Review: Makeup Revolution SFX Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex title image. Behind the text box is a phot of the tube open and liquid latex dripping on the table

I have always loved the idea of special effects makeup, especially when it comes to Halloween, but I’ve always found it a bit intimidating to start. I’ve seen the Liquid Latex that Makeup Revolution have done in the past and been tempted so I thought this year I’d actually get it. I have never used anything for special effects makeup before so I can’t comment on what this is like compared to other liquid latex products but I wanted to give it a try anyway.

I think that if there was no other use for liquid latex than special effects makeup I probably wouldn’t have been so tempted. However, as I’ve seen it used so much when it comes to protecting your fingers in nail art I thought this was one Halloween makeup product that I might get more use out of.

The liquid latex tube in its card and plastic packaging

I don’t think there’s all that much to say about the packaging with this product, it’s a nice squeezy tube that’s made of a flexible plastic so very easy to get the latex out. As the product is so runny there can be a bit of a mess around the lid as it’s a twist off one and the hole isn’t the cleanest for getting the latex out but it’s not too bad and, as it dries pretty quickly, you could hold it so the hole is at the top and just peel off the latex before closing if you wanted to.

This does seem like a pretty small tube, it only has 17ml in it, but if you’re just using it for Halloween, rather than more regularly doing special effects makeup, then I think it’s a reasonable amount to have so you’re not stuck with a load of unused product that you have to throw out because it’s going to go off before next year. This one does say it’s fine for 12 months so you might get two years use out of it, but I’d be a bit cautious with anything more than that. Also at £3 it’s not too expensive if you want to give it a go and find out it’s not your thing.

As the product contains latex, it’s in the name, and the only ingredients are latex and water then obviously avoid it if you have a latex allergy or sensitivity. If you’re not sure then definitely try it on the back of your hand and leave it for as long as you plan on leaving it on your skin for the final look and do it a few days in advance.

A photo of the tube open on its side. There's some of the product dripping on the table

The product itself is a lot thinner than I expected it to be, it was literally dripping out of the open tube when I laid it down on its side. It does make it very easy to apply and using a brush meant that you can get pretty precise application. It does also make it fairly easy to mix with other media if you wanted a special effect, though with it being so thin doing some effects I found online might be a bit difficult. However, it does build up pretty well so using layers could be a great way of making any extra bits mixed in stick throughout the night. I did six layers at one point and it was still sticking well and drying between each one.

One thing I didn’t expect from this was the smell, though I’ve never tried liquid latex so that’s probably just the general smell of the product, it is very strong and not the nicest smell out there. I was expecting more of a rubber smell but it reminds me of some very strong glues I’d used in school for design. The good thing is that this doesn’t last, but it would put me off using it too close to my nose!

There are three photos next to each other showing the product as it dries. From left to right there's a white layer when just applied, it's half clear after 30 seconds and completely clear after 2 minutes.

As the product is so thin it dries very quickly. I put some on my hand and timed it and it took two minutes to be completely clear and dry. It was probably quicker than that but I did apply part of it a bit thicker by mistake and I wanted to be sure none of it was tacky.

I think my favourite part about this whole thing is removing the liquid latex. It’s oddly satisfying, like peeling off PVA glue in school. It’s not so fun if there’s hairs around as it does grab onto them and can be a bit painful on any more sensitive skin. I ended up with a bit of a mini wax on the part of my hand near my thumb.

The back of the card packaging, showing the halloween design with spiders webs and the cruelty free and vegan logos

Overall I’m happy with this. Will I suddenly be going out and buying a load of SFX supplies? No. Will I be using it to keep my skin around my nails clear and do more messy nail art? Most definitely. This is a nice little tube to try it out or to just do a look for Halloween. Not sure it’s anything amazing or special but for the price and how easy it is to find in stores in the UK it’s worth picking up if you want to give it a go.

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