After Christmas Shopping and Sales Haul

After Christmas Sales SHopping Haul title image. Behind the text is a photo of different products bought after the sales

Last week was a bit of an odd week, I started out with one of the bugs going around and ended up with sinusitis so sorry for a lack of posts last week. I’m hoping the antibiotics will kick in and everything will go back to normal this week as I actually have the next four weeks worth of posts planned and some of them photographed. Starting to feel organised finally! And with the final deliveries from my post Christmas orders arriving last week I thought it was time to do a post on everything I got.

I think it’s about a month from my first order but some of them took a while to get here and I thought I’d put everything in one big post. It’s a big mix of everything from home and beauty to nerdy figures and some are full price but I wanted to get them with Christmas money from relatives. If anything is still available I’ll put a link to it and I’m pretty sure that most of these will be getting their own review posts so if there’s anything in here you want to see first then please comment and I’ll move them up the list.

I’ll start off with the first order I did, the Beauty Bay Sale order, everything from here was in the sale, though only the Unicorn Cosmetics Class of 86 Eye Brush Set is still available on Beauty Bay. I’ve recently found myself only using their spooky brushes for my eyes so wanted to get more as eyeshadow is where I spend most of my time when it comes to makeup looks. I also got the LunatiCK Lab Cosmetics Lipstick in RPG (a dusty rose), which is out of stock though other colours are still available, and the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and Buffering Lotion duo Christmas set. I’ve heard such good things about the drying lotion and the buffering lotion sounds like it would work on some of the bumps I get too so I’m definitely looking forward to giving these a go. I had a reaction to something over Christmas so I’ve been playing it safe with my skin care routine while it calms down but this is definitely at the top of my to try list when it’s settled.

The two Figma figures, P-Body and Atlas, from Portal 2 and in front are some free products including a Dota fidget spinner, two blind bags and an XBox controller keyring

My second order was from the Valve Official store. I’ve had my eye on the Portal 2 Nendoroids, but they’re either sold out or quite expensive. I was planning on getting them but then I saw the two Figma models for sale and they came to less for both than I was seeing the Nendoroid versions each so I went for it. They are both available with 57% off but I have a feeling it may have been cheaper before, I’m not sure but they’re still a good price if you want them. I have to admit I’ve never played the multiplayer version, by the time I had a good enough computer I think most people had already played it and moved on, but I do love P-Body and Atlas. I also got a few freebies, though I haven’t opened them as I don’t play Dota and I’m sure there’s someone out there who’d love them.

The third order I did, and the only one to actually include Christmas products, was to Paperchase. They are my favourite company to buy planners and diaries from and they had an offer at the time, it was a week into January, so I decided on a full sized one and a smaller one for my bag. Both of these are actually still available. The full sized one is the Large Year in Colour Week on 2 Pages Diary (£5 half price) and I just love the layout of the pages inside, the days are in blocks and it’s so pretty and easy to add enough on each day with notes and no lines. The smaller one is Compact water colour garden week on 2 pages 2019 diary (£5)and a great spiral bound diary with enough room to write appointments and things I need to remember in my bag.

The other three things from Paperchase aren’t available any more. The Shark Snow Globe is one I had my eye on at full price so when it went in the sale I had to get it. I’ve said a few times I’d like a new Christmas mug and the Snowman Mug was just a nice size and style in the sale. The final thing was the Small Gold Leaf Plate, which I did expect to be bigger, and that was one of those things that got me over the free postage threshold but cost less than the postage would have. I mainly plan on using it as a prop.

The last to arrive was an order I did from Plaza Japan, which isn’t surprising considering it came from Japan. I was tempted by so much on there but as I’ve never ordered from them I decided to go with a set of the Pokémon Terrariums that Re-Ment released (£28.50) and the Bulbasaur set from Nanoblocks (£5.66) to finish my mini starter Pokémon sets.

I did also order a tabletop game I’ve had on my wish list for a while called Rhino Hero. It’s a pretty easy game to play and the easiest way to describe it is building a tower with cards, a bit like if Jenga and Uno had a baby. I’ll definitely be reviewing this one we’ve really enjoyed it and it’s not overly expensive at around £10.

When I get money from relatives for Christmas I like to be able to say I’ve spent it on something special, something that they understand, like a piece or art of furniture or something. My Grandma gave me some money and I decided to get a couple of things to store my jewellery. The Umbra Mini Stowit Jewellery Box (£30) isn’t a traditional jewellery box but I love the drawers and it goes really well with my furniture. I like the tray on top and the fact it’ll fit everything I want in there and keep bits separate. I also got a Dragonfly Trinket Box, which I love even if it looks more like a normal fly than a dragonfly to me. This is so good for holding smaller things like stud earrings without them just being in a loose dish. This was half price in the sale so even better.

I know this post was quite late, I did plan on separating it into a few posts but couldn’t decide whether it would be better by type or by company and then it just took so long for things to get here I thought I’d put it all into one so I could start to actually review these things. There will definitely be quite a few of them showing up again in the next few weeks!

Did you guys get anything good in the sales? I thought I was being good, and I did resist quite a few things so I could have done a lot worse, but I realised how much I actually ended up getting when I put this post together and saw it all piled on my desk!

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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