Review: Primark x Disney’s Lion King Highlighter Palette

The Primark Lion King Highlight Palette header image. Behind the text box is a photo of the front of the palette. It has a gold background with a black silhouette of a lot of the characters walking in a line

I saw the Primark Lion King range and I had to get some of it, I really wish I’d bought the chalk board and the cushion when I saw them in my local about a month ago but I haven’t seen them since. I did go to another Primark fairly near to me and found the makeup products so I had to get both the highlighting and the eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow review will be up on Saturday and you can find it here if you want to check back to see swatches from that.

This highlighting palette has four highlighters in it in a range of shades, there’s a pink base and a golden base that are more of a glow, a deeper brown that’s great for darker skin tones, and a sort of peachy more glittery highlight. The palette costs £5 and these are decent sized pans with 4.5g in each one. It’s also cruelty free, which is great, and I love the cute packaging they’ve done for these, even if mine’s a bit damaged looking.

The front of the highlighter palette. There's a satin gold background with gold sunburst and a black silhouette of the main characters walking in a line.

I have to start with that packaging, I love how they have the line of silhouettes and it’s got a lot of the major characters in there, I’m especially happy about including Scar and the hyenas. It does seem a bit battered on the one end, but it hasn’t got any worse since I had it and it doesn’t damage easily. It also has a pretty big mirror inside and there’s no obvious warping to it. I also like the fact that it is one of those palettes with hinges that stays up where you want it. Along with the size of the mirror it means it’s actually a decent one to put down and use for applying your makeup.

The palette open, it shows the four different highlight colours and the mirror standing up in the lid

The highlighters themselves are nice, there’s definitely a range of finishes included in here and they’re all pretty decently pigmented. I found that using a small fluffy eyeshadow brush worked really well with applying them for precision, but the fan brushes work well too. I just found there was a bit more fallout with them if you’re not careful so you end up with shimmery cheeks.

This formula is nice and creamy, blends out well and stays all day with no trouble on top of my foundation. It doesn’t say it’s eye safe so I’m not recommending this but the paler shades for me are pretty as brow bone highlights or would look good in the inner corner of your eye, or the darker shade if it’s the right one for your skin tone would work for that too.

The foru highlighters blended out to look how they do on your skin when you use them, the first two have a subtle sheen with a tine, the third is a coppery colour and the fourth has more obvious glitter in it.
Applied and blended with a fluffy eyeshadow brush

The two on the left are definitely subtle, they give that glowy look and have a sort of sheen finish rather than giving you a full on power highlight look. I thought the pink would be my favourite but I actually find the golden one is a really nice colour for the summer, or doing a bit of a combination of the two works really well for me. They give a finish that shows some dewiness when the light hits it but you can’t really see the highlight from straight on.

The deepest shade in here I can see looking amazing on darker skin tones, it’s definitely too deep for me and is pretty pigmented. It does blend out well though so I could actually use it as a bronzer if I ventured into trying that, other than that I have a feeling this pan will be pretty unused by me. It does blend really well and feels quite creamy to use with no fallout so a nice formula, just not the shade for me.

The final shade is definitely the glitteriest, though it’s not that bad I can definitely see small silver glitter sparkles in there. It’s not proper chunky glitter so it’s fine, it’s just got a slightly more obviously highlighted finish than the rest of them Even though I realised I only really use the more subtle highlight shades I can see this being used on nights out or if I want a bit of a step up from just dewy looking.

Swatches of the colours without blending. They're very pigmented.
The highlighters applied as swatches, not blended at all, shows how pigmented they are

I may have a bit of a thing for highlighters, they’re one of those products that I’ve loved when other people use them but I could never get it right, so I got this palette as like a last attempt at using them. It turns out that maybe I was just going for the wrong shades, or maybe too extreme colour wise or something as I love how this palette looks on me. I’ve pretty much stuck to the two shades on the left but they have the glowy look rather than a proper glitter or extreme highlight so if you want a more obvious highlight then these probably aren’t for you.

The label on the back of the palette, it shows the leaping bunny logo to show it is cruelty free
The back of the palette

If you want a subtle glow and can actually find one of these palettes then I would definitely recommend trying it. The packaging is cute, there’s a range of finishes and colours and they last so well. Plus the price of £5 means that they’d be a great started highlight palette if you just want to see if it’s for you, or as a gift for someone else. The only real downside to these at all is their availability, they seem to be hard to find near me, but otherwise this is an amazing palette, even fi you’re not a Lion King fan!

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