The (Rather Late) Fuerteventura Blog

A night view over the beach from the entrance to the resort. You can see the beach that's well light, the dark water and the reflection of lights from other hotels around the other side of the bay.

I can’t believe it’s been two months since I went on holiday. I’m not even sure why it’s taken this long to post it but it was an amazing holiday and I think this place may even be on my list of places to visit again. Until this year I had never flown anywhere and we decided to go somewhere we hadn’t been before, had good weather when we were going, in our budget and was all inclusive.

I should probably say it was around a month before the Easter holiday too so a lot of the hotels we were looking at were fully booked. There was one, the Barcelo Castillo Beach Resort that’s basically a little holiday village full of bungalows or studio apartments, that we saw and loved and luckily they started to put the studio apartments for three adults when their normal bungalows seemed to sell out for the dates we wanted. If it’s within your budget I would 100% recommend this place, whether you go for a standard bungalow or a studio apartment.

I did read some reviews of the bungalows that weren’t the best, but the food and entertainment were the same and if you’re just using it as a base to sleep in and spend the time on the rest of the resort or the town then, to me, it’s still worth it.

Some of the bungalows would be a bit of a walk to the breakfast area and the main pool but it had two fair sized pool areas with snacks, drinks and activities, and the entertainment and food was amazing. If you can go all inclusive I’m not sure there would be many places that would have better food and they had pretty much anyone covered with hotdogs and burgers or pizza every night as well as a vegetarian section and different dishes each night.

The white buildings in the background are the studio apartments, on the right the red building is the start of the restaurant so that’s how close we were to everything!

When it comes to holidays I’m normally a fan of ones where you have something to wander round and look at, so being based in Caleta de Fusta, which is basically a resort area with a beach full of shipped in sand, didn’t seem like my ideal place to stay. In the end we only wandered beyond the beach once to have a look at the town and I’d say it’s a nice enough town but it’s definitely all tourism. It shows, give something a go if you have the chance, I didn’t even miss not wandering around.

There was an old tower of some kind just outside the resort, someone told my sister there are a lot around the island as they had to fight of the British. I meant to look that up some more but have kept on forgetting! It was a great landmark for working out where we were on the maps of the island we had.

I’d say if you were staying for longer than the four days we were, this would be a good base if you wanted to see all of the island as it’s somewhere in the middle. Maybe rent a car and drive to the older parts in the North and South, or go on one of the many coach trips that are advertised. I think that’s what I’d want to do next time: stay for a week and spend some time visiting other parts of the island, or even a boat trip to one of the other islands nearby.

As you can see there’s a nice beach, which wasn’t too full when we went even on the hottest day, and the sea didn’t seem to do that thing that happens with a lot of sandy beaches where it’s a gentle slope until you get to a certain point and then it’s a big drop.

The jetty area, where the evening’s entertainment and the bar that’s included in all inclusive is, was a really nice place to wander to in the afternoon. I think it was pretty popular with a lot of kids as they had shark models around and an area with a couple of seals in it that you could swim with. I’m not sure how I felt about that as I think they were pretty enclosed but they were in the sea rather than an aquarium and I don’t know the situation enough to really comment on that.

Further round there were some really cute squirrels, apparently they’re a kind of ground squirrel, and they know when tourists are coming. There were lots of little ones when we went in April and they were a bit shyer but the adults weren’t and this mother squirrel was fighting off the others when she found out we had fruit. We were going to get some nuts but only found out how far around they were last minute and I had an apple in my bag. Next time I’d probably take a packet of something, they seemed to know the rustling noises and came running out to other people first.

I’m sure there was probably more I could blog about, the mini golf was great and we saw camels on the beach, plus all the shops in the town, but in the four nights we were there I forgot to take photos until the last day! I had to ask mum if I could use some she took of me. I’m such a bad blogger, I should get better at that for my next travel posts. Getting migraines from flying didn’t help either, but I’ve definitely worked out some tips for next time I fly and now I’ve flown somewhere once there’s no stopping me!

I should probably also say, we went with and I’d say they were pretty good. The only complaint we had was that the taxi we booked to save time with the transfer took us to the wrong resort so we ended up having to get another one. It didn’t start the holiday off in the best way considering we got up early to fly and were looking forward to flopping by the pool, but if that’s the only complaint you have I think you’re doing pretty well with a holiday!

I’ve started making a list of places I want to visit. Next on my list are Madeira and Sorrento, though I’d love to see the Northern Lights I’m not sure I have anyone to go with, everyone in the family prefers hot holidays!

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8 thoughts on “The (Rather Late) Fuerteventura Blog

  1. AHHH I KNOW WHERE YOU STAYED! πŸ˜€ I have a home in Fuerteventura – not far from where you were and know that area really well. It’s such a gorgeous island and Caleta de Fuste where you stayed is definitely my favourite on the island for there being enough to do – as well as being relaxed. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you had a lovely time! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that sounds like an amazing place for a home. It’s a great place, I love how close it is to the airport but you don’t notice the planes. Definitely want to go back some time. Next time I’d explore a bit more, just wanted to make the most of all inclusive πŸ˜† and didn’t know what else there was in the area.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We did almost go to the aloe Vera place and saw all the adverts for the zoo. I think we needed more time than the four days to properly explore. I’d definitely look into some of the coach trips to visit other areas.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh were you only there for 4 days?! Oh yeah you need at least a week to go and explore – maybe 10/14 days. I always go for 2 weeks because I’m practically “going home”. xD I wish I could go for longer, but sadly I can’t,

        Yeah definitely look into it for the future! Correlejo is a great town to visit too as there’s loads of shops there and loads going on. It’s like the “big town” of the island… But I still prefer Caleta de Fuste myself. ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah, we went for a short all inclusive thing. Mum and my sister are teachers and we only had the second week of Easter holidays we could do so had limited time. A couple of weeks sounds amazing, plenty of time for beach or pool days and exploring.

        Liked by 1 person

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