Review: Salt of the Earth Pure Aura Deodorant

I have been a fan of natural deodorants for the past couple of years, they just seem to get on better with my skin and they seem to work for me. However, I have recently found that I’ve had to reapply the ones I was using, so when I got the spray version of the Pure Aura deodorant from Salt of the Earth I was definitely interested in trying it out. As you may be able to tell by the fact I went and bought the roll on version I was definitely a fan.

The roll on of the Pure Aura Melon and Cucumber scented deodorant holds 75ml and costs £5.49. The full sized spray is £5.99 for 100ml so is a bit more cost effective but I’d say that price difference is for the container rather than the deodorant itself so it’s purely a case of which kind you prefer. I got a half sized spray from the Holland and Barrett advent calendar last year.

The packaging for these is nice, it’s definitely the kind of packaging I would trust to throw in my bag and it wouldn’t leak. The spray has a nice click on lid and the roll on deodorant has a screw on lid that isn’t going to come loose. I like the pale green, it’s light, fresh and slightly feminine to me without being overly so. They also both come in plastic containers, which is a plus for me compared to the glass of the Dr Organics I was using before.

I’m a fan of lighter, fresh scents that aren’t overly floral when it comes to deodorant and this melon and cucumber is perfect with that. It really does make me think of a fresh cucumber and it’s not got the fake melon candy scent that some beauty products have. It’s refreshing and not too strong, I’d say it lasts up to half an hour before it sort of disappears scent wise and fades into the background.

As far as the deodorant effects go I am very impressed with these. As I said before I’ve had to reapply natural deodorants but this lasts until the next morning or until I shower in the evening. I don’t generally sweat much but in the winter with heating after being in the cold or any bugs I get tends to be a time when a deodorant would be tested a bit and it held up well. It doesn’t have any real scent so you don’t have a perfume smell but it does deodorise any scents. Though if you have a bit much garlic there may be a hint of that, which is easy to get rid of by reapplying it and you’re good to go.

The spray deodorant bottle with the lid off

I’m not the biggest fan of spray deodorants, I never have been, and I found this one a little hard to control at times so I’d end up having to go a bit overboard to be sure I’d covered all of my under arm. Other than that the spray is great, it creates a fine mist and covers your skin evenly. It can be a bit awkward to start with with the pump spray and getting the right angle, but after the first few uses that awkwardness went away. One good thing about the spray is that it’s refillable and they do sell a refill of the unscented deodorant, though I can’t see one of the melon and cucumber scent.

The roll on deodorant with the cap off

Of the two I definitely prefer the roll on, I guess because I’m so used to that style of deodorant. The roll on bit is quite small compared to a standard deodorant or antiperspirant so it takes a bit more rolling to cover your under arm but that’s not really an issue. I found this easier to use and less of the actual deodorant gets used as there’s no extra missing where it’s meant to be. I can’t see a way of refilling this but there may be some way that I’m missing.

There isn’t a great range of scents, which is the only real down side for me to this company. Other than the melon and cucumber there is unscented, lavender and vanilla or pure armour explorer that doesn’t have a scent description on the bottle but is called citrus in the drop down menu. That doesn’t leave a great range but there is something floral in there as well as the more masculine scent. I’d say the melon and cucumber I the most neutral, besides the unscented, and a nice light fragrance that isn’t overpowering or overly feminine.

the back of the deodorant bottle showing it is vegan and vegetarian friendly, not tested on animals and made with natural ingredients

I think if you’re looking for a natural deodorant, or one that’s vegan friendly, then this is worth checking out. Have any of you tried it? Or any other natural deodorant brands you would recommend?

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