Review: Primark x Disney’s Lion King The Wild Side Eyeshadow Palette

The Primark Lion King eyeshadow palette title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the palette opened to show the eyeshadows.

On Wednesday I did a post on the Primark Lion King Highlight Palette, I got the Primark and Disney Lion Kind Wild Side Eyeshadow Palette at the same time. The bad thing about Primark makeup is how hard it can be to find, at least in the stores near me, so if you find these and want them get them rather than waiting for it. I made that mistake with a couple of the Lion King range so I’ve probably missed out on them.

The eyeshadow palette is fairly small, though it holds nine eyeshadows, I think eight of them are slightly smaller and there’s a large on in the middle. There is a range of finishes but the majority are definitely shimmer, a couple almost metallic, with one matte and two I’d say are satin maybe. I love the way they’ve names each of the colours to tie in with the Lion King theme and the colour range definitely fits the African savannah colours. As with the highlighter palette these eyeshadows are all cruelty free and the palette sells for £6.

The palette lid closed. It has a satin antique gold colour background with lines like rays from the centre in shiny gold. There's a line drawing of the original Disney Simba cartoon in the middle

As with the highlighter palette I love the colour scheme, the satin gold background with the more shiny gold rays. This time there’s a young Simba on the front with line art rather than the silhouette but it still looks more expensive to me than it is. It also has a decent sized mirror and I can’t see any warping in it. It clicks closed and the hinge leans back and holds it in position, though the shape means it doesn’t go completely flat. It doesn’t come with an applicator but I don’t think I ever use the ones that come in palettes anyway so that’s not really a negative to me.

A photo of the label on the back of the palette. It shows the leaping bunny logo for cruelty free, an eye to show it's an eyeshadow and the names of each of the shades on a box that represents that colour

I like how the back of the palette has a list of the colours, though it’s not the most obvious which are which. I am assuming that the colour on the left side of the top half is the first one listed on the back but I might have labelled any swatches wrong.

A flat image of the eyeshadows in the palette. It's all browns and golds except for a bright orange, a red and an off white

I like the colour range in here, the red (kingdom) in particular stands out to me. The only bad point I can see on the colour range is how the two on either side at the top swatch to be very close, I think that the one called savannah could have been a mid tone matte brown and still fitted the theme and given something different to work with, another matte would help this palette a lot for me.

Swatches of the first five eyeshadows, Nala (shimmery copper), Brave (matte dark brown), Simba (deeper copper), Savannah (another shimmery copper like Nala) and King (gold)

There are three obviously different formulas, the majority of these are shimmers and they all feel so soft and apply very evenly. They all blend out nicely without becoming a shimmery mess and take the base colour with them. They do ok without a primer for pigmentation but they definitely need it for staying power. Without a primer I found that they moved quite a bit, but then that’s fairly common for me with creamier formula shadows. I do think that Hakuna Matata, the yellowy off white, may have a bit of a duochrome to give it an extra yellow hint in the light but it’s so subtle I’m not sure if I’m imagining it! Other than that it’s the same as the rest of the shimmers.

Swatches of the other four colours. There's Pride Rock (mid tone shimmery brown), Sunrise (satin orange), Kingdom (satin red) and Hakuna Matata (off white yellow with a slightly yellower duochrome)

The two that I could call satin in the middle at the bottom, kingdom and sunrise, are the brightest in the palette and not as creamy as the others. They have a formula that does need the primer base and blends ok on top of it but it can sort of stick there and leave an outline of where it was first applied. With a primer they last, have great pigmentation and blend well. I think that kingdom is the stand out colour for me in this palette.

The only true matte is the dark brown, brave, which works well as either an outer corner shade or eyeliner for me. It can get a bit stuck in place with primer but without it it just sort of blends to nothing. This is one to blend into other colours if you want to blend it so apply it last, or late on in the order anyway. In the palette it does have the tiniest hint of shimmer particles in it but I’m not sure if these are in the eyeshadow or fallout from other shadows as it applies completely matte.

The open palette showing all of the eyeshadow colours, along with the bottom of the mirror that takes up all of the inside of the lid

I have to say that I am very impressed with this palette. I took it away for the weekend as my only eyeshadows and I liked it a lot. I did miss a matte light colour and mid brown so I wouldn’t recommend it as an only palette, taking it alongside a small matte palette or quad would work well. I think next time I’d take the NYX Lid Lingerie with it.

If you can find this palette and want a mix of warm colours like this I would definitely recommend it, whether you’re a fan of the Lion King or not. It would be a good palette to buy if you’re starting out with makeup to experiment or if you’re missing something like it in your collection, though given the amount of these colour palettes that have been released the past year or so that’s unlikely. I just love the Lion King and kingdom was so pretty when I saw it in person I had to get it. I don’t have a red like it really.

A photo of the highlighter palette and eyeshadow palettes next to each other open.

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