First Impressions: Limited Edition Smashbox Cosmic Party Kit

The Smashbox Cosmic Party Kit title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the gift set unopened, showing the products in a red box with dots and star doodles on it in white

It’s November so it’s OK to talk about Christmas now right? I’ve started on the Christmas shopping and all the gifts are appearing in stores. I’m not sure if this is going to be a thing that comes out every year but last Christmas I bought a Smashbox set that’s sort of a taster set with a mix of travel sizes and full sizes of some of their best selling products and a full size Cover Shot palette. This year it’s the Cosmic Party Kit and cost £30 but contains over £90 worth of products. It says limited edition and I think it’s a limited number available rather than meaning just limited to Christmas.

I love sets like this that contain full sized products so you can tell exactly what it would be worth and you basically get some of the products for free. In this one a Cover Shot palette would cost £25 so if that’s the product you’re most interested in you get the rest for £5. The Cover Shot palette this time is the Major Metals one so it’s all metallic. The other products included are full sized Full Exposure Mascara, Always On Gel Liner in Fishnet (black) and Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss in 72 & Honey alongside a travel sized tube of their Photo Finish Primer.

The packaging for this fits with their cosmic themed gift sets they’re doing for Christmas, it has information on the back and everything is held in place well so if you’re thinking of ordering if online it should survive the post, mine did.

All of the products taken out of the gift set packaging. Left to right: Cover Shot eyeshadow palette, Photo Finish primer, Gloss Angeles lip gloss in a nude colour, Always on Gel Liner and Full Exposure mascara

When it comes to Smashbox the main product I’ve heard of is the Photo Finish Primer (£15 for the travel size) so it’s nice to have a travel sized tube in here. I’ve had one before and it lasts for quite a long time and it’s a great size for travel or to throw in your bag. It’s the kind of primer that leaves your skin feeling powdery but it does a great job of holding all types of foundation in place.

The Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss in 72 & Honey (£15) is such a pretty shade and I can see it looking nice on most skin tones. It’s decently pigmented and does tint my lips a bit but it leaves them feeling amazing. My lips haven’t been in the best condition but this helps smooth them and moisturise them more than most glosses. It says it has vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in it to smooth and plum but it doesn’t give you that tingly feeling of plumping glosses and I don’t get the plumping effect. A very nice gloss and, even though it’s expensive, one I might consider buying.

Swatches of four of the products in the set. Left to right is the Gloss Angeles lip gloss, Always on Gel Eyeliner, Full Exposure Mascara and Photo Finish Primer
The mascara swatch didn’t really work

I think most sets come with a black mascara of some kind and this time it’s the Full Exposure Mascara (£20). It’s a nice mascara, it lasts pretty well and does coat my lashes well but I wouldn’t say that it’s amazing and worth the extra money compared to the No7 ones I use. It does have a slightly more glossy look than other mascaras I use though, it doesn’t seem like a flat matte black somehow.

I’ve recently started to use pencil eyeliner again and my favourite is getting low so I was happy to get their Always On Gel Liner Pencil in Fishnet (£18). It’s super soft, glides on and stays put once it’s set so that’s great. However, it’s not the blackest black and I’d still pick my Sleek one over it because of that. I’ll use it but I wouldn’t say it’s one that’s worth the cost over other black liner pencils.

Swatches of the eight eyeshadow colours in the palette. It's a range of metallic shades, mainly golds and creams with a cranberry red and a gunmetal

The big pull for most is probably the Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette (£25) that’s included and it does look the most exciting product here. It’s the Major Metals one in their permanent collection and includes two that are a different formula that they recommend applying with your finger. I haven’t really had much of a play around and I feel like it deserves its own full review post but so far I’m impressed. The swatches I put up there are without any primer or anything so it’s one of the more pigmented palettes in the range, I know I’ve seen reviews that they can be a bit hit or miss.

Overall I am very happy with the mix of products in here. The stand out ones for me are definitely the primer, lip gloss and the palette. I’d say that all three of those are worth the price of them normally. It’s nice to get to try others and I can always use a black mascara and eyeliner, but I wouldn’t say either of them are worth getting at full price. Adding all of the prices up this whole set is worth £93 so the price on the Boots website is right. I probably shouldn’t have doubted it but I always like to double check anyway! It’s definitely worth the £30 price tag.

This is a great value box if you want to try their products for yourself or want to stock up on some of the basics. It would also be a great gift for someone, especially someone who’s just getting into makeup as there’s a bit of everything in there and they might be more expensive than they’d buy themselves. Or at least I know they’re more than I’d want to spend on my makeup when I was finding out what I liked!

Basically, if you can afford it and want to try some of their products, or want a nice metallic or shimmery palette and get some other products cheap with it, then I’d recommend picking it up. Even for cheaper brands £30 for all of this isn’t a bad price, but with their normal price range it’s definitely worth it.

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