Review: No7 Nude to Night Palette

I got the No7 Nude to Night Palette as a free gift with purchase a while ago, it’s an all in one face palette with six eyeshadows, a bronzer, a highlighter and a blusher. It seemed like the perfect travel palette so I took it away on holiday with me to try out, then didn’t actually wear any makeup. I’ve been playing around with it quite a bit since to see how well they last.

If you buy this full price it’s £25, which isn’t a bad price when it comes to No7, their standard blushes come in a 3g pan and cost £9, this one has 3.2g of the bronzer and blush and a 3.8g pan for the highlighter so those three alone would probably cost more than this. It’s also nice and compact and would actually work for travel without being so small that it’s hard to use the face products with a standard brush.

I have realised that this isn’t actually available online any more but in case you happen to find one in stores or online somewhere I thought I’d post this anyway.

As with a lot of No7 products the case of the actual palette is a simple black, it’s got a classic look about it but it definitely seems to work as a fingerprint magnet. The click closing mechanism is pretty good, it holds well but isn’t too hard to open, and it has a good sized mirror in it that stands up by itself so no need to look for something to lean it against if it’s your only mirror when travelling.

The six eyeshadows in the palette are a decent mix. I have to admit that when I first saw them in the pan the bottom row looks very similar to each other, but they do actually appear different enough to use them together and it not just be a blur of the same colour. They have a decent pigmentation, the bottom row especially, and blend well with each other and other brands. They last really well, I didn’t notice any fading when using a primer. Also no creasing and there was little to no fallout when using them, always good when it comes to a shimmery colour.

There’s a decent range to get two very different looks out of it, one more purple based and one more natural, or a mix of anything in between. I do think they could have done with a matte pale colour and maybe a darker brown, rather than all of the shimmers. To me a nude look would include at least one matte normally, which would go with the nude part of the palette name. It is lacking a darker colour for a more dramatic night transformation but with keeping it to six colours they have provided two obviously different looks.

I think that their blush formula is really nice, it’s the kind that can apply quite sheer but does build up well for darker skin tones. It’s perfect if you have very fair skin, like me, as blushes often tend to look a bit too bright. This one blends out from what looks like a fairly standard pink into something more dusty looking. It makes it look more natural to me but it is definitely subtle and may not be dramatic enough for a night look for some people. It lasts well, depending on the foundation you use, but I found that with a base it was there to the end of the day.

I love when companies do matte bronzer, it used to be that they all had shimmer of some kind in. This is another one that’s great for light to mid skin tones, it’s not the darkest shade around so I don’t see it working for darker skin tones really. It does apply sheer if you want and blends out well, though you do have to be careful if you have very fair skin. It builds and lasts well, it’s still there at the end of the day with a setting spray.

The highlighter has a bit more shimmer than I’d normally go for, it can be blended out but it’s not one that gives a subtle sheen. It’s got a cooler finish, it’s more of a silver sheen than the more golden look I would have expected to go with the warmth in the blush and bronzer. This is the product that I would see as the main one to transform it from a day to night look with the pigmentation they’ve gone for. It has great staying power and has a creamy feel to it that means it blends well on any base.

Overall I think this is a good all round palette, it’s one where the pans are large enough to use easily but the palette itself isn’t too big to throw in a bag for touch up throughout the day if you wanted to use it like that. It has a decent range of eyeshadow shades, not the most but it would be enough for a lot of people when travelling, especially for a shorter trip. The pigmentation is pretty good and the staying power is great when used with a base, plus the face products build up well and blend out if you need them to. I do think they could have improved it with a matte shade or two but overall a nice face palette and one that will definitely be going with me for short trips as my only palette. fff

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