Review: Petty Bones Club Pokémon Pins

Petty Bones Club Pokémon Enamel Pins title. Behind the text box it a phot of the four pins: Haunter, Officer Growlithe, Nurse Chansey and an Alolan Raichu

When Petty Bones Club did a Kickstarter for more Pokemon themed enamel pins I had to check it out. There were a lot of cute designs to choose from and I picked the Haunter, Alolan Raichu, Nurse Chansey and Officer Growlithe, though there are a couple that have gone up on the website that I want to get too.  I somehow missed that these were going up on their site so Chansey is sold out now, but the other three are still there at £8 with some of the others that were available from the Kickstarter campaign.

The four enamel pins. Left to right: a growlithe with a hat dressed as a police officer, Chansey wearing a nurse's hat, a cute fluffy looking Haunter and an Alolan Raichu with lightning bolts

I think the past year my pin collection has grown quite a bit, definitely helped by all of the small companies that have been selling on places like Etsy recently, and I did a post on some of the other pins I got from the Petty Bones Club here, a couple are still available online.

These four have three different metal finishes. Raichu and Officer Growlithe have a gold back, Haunter has a gunmetal back and Nurse Chansey is rose gold. I like how each of these colours goes well with the design or the character of the Pokemon. All four of them are hard enamel and I like the smooth feel of them, they’ve also got a shiny finish which looks nice and does make them stand out against some of my less shiny pins when I have them together.

The Haunter and Growlithe pins on my denim jacket next to some of my other pins

These pins are definitely bigger than most of the others I own, though I think a lot of indie brand ones are this size, they’re around 4cm wide. I love how cute they are and the pins are nice and sturdy, they aren’t going to bend and break after taking them on and off your clothes or wherever you want to put them. They each have two posts with rubber pink stoppers on the end, they have a nice grip and I haven’t had any issues with the others I have, none of them have loosened or fallen off when I’ve been wearing them.

A photo of the extra things that came in the order. There are two stickers and an acrylic Misty charm

I feel like I have to also include photos of the free things I got too as they’re so cute. As part of the Kickstarter you got a free acrylic charm with e Misty design on and I love that Psyduck is with her. I’m not sure where I’m going to use it but I am definitely planning on putting it somewhere, maybe on my purse. I also got a couple of stickers, again I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them but I do love stickers and I want to find something I’ll use them on that will last a while.

I’m not sure there’s much else to say, I love these pins and would definitely recommend looking on the Petty Bones Club website if you like cute Pokemon pins and live in the UK. There’s also a few mashups that I love, my Pumbah and Tauros mix is definitely a favourite.

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