Review: Sleek Makeup 3AM Eyeshadow Palette

The Sleek Makeup 3AM Palette title image. Behind the text is a photo of the palette open leaning on the card sleeve

This is the 3AM i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek Makeup, a palette with twelve mineral based eyeshadows in multiple finishes. There’s metallic shadows, shimmers, mattes and one that could be a duochrome. It costs £8.99 so it’s definitely at the budget end of the scale and I will always be tempted by any of their new releases as they can be so good.

The 3AM palette looked like the perfect combination of two separate colour palettes, there are six that I would say come under the warm browns and coppers and six that come under the more reddy browns and maroon type colours. This would make it the perfect palette for travel as you could have so many different looks with some mattes in there for a more natural look too.

One thing I love about the Sleek eyeshadow palettes, is that when Sleek do eyeshadows well they’re some of the best eyeshadows I own. They beat more expensive palettes I have with blendability, staying power and the pigmentation can be up there with the best of them. However, they do often have some misses in the palettes and these always let them down. This palette is a good example of some of the best Sleek eyeshadows, but also some of the worst alongside them.

The Sleek Makeup 3AM eyeshadow palette open to show the colours inside. It's leaning on the white and pink card packaging.

I’ll start with the packaging, and I do love their matte black palettes. They are a bit of a fingerprint magnet so I do keep the card sleeves, though this design on the card sleeve isn’t my favourite and is a bit bright for me, I guess it goes with the 3AM party theme though. If you’re a fan of the eyeshadow applicators these are good ones, they have a rubbery feel and grab a lot of product so make it easy to place. I don’t like them but I do keep them in there just in case.

The open palette, the twelve eyeshadows with eight shimmers and four mattes. At the bottom of the palette is the sponge applicator.

The palette itself has a great sized mirror and I am yet to have one warp (my oldest palette is probably ten years and well used), and the hinge keeps the lid up at any angle. I also like the closing mechanism, it clicks and holds it firm but it’s not impossible to open. I’ve travelled with a few of these and don’t worry about throwing them in my bag, they stay closed and I haven’t had an eyeshadow crack from general use.

Recently Sleek seem to have stopped naming their eyeshadows, they just go with numbers, but I will do a bit of a description for each along with the swatches. As always, I’ve done a swatch with the top half on primer and the bottom just on my skin. Also they’re all one swipe unless I say otherwise.

A photo of the six eyeshadows from the top row swatched with and without primer

This top row is an example of Sleek doing their eyeshadows right. They’re all creamy, whether they’re matte or shimmer, and I can’t actually tell a difference pigmentation wise with or without a primer. It does help the matte stick for longer but the rest of them last well with or without. These are super pigmented but can be blended down for a sheerer look, they blend well with others and they also don’t stain your skin, always a plus.

  1. Copper shimmer but gives a metallic foil effect
  2. Light golden champagne shimmer, this almost has a pinky duochrome in some lights or silver in others. It’s an odd one but very pretty
  3. Antique gold shimmer that gives a metallic effect, it also has little silver shimmer particles in it
  4. Pale pink metallic shimmer, has a silver look to it in some lights
  5. Dark chestnut matte, does better on the primer but even colour
  6. Maroon shimmer with a bronzey duochrome to it
Swatches of the second row of eyeshadows with and without primer

The second row is definitely one of those hit or miss ones and I think you can see the misses from the swatches. 9, 11 and 12 are great and on par (or better) to the top row, however 7, 8 and 10 are so bad. They’re either very sheer or, as with the mattes, need the base to show up at all and then they’re the type that sticks in the one place and won’t blend. The two mattes feel dry and powdery and did not apply evenly even with the base. The three good ones are great, the three bad ones are very bad.

  • Sheer golden shimmer with duochrome shimmer particles. So sheer I had to do at least five layers on the swatch and it’s still not great
  • Light orange brown matte. I tried to do three layers but it doesn’t really help
  • Purpley brown shade, it has a bit of a bronze duochrome and silver shimmer in it
  • Warm mid brown matte. Three layers for this too and it doesn’t improve it much
  • Warm brown with a purple tint and a shimmer finish. Also has silver shimmer in it
  • Super creamy beige matte. The perfect skin tone for fair skin like mine and surprisingly for me the stand out colour of the palette, even if that sounds boring
The back of the card palette showing the ingredients for the eyeshadows.

I have used this a few times and I love the mix of colours, I do think they could have switched 5 and 8 so the six on the left were the coppers and browns and the ones on the right were the more maroon based colours, but you have two distinct colour palettes that work separately or together. I bought this thinking it would be one I’d use a lot, but unfortunately the fact the two mid tone mattes are so poorly pigmented means I need a second palette with me for looks using those colours, I just couldn’t get them to work for me. Other than that it’s a great palette.

If you want to try Sleek out and like the look of the top row and that gorgeous creamy nude colour in the bottom right then go for it. It’s got some amazing eyeshadows, some of their best pigmentation and usability wise, but you do have to put up with some of their worst mattes and a sheer gold that doesn’t do much more than a wash of colour. I think that for the price you get nine great shadows, that’s around £1 each so it’s a great deal when you look at it like that. What’s frustrating is that they’ve shown what they can do with mattes, even within this palette, but they don’t seem to do it consistently.

Basically it’s a decent palette, it’s one that’s good if you want a palette that includes both of these colour themes and would be a great way to play around with them and see if they’re for you. If you want to try Sleek there are better ones out there as a first palette, even as far as neutrals go, and I’d recommend one of them.

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