Getting Ready for Holidays Haul Part 1: Boots

The Summer Haul Part 1: Boots title image. Behind the text box is a photo of everything bought in the haul

It feels like it’s been a while since I last posted, it’s probably not been all that long but I think I needed to step back and life sort of took over. I’ll do more of a post about it soon but blogging was getting stressful, which is not what I ever want it to be, and this break means I’m actually looking forward to posting and have all these ideas. Anyway, onto the post itself.

I recently decided that I wasn’t really going to do many hauls, but as I’m going away to Fuerteventura in April I had so many things I wanted to get ready for that or that were on my list to buy after the no-buy February and my general decluttering that I felt like I wanted to share with you guys what I was getting. This is all from Boots and most of it is actually Soap and Glory but I am so ready for these summer products that I got a bit excited and may have bought almost everything in their new scent that they released in February. It did help that almost everything that I bought was in a mix and match three for two at the time so I got a few of these things free.

The four Soap and Glory Call Of Fruity products that I bought. From left to right: Bubble in Paradise body wash, Summer Scrubbin' body scrub, The Way She Smoothes body lotion and No Woman No Dry body butter.

I’ll start with those tropical goodies from Soap and Glory and, apart from the hand cream which I now wish I’d bought too, I did actually get everything on the Boots site that came in it. I’m a sucker for Soap and Glory and love that they’re actually bringing out these limited edition scents. This one is called Call of Fruity and is a tropical scent that, to me anyway, seems to smell like a mix of mango, papaya, fresh apple and those banana foam sweets that used to cost 1p. It sounds odd but it smells so good. There are also a couple that claim to be cooling in this range, I’m not sure if that’s on top of just being a nice refreshing scent or not, I’ll have to give it a go and report back on that.

The two tubs form the Soap and Glory Range open. It shows the clear scrub on the left and the thick body butter on the right.

In general the Soap and Glory shower gels last for ages, I have some that have been going over two years, and you need very little for each use, even as a bubble bath so I’m hoping the Bubble in Paradise Refreshing Body Wash (£6.50) is the same. Their big bottle moisturisers with a pump like The Way She Smoothes (£10) work so well for my skin and don’t sit there or feel greasy and their body butters are great for that extra boost of moisture you sometimes need, and I kind of love the name No Woman No Dry (£10). I like their scrubs, they’re not too scrubby or drying, and with summer time coming and me doing my legs I wanted to try Summer Scrubbin’ (£8) as it says it uses coconut shell and pink jojoba exfoliating balls.

The three products in the Soap and Glory bundle. From left to right is Sit Tight Saddlebags+, Up-Toned Girl and Arm-A-Gooden

Years ago Soap and Glory used to do a product designed to reduce cellulite that had a sort of minty smell and helped so much with the little bumps I get on my legs from keratosis pilaris, so when I saw this Soap and Glory Firming Collection set for £15 I wanted to give it a go. They claim to be anti-cellulite but I never use it for that, these things never work for that, but I’m hoping they’ll help with the bumps as they’re cheaper than other products I have. It was only really the Arm-A-Gooden and Up-Toned Girl I wanted, but getting this set with the Sit Tight in there too cost less than getting them separately. I’ve tried them a couple of times as a patch test and they both smell great so I’ll see how they go.

The three skin care products in the haul. From left to right is a bottle of face Soap and Clarity Face Wash form Soap and Glory, a bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic and a bottle of Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid

The first two in this bit are just repurchasing favourites that have run out recently. The Pixi Glow Tonic (£18 for 250ml) is something that my skin loves and I was down to my last drops, and the Soap and Glory Face, Soap and Clarity (£8) is one of those products I wasn’t sure of when I got it but it’s grown on me and become a staple face wash for those days my skin just needs a bit of a cleanse without anything extra.

The final Soap and Glory product is their Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid with SPF50 (£15). I thought I’d give it a go as it’s a serum type product that goes on after your moisturiser and claims to work well as a makeup base. I’m yet to find a great high SPF moisturiser that works for me so adding this as a step would mean I can stop spending money trying them.

The open Sleek Makeup 3AM palette showing the twelve eyeshadow colours. In front of this is the tube of No7 HydraLuminous Moisturising Foundation in Calico and on the right is the open cushion compact of the No7 Aqua Perfect Cushion Foundation in Calico

I was pretty good when it came to makeup, I think I started out with a lot more in my basket but got it down to these three. The two No7 foundations are ones I’ve wanted to try, my current foundation changed their shade range and now it’s not the same formula, don’t you hate it when they do that? I’d tried the No7 Aqua Perfect Cushion Foundation (£17.50) in store but they didn’t have the Calico shade in so I had to wait to get it. I thought that cushion foundations would be a bit of a fad but I like the formula for this, I kind of wish it came in a bottle but this is easy to use with a beauty blender style sponge. As I have dry skin I really wanted to give the HydraLuminous Moisturising Foundation (£15) a go, it seemed like it would be prefect for the summer for a light foundation with some SPF in it too. I took a risk but it paid off and I’ve been using it the past week or so, it’ll probably be the next review I do.

You may know that I have a weakness for Sleek palettes, so when I saw this 3AM i-Divine palette (£8.99) it was calling my name. It almost has the look of two separate palettes, with one half being bronzey and golden with the other half having mainly cool berry tones. I have been playing around with it a bit and will be doing a post on this soon too.

The two free gifts with purchase. On the left is the open No7 Nude to Night Palette with six eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer and a highlight. On the right is a small box of chocolates from Monty Bojangles

The final two products in the post are actually ones that came as gifts with purchase. The Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures mini box didn’t last long and I think it may have been the last day for the No7 Nude To Night palette being the free gift as it’s changed now. I was thinking about giving this away or selling it, but I actually really like the look of the colours and think it could make a great travel palette so I’m looking forward to playing around with it.

This was a pretty big haul, for me anyway, and most of it was stuff that was replacing my empties. It surprised me how much I finished off in my no buy February that I would normally run out and get a replacement for. I ended up going to other products in my stash and it helped to get my bath and body stash down a bit. I’ll have to do another no buy month later this year, it’s a great way of reducing a stash and making you use other things you already have that may have been sat there unloved for a while.

I’m trying to make a list of final things to get ready for the trip, it seems to be mainly clothes and plane friendly things, but is there anything you guys can’t travel without? I’m sure there will be things I’ve forgotten or haven’t even thought of  to take, it’s been so long since I’ve been anywhere hotter than the UK for a holliday!

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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