Review: I Heart Revolution Eyeball Highlighters

The title image for the I Heart Revolution Eyeball Highlighters. Behind the text box is a photo of the two highlighters open so you can see the product inside

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post, sorry for going quiet for a while guys, but I have a few Halloween makeup posts coming up so I hope you’ll come back to check them out. Today’s post is about a couple of the highlighters from the Revolution I Heart range. They did some Halloween highlighters with squishy eyeballs on top, which may sound odd but they’re strangely satisfying to squish!

I didn’t mean to get both of these, when they were first listed they had the wrong image with the name so I thought I’d ordered the golden Terrif-Eye as it was listed as Eye See You, which is actually pink. So now I have both, and I am kind of happy I decided to keep I See You, though I originally thought I’d throw it away. The eyeball highlighters are £5 each, though Eye See You is on sale at the moment for £3.30. Revolution Makeup is a cruelty free brand so these highlighters aren’t tested on animals.

The outside of the packaging. On the left is a green cartoon eyeball with a blue iris, the packaging for Terrif-Eye. The right shows a bright pink eyeball with a red iris that's the compact for Eye See You
Terrif-Eye is on the left and Eye See You on the right

I feel like you can’t talk about these highlighters without saying something about the packaging. It’s definitely unusual and probably not the most practical, but I do love a good Halloween themed product and the squishy eyeball on top is just as satisfying to poke as all the squishy keyrings out there. They aren’t the easiest to stack or just throw in your bag but they’re fun and kind of cute to me so I love them.

The two compacts open to show the mirror and product inside. On the left is a bronze shimmery highlight and on the right is a pale pink. Each of them has a cartoon eyeball pattern embossed on the product itself.
Left is Terrif-Eye and Eye See You is on the right

The compact itself feels good, it has a nice solid click when you close it and there’s a good sized mirror inside if you want to use it. I do also love the imprinted design they’ve put on the product itself. The eyeball look is slightly creepy but I like the detail and it’s not like it’ll be on there forever if you’re not a fan of it staring back at you.

The formula for these is so nice, it’s very soft and almost creamy feeling and so easy to apply it evenly. Both the golden bronzey colour of Terrif-Eye and the light pink of Eye See You can be pretty pigmented and striking if you want. However, they do also blend down to be as subtle as you want and can give a nice healthy glow type look as they don’t have any chunky glitter in there.

The photo shows swatches of the product on my skin. There is a bronzey gold shimmer for Terrif-Eye and an almost white with a pink tint shimmer of Eye See You
The golden Terrif-Eye is on the Left and pale silvery silver Eye See You on the right

The bronze of Terrif-Eye looks like it would be too dark for my very pale skin, but it’s actually a nice golden glow. I can see this one looking amazing on darker skin tones but if you like a warm highlighter then this is a nice formula.

I was surprised at how icy the Eye See You highlighter appears when you actually apply it. It’s definitely got more white shimmer in it than actual pink so it’s cooler on the skin than I expected. It’s also a bit more dramatic, even when blended out, because of this than the other I have.

A closer image of the open products with the golden shimmer and it picks up the cooler white in the pink highlighter

As far as staying power goes these are great, as long as the foundation underneath stays in place these aren’t going anywhere. I also found there’s no fallout and they work really well with the different brushes I tried. I found a large fluffy eyeshadow brush works best, but then I like to use those for highlighter anyway as it means I can be precise where I apply it.

The two compacts in the boxes they came in. They're plain black around the edges and there's a hole in the middle for the squishy eyeball design to poke through.

Overall I would say these are good highlighters. There is the Halloween theme and the novelty of the squishy eyeball on there that brings the price up, but even then for £5, or £3.30 in the sale, I’d say these are worth checking out as they’re a nice formula, easy to use and something a bit different with the eyeball theme. If you’re not into Halloween and the creepy eyeballs then they’re not worth it, as it’s such a big part of it and does make them harder to store. They’re nice and fun for this time of year, though I’ll be using them all year round!

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