Review: Pokémon Re-Ment Terrarium Set

Pokémon Re-Ment Terrariums title image. Behind the text is a photo of the six designs of Pokémon in the terrariums

I’ve always loved miniatures and there have been so many times I’ve had a Re-Ment set in a basket and not got it, so when I saw the Pokémon Terrarium Re-Ment Set on Plaza Japan for £29.41 with cheap shipping I had to get it. I love the terrariums I’ve seen on Etsy but they’ve always been a bit more expensive, a lot of them seemed to be more than this for one, and I liked the mix of Pokémon in this set.

They’ve done four collections, number five is available for pre-order, and this one is the second one. It’s got some of my favourite Pokémon in there with Articuno and the Sandshrew and Cubone one is so cute. It comes with six different mini displays inside clear pokeballs. All of them are from the first generation of Pokémon except for Togepi but it’s been in Pokémon so long I always think it was.

One thing I like about ordering a whole set of these is that there’s no way of getting any doubles as the box comes sealed with one of each of the designs in it. This one comes with the sealed tape and the box itself is the kind that would be used in a shop display so it’s got images of the designs that you can get and the lid can be folded to stand up at the back like they do in stores.

Each of the individual boxes, like most mystery boxes, comes with the pictures of all of the possible designs in there. This is all in Japanese and there’s text on the back, but I think it’s pretty much the standard choking hazards and warnings like that you get on a lot of toys and figures. The only things with these boxes is I wish you could close them again, they’re done so you have to rip the box along a dotted line and they never close again properly.

the contents from the individual re-ment boxes

Inside each box, like with all Re-Ment, is a small piece of gum alongside the figure or toy and a little sheet that has pictures of each of the designs you can collect. They do often have extra designs on them that can be used within the model, I’ve had an Alice in Wonderland chocolate shop one that had a mini menu and price list that you cut out.

The pieces for all of the designs in their individual packaging

The little toys inside almost always come disassembled, though they’re very easy to put together they don’t tend to come with instructions. With a couple of the Pokémon designs it took a bit of wiggling the figure around to get it to fit in, especially Charizard and Articuno as they literally sit in the middle of swirls of ice or smoke and their wings get in the way a bit.

I love the amount of detail they put into their designs. They fit together so well and sit in the clear pokeballs perfectly. I have a few of them displayed on my nerd shelf and I like the way they look, though I’m not such a fan of the amount o glare you get off the super shiny lids. If I didn’t think they’d get so dusty I’d probably rather have the tops off so the figures are clearer. There are a couple that you have to be very careful when putting them down as they do literally sit on the surface and fall over so easily. I think the main culprits were Poliwag and Pikachu.

All six of the Pokémon terrarium designs with the lids off

I’m not sure there’s much else to say about these, I love how they look put together and I am so tempted to get some more of these. They have some larger ones that are one offs that have more of a scene in them but I do like the amount of detail and the fact that they’ve got two Pokémon interacting in some of these. I think my favourite pose has to be Squirtle though, it’s definitely one that’s a bit different than just standing on whatever surface they’ve given them.

If you like Pokémon, or miniatures in general as they do have some really nice Kirby, Moomin and Rilakuma terrarium sets too, I’d recommend checking out Re-Ment. They’re a bit pricey to get here in the UK often, I’ve bought them from Modes4U before which are great and I’ve never been hit by customs with them. I would say that’s the only negative with this order, I ended up having to pay customs that made this order quite a bit more expensive. If you’re going to order from Plaza Japan they’re great, super quick and everything was packed really well, but be prepared to pay for customs so it’s a case of either a small order beneath the threshold (they do write the correct amount on the label) or go big and the customs charge won’t seem so bad. It’s never the customs charge that gets me, I think that’s a percentage thing, but the Royal Mail handling fee is £8 I think, so you may as well have a larger customs fee and that £8 won’t seem so bad, I’ve had some where the overall fee is £12 and then the £8 is so annoying.

The complete Pokémon Re-ment terrariums with the lids on

Anyway, that’s going off topic, basically these are cute and if you like Pokémon or know someone who does then I really recommend looking at their terrarium sets. They’re cute to display and are actually more practical than a lot of the Re-Ment miniatures because they come with their own pokeball shaped display case!

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