Review: The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter title image. Behind the text is a photo of the tin open showing the product, with the lid next to it

I’ve been trying The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter for a while to see if, and how, it worked for me. I saw a lot of posts about this range when it was first released but not seen much since. It’s designed for sensitive skin and is a cleansing balm. I haven’t had the best luck with cleansing balms but I wanted to give this a go as it’s specifically for sensitive skin. As with all products from the Body Shop it’s cruelty free.

This is a fair sized tin, it contains 90ml, and is a lot flatter and wider than most of my skin care products. This costs £10 but the tin lasts ages, a little does go a long way and I can see this lasting beyond the twelve months it says it has for using it up, for me anyway. My skin is sensitive, acne prone and dry or combination and it isn’t normally a fan of cleansing balms but I was interested so thought I’d give it a go.

The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter tin open. On the left is the base of the tin with the product untouched and on the right is the lid with the top design showing

I like the look of this tin, it’s simple and goes in pretty much any bathroom if you wanted to have it out on the side. It’s easy to open and close, but also doesn’t open by itself so it could survive in a bag for travel. If you did this though I’d recommend putting it in a bag as, although it’s solid normally in the UK it seems to have a low melting point so I can see it going liquid in warmer weather.

The shape can make it awkward to store in some places but it does mean that in shallow drawers it can be put underneath another jar and it fits fairly well with a couple of smaller ones on top. As it’s a solid balm inside I have found that, in the UK weather since the autumn anyway, it doesn’t melt so it can be stored on its side. I won’t  be doing that long term but I did try it inside a freezer bag and it stayed the same shape it originally was. I definitely don’t recommend this in warmer countries, or probably over the summer here. I had a coconut oil that I kept on its side and last year there was a huge mess on one of the hotter days!

The balm has a slightly floral smell to me, I guess it’s the camomile but I can’t quite place it. The main scent I get it shea butter though, so maybe it’s that that I’m getting as for some reason that ends up smelling floral to me sometimes. It isn’t that strong a smell that it’s overpowering or offputting but it’s obviously there when it’s applied to your face and I found it tends to linger for a bit afterwards, not long but maybe ten or fifteen minutes so if it’s a scent you don’t like that could be offputting.

A photo of the cleansing balm on my finger. In the background is the open tin.

As I said, the balm has a low melting point which makes it really nice to apply to your skin. You only need a small amount, I often found myself getting too much and it was very rare to have to go back into the tub to get more. You have to apply it to dry skin and then remove it with hot water or a warm damp cloth. I definitely found that the cloth method was easier, if I just used hot water it left my skin feeling like there was balm still on there, like there was a greasy film. Removing it with a cloth meant it felt like it was freshly moisturised but not like it needed a second cleanser.

As far as working as a cleanser goes I was reasonably happy with it. I did find that as a general cleanser it didn’t really do much for my skin and was too rich to be used twice a day as my cleanser. When it did work its best, for me, was to remove makeup. It does feel nicer and more luxurious than just using a makeup remover and it does seem to deal with pretty much anything, even stubborn liquid lipsticks or liquid eyeliners.

Although I do like this as a makeup remover I’m not sure it’s something I’d repurchase. It’s nice enough and does moisturise my skin at the same time as cleansing so I have to skip the moisturiser step or it’s overkill for me. This does speed up my evening routine when I use it but it does take longer than other cleansers to use. It takes a few passes with my flannel to remove it all and you have to be careful not to get it everywhere as it does leave greasy marks if you accidentally drop some if it starts to melt on your finger. That only happened a couple of times for me and tended to mean I had too much on there.

The text inside the label on the back of the tin. It shows the ingredients and information on the company

I’d say for fans of cleansing balms this could be great, it’s definitely lighter than a lot of them I’ve used and my sensitive skin has not had any issues with it. No breakouts and no flare ups from my acne prone skin either so in that way it’s definitely my favourite cleansing balm. If you want to give a cleansing balm a go I’d recommend it, it’s fairly easy to find as I’ve seen it in all of the Body Shop stores I’ve been into. It’s definitely gone ahead of the Lush Ultrabland, which was my favourite before, as it’s a lot lighter, doesn’t have the odd smell and is easier to apply as well as being cheaper and lasting longer.

I guess it just comes down to the fact that cleansing balms aren’t for me, maybe one day I’ll finally learn that.

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      1. It’s strange you say that, I can’t get on with modeller waters lol. I haven’t tried them all but I find it takes me so long to get through the expiry date has passed and I’m only halfway through the bottle!

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