Review: Unicorn Cosmetics The Class of ’86 Eye Stationery Brush Set

Unicorn Cosmetics Class of 86 Eye Makeup Brush Set title image. Behind the text is a photo of the brushes and the pencil case that they come in

I always used to think that the unicorn themed brushes were a bit of a gimmick but then I bought the heat sensitive spooky set from Unicorn Cosmetics and I was converted. I’ve had my eye on some of their sets before but as I mainly do eye looks and don’t use that many brushes for other things there would always be ones I didn’t want. Then I found the Class of ’86 Brush Set that has seven eye makeup brushes in it for different things and I had to have it.

I got this in the sale but at full price on their website it costs £24.99, which isn’t a bad price when you think of how many brushes you get. It comes out at under £4 a brush and you get a little pencil case style bag with it which is so pretty and definitely reminds me of Saved by the Bell. I’m so tempted to keep pencils in it and have it out on my desk.

The brushes inside the case that they come in. It's a clear light purple with pink, turquoise, yellow and gold patterns on it in an 80s style and a pink pompom on the zip

I’ll start off with the pencil case style brush case as it is so pretty and I just love how well it holds the brushes. I have tried bigger brushes in there and, as long as they aren’t especially long, it works well for face brushes too and does keep them protected as it’s not too flexible. It’s also easy to clean so no worries about makeup staining it. I’m not saying that’s what it was designed for as they do some great brush bags too, but it does work for that if you wanted. The pink pom pom on the zipper is also amazingly soft, I didn’t expect that, and the keyring may be going on my keys, though I feel bad taking it off this.

A photo of the card that names all of the brushes and includes a short description of what they're used for

The card that comes in the set has a list of all of the brushes and a bit of a description on what they’re recommended for. I do love the names they give their brushes. The only negative thing I have to say about this sheet at all is that the photo of the brushes themselves isn’t that great so I had to do a bit of comparing and brush work when it comes to identifying a couple of them. Not that I always use them for what they’re recommended but I guess it’s best to at least try them for that.

Onto the brushes themselves and you can definitely tell the difference between these and some of the imitation ones out there. I only had a mini set of copies and these are so much better made. They’re not the heaviest brushes which makes them easy to handle, and the twisty handle design is comfortable to grip. The handles do have a bit of a duochrome finish to them, though I can’t get the camera to truly pick it up.  I love the little Unicorn Cosmetics logo that’s on the ferrule and the subtle colours in the bristles.

As each of them has their recommended uses I’m going to go through them and say what I found they worked best for and a very brief description. I hope I matched them with the right numbers, in the photo they’re going from left to right numbers one to seven.

The brushes laid on a fluffy background underneath the card that has their description on

The Icon – The smaller of the flat brushes, it has the firmest bristles and can pack a lot of colour on. It’s also great for precision and works well for under the eye too. I did find it’s great for applying concealer and lip products as well so it’s a bit of a multipurpose one to me

The Trend – The angled brush, another slightly firmer one that’s so easy to use for eyeliner and does create a nice winged look as it’s quite wide. It’s a bit big for me to use to add colour to my brows but it’s great for defining under them with a concealer or highlight

The Hero – A longer and slightly wider version of The Icon. It does pretty much the same jobs but covers a larger surface area so good for packing on larger blocks of eyeshadow or concealer with precision

The Mixtape brush next to the blending brush from the Unicorn Cosmetics Spookalicious set
Next to the Spookalicious blending brush

The Mixtape – A great fluffy brush that is amazing at blending. I think it’s the same as the one from the spooky set which I use all the time. It can blend pretty much anything with a couple of sweeps and isn’t too big. It does work for contour and highlight too if you want to cover small areas

The Crush – A slightly shorter version of The Mixtape, super fluffy and soft and blends really well for eyeshadow

The Babe – A small blending brush which is great when you want a bit more precision. I love it for under my eye or for blending out the inner corner. Very fluffy and works well for applying a bit of a transition shade too as it doesn’t spread it everywhere

The Game – A denser brush that works well at packing on and moving colour around. It can also work as a blending brush if you’re limited for brush space when travelling, though not as well as the others and takes a bit more work it does keep things precise. This is the brush I’d use for adding colour to the outer corner as you can work it into the crease well and apply with little circles while keeping it precise.

The brushes shown from the top down to show how thick or fluffy they are

They’re all very soft and made of synthetic fibres, they’re also vegan and cruelty free too. Although they are sold as eye brushes I think they cover pretty much everything you might want a smaller brush for as well. You just need a face brush or beauty blender and you’re good to go.

If you couldn’t tell already I love these brushes, they’re pretty and do their jobs really well. If they’re in your budget I’d recommend trying them. The sets that include face brushes are more expensive and I’d say these are a great way to try the brand and see how you like them.

If you want to read my reviews of the other Unicorn Cosmetics brushes I have you can find the review of the Spookalicious Halloween themed set here and my Bubbles fan brush here. I have to say that, having been on their site and seen that they have the full set of mermaid brushes on sale, I’m very tempted to get them.

Have any of you guys tried them? What do you think? I’m kind of tempted by all of their makeup too, though I’m on a no buy for February they’re all so pretty! ab

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