Review: Makeup Revolution Halloween Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Rainbow Palette title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the palette open, showing some of the eyeshadow colours inside

When I think of Halloween themed products I tend to think of creepy haunted houses or ones like the eyeball highlighters I did a review of the other day. However, Makeup Revolution also do a limited edition Halloween range that’s more unicorns and rainbows than ghosts and graveyards.

I don’t use many colourful eyeshadows but the slightly grungy look to a few of the colours in the Rainbow Shadow Palette. It’s £10 and has eighteen eyeshadows in it with a mix of duochrome, shimmers, mattes and a couple of metallics that have a foil finish. There’s a few more neutral shimmers in there but I’d say these are definitely mainly bright colours, perfect for a Halloween makeup look. As with all Makeup Revolution products this is cruelty free so hasn’t been tested on animals, this palette is also vegan.

I am not always a fan of rainbow themed packaging, this is definitely very feminine with the pastel purple sky and light rainbow on it, it’s not something specifically Halloween so would be cute to have out any time of year for a lot of people. It comes with a clear plastic sleeve that simply has the eyeshadow palette words on it and is held on with tape. This is one palette where I won’t be keeping the protecting outer packaging as the metal tin of the palette itself seems sturdy enough and it clicks closed very securely.

The palette is open on the desk with the lid flat on the surface. It shows all eighteen of the eyeshadow shades.

This has the same style as the Naked 3 with the plastic inner and the lid that won’t stay up unless you lean it or hold it open. This isn’t my favourite type of packaging, even with expensive brands I find it feels cheap, and this has that same problem. It does have a nice sized mirror that doesn’t have any distortion. I like the size of the pans, though I’d prefer it to not have a matte black plastic between as it’s hard to keep clean and a couple of the shadows are messy.

In the palette most of the colours are mattes, with eleven of the eighteen having this finish. All of the mattes are pretty powdery and they really need a base of some kind, I used a primer but concealer or any kind of slightly tacky base will really bring the colours out if you pack them on. There are two that are very powdery and make a mess in the palette, Sunrise and Imagine are the main culprits, and you do have to be careful when applying them as they can be a bit patchy if you’ve picked up a lot of product in one area on your brush. Tapping off the excess fixes this though. Overall the mattes are decently pigmented, some better than others, and they blend ok if they’re put on top of others, if they’re straight on the primer or base they tend to stick in place. There are a couple that are less pigmented, I’d say Sky Dive and Pegasus aren’t as good as most of the others, but overall they’re decent and can be built up.

Swatches of the colours on my arm. Horizon is a shimmery champagne, rainbow a bright green, magical is a royal blue, sky dive a light blue, heavenly a shimmery petrol duochrome with a green shift and fantasy is a pure white.
The top row of eyeshadows. Left to right: Horizon, Rainbow, Magical, Sky Dive, Heavenly and Fantasy

The two duochromes in the palette are Heavenly and Happy Ending and both are pretty nice. They both have an obviously different second duochrome colour in there and they apply very easily and evenly. They do need primer to stick around as they can crease if on their own but they have great staying power if you do use them with a base. They blend out well and take the base colour with them most of the time so you’re not just left with the duochrome top colour.

Swatches of the second row of eyeshadows. Wavelength is a red orange, Atmosphere an olive green, Liberty is a silver foil effect, Imagine a bright pink, Sunflower a mustard yellow and Pegasus a blue green
Row two of eyeshadows. Left to right: Wavelength, Atmosphere, Liberty, Imagine, Sunflower and Pegasus

The three I would call straight shimmers are Horizon, Day Dream and Magnificent and they’re all fairly neutral colours. They aren’t the most pigmented shadows ever but they do apply very evenly and work really well to blend with the others to add some shimmer to a matte look and add a more neutral tone. These are ok without a primer but can travel a bit without a base if you want them to stay on for a long time.

Swatches of the final row of eyeshadows. Day Dream is a pinky champagne shimmer, Happy Ending is an aqua to yellow shift duochrome, Sunrise a bright yellow, Magnificent is another peachy shimmer with a silver hint to it, Fairyland swatches as bright red and Unwind is a copper foil effect.
Third row of eyeshadows. Left to right: Day Dream, Happy Ending, Sunrise, Magnificent, Fairyland and Unwind

I think the final two shades are the stand out shades in this palette, they’re the two metallic shimmers that are so pigmented and creamy that they come off as a foil finish. The silver Liberty and copper Unwind are so easy to use, one sweep and it’s super pigmented and blends out so well. They do benefit from a sticky base of some kind, a standard primer works well too, as they do move a bit throughout the day without it.

One thing I like about the palette, though it might just be me, is that if you were to block of any square of colours I think you could have an ok quad there. Some would be more successful than others but, as looking at a palette of eighteen colourful eyeshadows can be intimidating, it can be a good place to start. I just like it when palettes can be used like that, it makes them easier to use for me when I’m playing around with them or I want a bit of an idea for inspiration.

I have to say that going into this I wasn’t sure what to expect, I love the slightly more unusual colours they’ve included in there, the greens like Atmosphere and Rainbow along with the orange of Wavelength and the mustard colour of Sunflower are different to anything else I have. Given the price and how hit and miss mattes can be I wasn’t sure how well they’d do but I was pleasantly surprised with how well they built up even if they didn’t look that pigmented to start with. I won’t say this is the best palette I own when it comes to pigmentation, but I am definitely happy with it and the colours in it are more me than a lot of other colourful palettes out there.

A close up of some of the eyeshadows, showing a mix of finishes with matte, shimmer, duochrome and foil.

These aren’t the most pigmented shadows but they can build up and give a really nice pop of colour if you want, or just use a whole rainbow for a look. I’m not sure I’d recommend this to people who love bright colours, if you have a lot of palettes you might have most of these already, but if you’re just starting out with colour then it could be a fun one to experiment with before going for something with more pigmentation. It does take a bit of playing around and experimenting to get them to work how you want though.

Have any of you guys tried this palette? Or any of the other Halloween range that Makeup Revolution have brought out? I have to admit I get pulled in every year by their Halloween products but so far I haven’t been disappointed.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Revolution Halloween Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette

    1. I think the last revolution stuff I tried was last Halloween. They seemed a bit hit or miss before but these have definitely impressed me. Not sure if it’s just the Halloween range or their quality in general has improved.


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