No7 Ready, Set, Summer Product Reviews

The title image. Behind the text box is a photo of the gift box with the products spilling out on some grass

You know you’ve waited too long to do a post on a product when it’s not available any more. I wanted to really give these things a try, the ones I didn’t have already, so it’s sort of four mini reviews in one post as they’re all available in the permanent line.

In the No7 box that was a free gift with purchase they had a mini version of the Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Facial Sun Protection SPF 15 and the Lash Impact Waterproof Mascara as well as a full sized Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in bronze and Protect and Perfect Lip Care. This is a great mix of products to try for summer and I think any of them would be worth checking out, especially as No7 have a 3 for 2 offer in Boots at the moment.

No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in Bronze (£7.50) is a full sized pencil and I love this formula. I had this exact colour in their version of this box two years ago and it’s just running out. I’m a sucker for a multipurpose product and this works well as a liner or as an all over eye colour. It also works fairly well as a highlighter if you apply it to you hand to warm it up and then use a brush or your fingers. It’s so creamy and well pigmented, though I would say bronze is not the name I’d have given it, it’s more of a goldy champagne to me. It’s great as a travel product or to throw in your bag for touch ups.

A close up photo of the mascara wand with the product on it

There’s normally a mascara in these boxes and this time it’s the Lash Impact Waterproof Mascara in Black (£13.50 full sized). These minis last for a long time, I went for ages without buying a full sized version. This is a really nice mascara, I’m not a fan of the brush but it does coat my lashes well. It builds up well but isn’t overly clumpy and gets thicker without becoming flaky. As far as waterproof goes it’s good for that, splashing my face with cold water it had no effect. It lasted well, after ten hours there was no moving or flaking and it looked like when I applied it. It did take a bit longer than some mascaras to dry but I tend to find that can be the case with waterproof mascaras.

A close up of the small tube of facial sun protection and the cream on my hand

There’s a mini travel sized tube of the No7 Protect and Perfect Intense ADVANCED Facial Sun Protection SPF 15 (£15 full sized 50ml tube) in here. I had one of these a couple of years ago and liked it, it’s a great size for throwing in your bag or for travel if you want to take one on the plane with you.

This doesn’t have the highest SPF at 15, I’d rather use one with 30 or more but the formula is pretty nice to use. It’s a fairly thin formula for a sun cream product. It’s quite light and I think it’d be ok for most skin types, it’s good for my dry skin but I don’t think it would be overly oily for normal or combination skin, maybe a bit much for oilier skin types though. It can leave a bit of a greasy feel to start with but I found that tapping it into my skin helped with that. It does still leave a finish that’s slightly more than glowing, like a lot of sun protection face products, but if you set it with a powder foundation or a more matte finish it disappears, though it isn’t the best base for foundation sticking.

A photo of the No7 Protect and Protect Lip Care tube with the product on my hand

I was surprised to see a second full sized product like this in there, though they do often have a large lip gloss I’ve not had a full sized lip care product before. This is the No7 Protect and Perfect Lip Care (£10) and probably the thing I was most excited to try as it was new to me and my lips did need some TLC.

I haven’t tried any of their lip treatments before, I haven’t even seen them around. This one has an odd feel to it, it starts out like a thick cream and sort of melts when you apply it to your lips. I love how this makes my lips feel, it’s got a formula that sinks in and seems to moisturise deeper than just the surface. It feels slightly oily for a bit after first playing it but it sinks in within minutes so just leave it a while before applying any lip colour and it seems fine. It’s also a good base for liquid lipsticks, though you do have to leave it to sink in well first. It says apply twice a day and more if you need it, though twice is enough for my dry lips and reduces the dry skin.

The box set that the products came in, with the products showing out of the side. There's the lash impact mascara, protect and perfect lip care, stay perfect eye pencil and protect and perfect intense advanced facial sun protection.

I have to say that, overall, I was very happy with everything in this box and would recommend any of them for people to try. The stand out products to me though are the eyeliner and the lip care. It’s not often that I’d repurchase a lip product from one of these but I’d recommend this if you want something a bit more nourishing than a standard balm. Also at £10 it’s cheaper than similar products I’ve tried that compare to it, like the ontes from Fresh.

I do love these free gifts with purchase that No7 do, though I wish I’d realised they’d stopped doing it sooner so sorry I took my time with this. I just wanted to be sure I did more than a first impressions and they’re normally around for longer.

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