Review: Makeup Revolution Halloween Haunted House Eyeshadow Palette

Haunted House eyeshadow palette title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the palette open to show the eyeshadows in a range of browns, red and light neutrals

I love everything Halloween, especially when it comes to makeup, so when I saw this Haunted House Eyeshadow Palette on the Makeup Revolution site I had to have it. I also love the deep reds and browns that make up this palette, it seemed like the perfect one for me. It costs £10 and is cruelty free and vegan friendly so a great budget palette that isn’t tested on animals.

As with the Rainbow Palette this has eighteen eyeshadows with a mix of finishes, though mainly mattes. There are eight true mattes, one with a matte base and shimmer particles, two duochromes, two I would say are foil finishes and five shimmers with varying amounts of shimmer in them. Overall there’s a great range of colours and finishes for any look with deep reds or warm browns.

I’m not always a fan of these types of palettes, the packaging tends to feel a bit cheap to me and the mirrors can’t stay upright. However, I love the haunted house design on the front and the fact that it clicks and holds shut so well. There’s a big mirror on the inside and it doesn’t seem to be distorted at all. It isn’t the slimmest palette out there, but it’s the same as the Naked 3 and later ones with this style packaging so it’s just the way these have to be.

The palette open to show the colours inside. As it is at an angle it shows the corner of the mirror in the lid of the palette that fills the inside of the lid.

It does have an extra clear sleeve of plastic that you can keep but all it has on it is the eyeshadow palette text and it really doesn’t need the extra protection for keeping clean or closed because of how the metal palette itself is made. The only annoying thing is that the matte black finish inside is not the easiest to keep clean and tidy looking, especially with the more powdery mattes.

There are obviously different finishes but they do all benefit from a primer base. The majority of the mattes need them to have any kind of pigmentation and not to just disappear and even the highly pigmented foil style finishes need it to stay put, they tend to move on me without one. I will say though, that with a primer then they stay really well. I’ve had them on for ten hours and they don’t look much different to when I’ve first applied them.

Swatches of the top row of the palette. There's attic (a peach duochrome shimmer), Motel (pinky red matte), Decrepit (browny grey), Peril (orange brown), Survival (warm deep brown) and Demonic (red copper shimmer)
The top row of shadows in the palette: Attic, Motel, Decrepit, Peril, Survival and Demonic

The mattes in this palette are pretty pigmented, they’re not what I’d call amazing, and build up really well if you want to pack it on there. They blend out ok but do benefit from having other colours blended into them as they can sort of stick in one place when they’re put on top of the primer. I think that Motel and Lucifer stand out as different to a lot of other colours that I own but I do love Peril, Petrify and Survival for nice everyday colours.

Nightmare is a bit of an odd colour, in the palette it’s a matte black with blue and silver shimmer in it, but when I applied it the shimmer seems to almost disappear. However, the black base is amazingly pigmented for a matte black. I love how this looks and even one application gives pretty good colour. It does work well as a liner as it holds in place on top of a sticky base or primer and also smudges out pretty well.

The second row of eyeshadows. L-R: Petirfy (medium warm brown), Phobia (purple base duochrome with blue and silver shift to it), Creepy (slightly yellow silver shimmer), Monster (orange red matte), Phantom (cream shimmer) and Creak (copper shimmer)
The second row of eyeshadows: Petrify, Phobia, Creepy, Monster, Phantom (can’t quite decide if this has a hint of duochrome to it or not) and Creak

The two duochromes are Attic and Phobia, though the colour shift is definitely more obvious in Attic and it’s more of a standard duochrome. Phobia is more of a subtle purple to silver duochrome base with a blue shift shimmer in the more purple shimmer base. They’re both decently pigmented, apply so evenly and easily and the colour of Attic really stands out to me, even though it’s close to my skin tone and hard to see straight on, I can see it standing out well on darker skin as it’s actually pretty good pigmentation wise.

Although most of the shadows in these palettes are pretty good, the ones with a foil effect finish are amazing. They’re both kind of golden or coppery with Psycho and Buried Alive, so they’re not unusual colours but they just stand out because of the formula. They’re super pigmented and creamy and one swipe with my finger is fully opaque. They blend out well and last so well with a primer or base colour. There’s no fallout from these at all, it all sticks and holds together amazingly.

The final row of eyeshadows. L-R: Nightmare (looks like a matte black but has some shimmer in there), Psycho (Antique gold foil), Terror (mid brown), Lucifer (orange), Undead (brown shimmer) and Buried alive (copper foil)
The final row of eyeshadows. L-R: Nightmare, Psycho, Terror, Lucifer, Undead and Buried Alive

The shimmer shades are all pretty good, they’re decently pigmented, apply very easily and evenly and I have had no fallout at all from these, though I do tap my brush to get rid of any excess. They last really well and blend out nicely. They’re nice enough eyeshadows, I just wouldn’t say that they’re amazing.

I have to admit that, when I first swatched the palette, I was a bit disappointed as I made my way down the rows. However, the final row is amazing and makes up for the average quality of a lot of the other shadows. For the price you can’t really complain, £10 for eighteen eyeshadows is an amazing price, and I wouldn’t say that any of them are poor so it’s a pretty good palette, but that last row makes it more than worth the £10 for me.

A photo showing all of the colours inside the palette

I love that this is a palette that you can be more adventurous with, using the brighter colours, or stick with a fairly muted everyday look if you want. It is lacking a matte light colour for me, I don’t tend ot use shimmers to highlight my brow bone, but other than that it’s got everything covered and would be a good palette for travel as you can make multiple looks with this. It is very much a reds and browns palette but if that’s the colour you’re looking for and want some nice mattes in there I’d say this is worth checking out, even if you’re not necessarily a fan of the Halloween theme.

It would be great for someone starting out with makeup to have a go with these different shades, but I also think it’s a nice enough palette if you’re sticking to a budget and want to give these colours a go before splashing out on something more expensive if you wanted to.

Is it the best eyeshadow palette ever? No. But is is worth the £10 and am I going to be using it a lot in the future outside of Halloween? Most definitely.

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