No Buy February – Kind of Successful

The No Buy February title image. Behind the text is a photo of everything that was bought in the month

This is a bit late, it was meant to go up last week but apparently my scheduled post didn’t even save. Anyway, after the sales of January I decided to have a no buy February. We’re going on holiday in April, though it was originally going to be in February, and I bought a lot of things at the end of January for this so I wanted to save a bit for some spending money too.

I did set a few rules, the main one being this was for beauty and fashion except for the Red Nose Day t-shirts. I get one every time they release them and they were Disney this year so I had to get one. I did plan on buying a couple of things for my room, some final things for organising my wardrobe space and some plant pots that I’ve been meaning to get for over a year now, but I ended up getting none of them so I thought I’d do a post that has everything I bought in February, or rather everything that isn’t an essential thing that I bought in February, and I think I did pretty well!

The first things I’ll put in here are the eBay buys, that I technically bid on in January I think. Do you guys ever look on eBay, make a low bid for something and don’t expect to win it but then you are the highest bidder? I really didn’t expect to win this lot as I really wanted the Cogsworth clock and Chip trinket dish from Primark and most of the lots with just the clock were going for more than I paid for all of these. Unfortunately the clock and Chip trinket dish did both arrived damaged. The seller was great and gave me a full refund but it was a bit annoying. I have glued them together but I’m not sure how well the clock will keep working as the actual clock bit keeps twisting round in the back as it’s not held in place at all.

I have started to use the Chip bubbles cup for water for my beauty blender, it sits next to my original Chip cup that holds all my beauty blenders, as I did think I might sell it on originally but I don’t think I will risk it breaking in the post. I think I have more Disney things in my room than I ever have, and I kind of love it, though I’m not sure how many more versions of Chip there can be! I love how they’ve brought out all of the animated objects from Beauty in the Beast, they’re some of my favourite Disney characters and I’ve always loved them, and I am on the lookout for the Lumiere tea light holder.

A white Disney T-shirt with a silhouette of Mickey with a red nose. It has the quote 'It's kind of fun to do the impossible" around the picture

I love this TK Maxx Disney red Nose Day t-shirt and was so glad I got it when I did, they’d sold out when I went back in a week later, even if it is a size bigger than I’d normally buy. I love the quote on it and these t-shirts are so well made. I have one with the Beatles on that I think came from the first release they did and must be ten years old and it’s still going strong.

A set of brush works beauty sponges in three different sizes and shapes and a charcoal grey CK peaked cap.

I think I mentioned in my decluttering post recently that I had to get rid of some of my makeup sponges, or rather almost all of them. The last time I washed them I must have accidentally put them away slightly damp so they had grown some interesting mould on them and had to go. The only three I had left are all the ones I was planning on using once more and getting rid of rather than washing so I needed some new ones as soon as possible! This set was at TK Maxx for £7 instead of £14 and has three sizes and they’re a nice texture.

The hat was half price too, £9.99 instead of £19.99, and I wouldn’t normally go for anything CK but I’ve been on the lookout for a peaked cap for ages that fits me well and has a sliding adjusting bit at the back rather than the poppers. I will still check out Primark as I’ve seen some online from hauls that are so pretty but they haven’t had them in my local so I went for this as I need one for the holiday and I didn’t have one at all for some reason.

I think that overall I was pretty successful, or rather maybe if it was a low buy I would have been. I’ve just learnt that if you see something you like in TK Maxx you go for it. If I’d have left it until March I don’t think any of these would have been left, though there would have been sponges I did actually need them and they’ve already been used. I do kind of wish that I’d bought one of the Red Nose Day Disney water bottles though.

Have you guys done a no buy month in the past? Was it successful? I think it’s a great way to make you think more about what you’re buying but it’s also meant I now have a wish list of things I plan on buying! Not sure that was meant to happen.

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