My First Declutter of 2019!

The First Declutter of 2019 title image. Behind the text is a photo of all the products I decluttered spread out on a chair

I’ve been working on decluttering for the past couple of months, I’ve actually been pretty good and my cupboards look so much tidier. I’ve been sorting out my makeup recently and realised how much of the stuff I was keeping is just not me at all, or at least not any more. I’ve actually counted up how many things are in this declutter post and there’s fifty three pieces of makeup or accessories that are going! I didn’t realise I had that much!

I did start this off with a little review of each of them, but when you have fifty three to get through it would be so long, so instead I’m just going to link to any that I’ve already reviewed on here and say why I’m getting rid of them. I have to say there are a few that I never thought I’d declutter but they’re so old that if I did decide to reach for them I don’t think they’d do me any good. I have a new rule; if it smells like wax crayons, get rid of it!

The Stila Limited Edition Paris palette open on a chair with eight eyeshadows, two blushes and a highlighter

I’m going to start with the makeup palettes as these are definitely my weakness. I’ve had this Stila Paris face palette for a while, I remember wanting it so badly after seeing it on xSparkage videos when it came out but not being able to get it here in the UK. It’s been sat in my drawer for a while now, not being used. I think it’s just time to go. Was this the first Youtuber collab palette? It feels like it has to be an early one at least.

Three Sleek eyeshadow palettes open on a table, From left to right; Storm, Au Naturel and the Original Palette

I have the same reason for the Sleek makeup eyeshadow palettes. These I thought I would never declutter, but they do not smell like they should and I’ve got to the point where I can finally say that these aren’t needed in my collection. I tend to get emotionally attached to things like this, the Storm and Original palettes were the first time I really got into makeup and researched cruelty free brands. I never thought I’d throw out a Sleek palette but I don’t want to be putting this on my eyes any more. I thought I had reviewed all three on here, but I can’t find the Storm one. I have to say that in the future I could see myself being tempted to get all three again. You can find the Nude collection review here too.

three palettes open on a table. Left to right: the IDC Color natural eyes palette, The Balm Hawaii Autobalm palette and the California Autobalm palette.

The two Autobalm palettes are just old, again they don’t smell great. I love them, both the Hawaii and California ones have been with me on many trips and have been well loved (and dropped a few times) but I have other palettes I travel with as I just don’t want to use products that smell off.

The Natural Eyeshadow Palette from IDC Color is one I’m getting rid of purely because I have the Naked 3 and I don’t need both. I’ve spent my money on both and I’d rather keep the more expensive one. If I didn’t have the Naked 3 this one would not be going anywhere.

Three sleek makeup palettes. Left to right: Highlighting Palette in Distorted Dreams, Blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade and the Colour Correction cream palette

The final three palettes are all Sleek, I do love this brand. I should have known the Distorted Dreams Highlighter Palette was never going to be for me, I hardly ever highlight and if I do I have a unicorn stripe highlight for my unusual colour days. Plus the cream ones are just too soft for me and end up making my skin break out if I use them too much.

The Blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade has some pretty colours but this is one that’s too old. I only really used the cream and that should not be going near my face now. The other two colours are pretty but I have similar ones in general face palettes.

Colour correction isn’t really me either. I thought I’d give it a proper try with this Colour Correction Palette but I didn’t use half the colours, it’s only really the yellow with possibly some orange in there and the green. It just didn’t work for me and it’s getting old.

A row of eyeliners, liquid eyeliners and colourful eyeliner pencils.

Going onto more things that I really should have known weren’t for me. All of these colourful eyeliner pencils! I got the set from Soap and Glory ages ago, it was one of my really early posts, and they’re amazing but not me. Then I decided to give the Models Own set a go as it was cheap and these have barely been touched.

I will admit to rescuing the Barry M bronze one from the pile. It’s old but a bit of sharpening and it’ll be fine as it’s still soft. The others are just black eyeliners. The Soap and Glory Supercat is great as a cheaper liquid eyeliner, when my Kat Von D runs out I’ll probably get more but these are two years old and dried out. The same with the Ciate one, another good one that just didn’t do as well as the Kat Von D but now I’m not buying from them I’ll look at these other favourites. The No7 Stay Perfect and Ciate gel kohl eyeliner are great, I just have so many some had to go and my Sleek one is way newer and so black!

Various lip products laid out on the desk. The top row left to right: Barry M Matte Me up, Stila Stay Perfect liquid lipstick, two Meet Matte Hughes shades, three matte me metallic liquid lipsticks and the Primark lip liner pencil. On the bottom row left to right: Peri Peri Ink Velvet and two lip crayons

These lipsticks and colours are all nice enough, and actually the minis from theBalm and two of the Sleek matte metallics are a lot emptier than they look. The Sleek Matte Metallics are pretty, I’ve used Rusted Rose and Volcanic a lot but they’re just old and separating and not really me.

The Barry M Matte Me one was disappointing and has separated, I think it was the heat last summer, and I’ve just held onto it to try and blend it back together but it’s a lost cause. The Stila mini in the bright purple (the name sticker fell off a while ago) is just not me at all and the PeriPera Peri’s Ink Velvet separated and looks even brighter orange on me now! The Primark lip liner just breaks whenever I try to use it and dries my lips out and the two lip crayons, the No7 Matte Lip Crayon and the Autograph and Rosie one from the 2016 M&S advent calendar, were literally sat in an old bag I haven’t used for over a year and forgot about.

five mascaras and the Benefit ready, set brow. Three are minis and the other three full sized. From left to right: Tony Moly Panda dreams, Diego De la Palma Ciglione, No7 mini, Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara, mini Roller Lash from Benefit and the Ready, Set Brow.

Does anyone else find that they have a growing collection of mascaras? Specially free black mascaras? I have so many of these that I had to get rid of some. The Tony Moly Panda Eyes was one that got opened, used and then forgotten about when I tried newer ones I preferred. I’m getting better at only opening one or two at a time and not leaving them to sit in the drawer. The Diego De La Palma Ciglioni mascara is not one I like and I got it in the M&S advent calendar in 2016 or 2017 I think so that’s going because it’s old.

The other three mascaras and the brow gel are going simply because I haven’t opened them and I don’t need them. I probably could open them, try them and then review them but if someone else would use and love them it seems a bit pointless when I have ones I’m using and actually have another two of the Soap and Glory ones anyway.

Eight brushes laid out on the desk.

I don’t think it would be a declutter if I didn’t get rid of some of my brushes. These are all ones I have similar brushes to but the ones I’ve kept I prefer. The No7 smudger brush is nice but I have a similar Real Techniques one without the sponge on the end that I never use but collects dust in the pot I keep my brushes in. The cheap unicorn set came with some sponges I wanted and I don’t think I used the two of them much, you can see the third was used a lot for concealer but I have others that do as well. I do like the Look Good, Feel Better powder brush and it’s a great cause but I have so many of these big fluffy powder brushes some always end up going in a declutter. The others are just the final two from the Innovation Beauty set that seemed like a good idea at the time and two free mini brushes that came in sets.

A mix of makeup products on the desk. Left to right: H&M lip primer, Beauty Kitchen Invisible Mineral SHield, two Stila Glitter and Glow, Models Own Matte eyeshadow primer. Underneath is the No7 illuminating under eye concealer

This final group I’m going to call miscellaneous as they just sort of don’t fit into the others. The H&M lip primer was a mistake buy. I thought it sounded fun but it burned my lips and dried them out so I think I had a slight reaction to it. I’m not sure why I kept it this long really as they stopped doing it ages ago so it’s not like I’d even review it. I’d class the Beauty Kitchen Invisible Mineral Shield as another mistake. It sounded great with the spf and primer and good for the planet but it just did not work for my skin and made everything either ball up when I applied it or look cakey.

The other four in here are either old or ones I think others would prefer. The two Stila glitter and glow liquid eyeshadows are a bit of both so I’m not sure if I should give them to family members or not. I got a set of six with some shimmer and glow and these two I just don’t reach for. They’ve been used as you can see but the one is sheer and the other is a red colour I don’t use. The No7 Illuminating under eye concealer is old and smells odd, it seems to go off quickly compared to others I’ve tried and I have other concealers I use at the moment, though it is one I’ll go back to in the future. The Models Own Matte Eye primer is amazing. I’ve been using it for ages and it’s just so old I shouldn’t be using it any more. Definitely one I’ll be using again in the future though.

I feel I should also mention the eight beauty blender style sponges that had to go because last time I washed them one must have been damp when I put them away in the glass jar, I’m not sure what was growing on them but I didn’t want it on my face!

I have to say that I am pretty pleased with how this ended up. I have everything neatly in my bottom drawer in the set in my wardrobe or in my vanity if it’s the things I’m trying to use this month. In the tin is a load of Shiro Cosmetics loose eyeshadows that I probably should go through but I don’t plan on ever getting rid of them and they’re so pretty and easy to use and keep in this tin.

Considering I tried to keep this short it got longer than I meant it to! I’m never sure with declutters, do you guys prefer to have it split into more posts and have more detail or keep it shorter for each product? Or even just photos without a reason for why I’m getting rid of them? These declutters definitely remind me to keep looking through my collection and checking if anything is old or just not me and reminds me not to go buying a whole collection like I would have a few years ago.

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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