2019 Goals


The blog post header with 2019 Goals. Behind it is an image of a diaryI feel like this post is a couple of weeks late now but I’ve kind of been putting it off as I know my blogging goals at the beginning of last year are so far off what I actually did that it’s not the most positive thing to look back on for last year. I’ve been trying to work on things and plan ahead and needed a break from blogging, partly planned at the beginning but then I got ill so less planned but definitely needed.

I tend to make goals posts for my blog and update and change them as I go throughout the year as I see goals as a flexible thing, something that you can change as the circumstances change, and check things off as you go along and add new ones. I tended to find that whenever I set new years resolutions they seem to fail pretty early but goals with definite updates throughout the year work better for me.

I thought I’d start with a quick look back at 2018, you can find my original goals blog post for that here if you want to read it. I also did a couple of update posts, one in March and one in October. I guess you can say that the blogging side of it was a bit of a failure but the official goals I set myself in January didn’t go too badly. It took me the whole year but I did finally finish my blogging space after Christmas (though it’s a mess now so you’ll have to take my word for it), I did post fairly regularly when life didn’t get in the way and at times I did have scheduled posts (even if some of them didn’t actually post when I thought they would). My general goals were pretty successful too, I did mainly stick to the diet and exercise and, in general, I was more organised even if the diary side of it fell by the wayside fairly early on!

The inside of a wardrobe with a set of drawers in it. There are bags and clutter in the wardrobe and it's not at all organised!
I really need to organise my wardrobes, everything just sort of got thrown in there

Going forward into 2019 I decided that this year I’m writing my goals into the back of my diary and I have three categories of goals, which sounds a bit over the top but I’m hoping it’ll help me to stay focussed on these things and stop me from letting one get ahead of the others.


  • Declutter and organise, and not just my makeup. I’ve actually been working on this a bit and my room is so much better organised now, I have empty shelves!
  • Read more, another one that appears every year
  • Keep up the diet and exercise, which is so much easier now we have Stormy the puppy as he goes for walks no matter what the weather is like.
  • I hope I’m not the only one who has a library full of games that are unplayed on Steam. I think I mainly blame the Yogscast Jingle Jam and Humble Bundles for this, but I’m planning on working my way through all of the unplayed games.
  • Catch up on anime, which sounds odd but there are so many that I started or that I’ve seen and wanted to watch but my health wasn’t up to subtitles so now I’m going to work my way through them.
  • Another possibly odd one but I want to have a cup of tea every day. It’s sort of more make sure I have some time where I just sit and relax, drink tea and probably watch something or flick through a magazine. Basically don’t get distracted by my phone or the computer and actually properly relax without it being a forced rest because I’ve overdone it.


  • Complete the BTEC I’m working on for self-employment and find other courses to help improve my skills
  • Use Illustrator more. I haven’t used this much so I’m trying to get used to it compared to Photoshop I’ve been using the past 15 years.
  • Work on a design portfolio.
  • Hopefully this will lead to: get a paid job! I can’t work full time because of my health so it’s either part time or self-employed but I’m at the point where I can do some work, it’s just finding one now.

A 2019 diary is sat on a fake sheepskin rug

For the blog:

  • My main goal is to get better at social media, it’s mainly been sitting there and most of my posts have been the links to blog posts on Facebook and Twitter and my Instagram is not at all regular. I’m going to get better at using it to promote my blog and post photos to go with my blog posts.
  • Finally do the makeover I’ve been promising the last two years, probably after I’ve finished my course at the moment so March I’m aiming for this, though I have sort of started with my photo editing. I just need to find the font I like for headers.
  • Regular uploads on a schedule, but not posting for the sake of it. I have been guilty of this, especially the past year, but I am hoping that planning ahead and knowing what I’m going to post will help with this
  • Keep up with reading other blogs. As I got busier last year this side of blogging got lost a bit. I need to find more bloggers to follow, most of the ones I’ve got on my feed haven’t posted in years, so I’m going to work on this. I’d also love to get to blogger events or meetups or join a network or group and possibly do a collaboration with someone at some time. My health is finally at a point where I’m well enough to go to things but I have no idea how to start this!

This ended up a longer post than I expected, and I’m going to try and keep my posts shorter next year as it seems some get way too long, but I wanted to do more than just a list of everything I wanted to do. When I look back at 2018 it was a bit of an odd year, there were unplanned and extended trips to Wales, getting into work experience and the hours needed for that and realising that I could actually manage more hours working than I originally thought. There was a lot of positive in there with the negative and I guess the best word for a lot of it was unplanned!

A list of goals hand written in the back of a diary

Hopefully 2019 will be better, will keep going forwards and it might finally be the year that this blog gets to look how I imagined it in the beginning. Have you guys set goals for this year? Anything you’re trying to focus on? Whether you have goals or not I hope it’s a good one for you!

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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