gold and dark green on a white background

I’ve never had Christmas bedding but now I do and I kind of want a second one so I can switch it out when this is being washed. They have so many cute ones for sale but I love the double sided designs that give you a completely different look. The Disney Mickey and Minnie range this year with the red truck and Christmas tree is so cute. I think I might be getting the throw or just the cushion for my desk chair. The one side of this duvet cover is red with a large Disney design on it and the other side is a more subtle Disney look that has traditional holly and leaves with some Mickey heads thrown in. These vary price wise depending on the size but the double costs £18 and comes with two pillow cases too. These are thin but I’ve bought their duvet covers in the past and they’ve lasted years so I think this is going to be coming out again for future Christmases.

I love the Primark Christmas decorations this year, they’ve gone for a range of styles and some of their decorations are a bit different to in other stores. If you want some reasonably priced licensed decorations then I’d suggest checking them out as, when I went shopping we went to the Disney store after and their Disney hanging decorations are definitely over £5 for two! I have a feeling I might be getting more from Primark to decorate, their brushed cotton duvets are amazingly soft so I will probably end up with one of them as well, and I would definitely recommend a browse to see what your local store stocks.

A photo of everything I bought in one place.

The main drawback of Primark is the fact you can’t order online and you don’t necessarily know what each shop will be stocking. The ones near me often don’t have the best stock when it comes to the home section and if you see something you like you should get it as there’s no guarantee it’ll be there next time you go in.

Have you guys started your decorating yet? We always start on the first weekend of December but I’m kind of feeling like doing it sooner as I’ve been watching so many decorating YouTube videos!

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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