Happy New Year! And What I Got for Christmas

The title image with photos of some of the gifts behind it

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and 2019 is a good one! I can’t believe it’s been a week since Christmas and it’s 2019 already, not sure where 2018 went. I ended up spending the least week recovering so this post is a bit later than I planned but I wanted to post it anyway. I love reading what other people have got for Christmas.

A photo of the large Soap and Glory gift set Boots sold this Christmas. Around the outside of the tin is a range of bath and body products.I think a lot of my presents were either practical, I finally have my room finished after starting it in February, or bath and beauty bits. I’ve realised that there are some things that we get every year, it’s a bit of a tradition, and the Soap and Glory big gift set has become one of these. I always wait until it’s in the Boots star buy so it ends up half price and then tell my parents so it’s not really a surprise but there’s so much in there and I do love Soap and Glory products, my skin seems to get on with them as well. I haven’t tried their bath bombs so I’m interested to see what they’re like and the all in one balm sounds good too.

A range of presents, including some Soap and Glory products, the Harry Potter makeup brushes set, a set of six sheet masks and two individual ones, nail file and nail varnish remover and a Lush rose gift setI got more Soap and Glory goodies too, I got the larger three piece set of the limited edition plum Christmas scent, the same as in the duo I bought in December and a mini set of their original scented scrub and body butter. My sister got me a Lush gift set and I love the rose jam shower gel or just their rose stuff in general smells good to me.

In the non bath and body stuff I got a few general nail supplies, always useful to have some nail varnish remover, and I think this year may be known as the year of the face masks as me, mum and my sister all seemed to get quite a few! I do love a good sheet mask though so I’m looking forward to trying these. Having seen the Harry Potter makeup brushes in Boots I had to ask for them and I got them! I love them, they’re so heavy and the brushes themselves feel so soft. The only thing is they’re so pretty, they seem too pretty to use.

The Loccitane Verbena gift set. Inside the box is a perfume, soap, shower gel and hand creamFinishing off the beauty products I got a L’occitane gift set from my aunt and uncle. I love the Verbena scent, it’s just so fresh and smells exactly like fresh cut lemons to me. I’ve been being so careful with how much of the shower gel I use from last year’s set and finished it the other week so I’m so happy to have more! Also love it as a perfume and this set has a full sized one, this will be my summer perfume all the time this year I think.

In the photos is a pair of fluffy socks with a Fox pattern, a pack of 24 watercolour pen brushes, the Rupert bear and Doctor Who annuals and the box for a Kenwood mini chopperAway from the beauty products and some more of the traditional gifts in two annuals. I’m not sure how big annuals are outside the UK but they come out each year and have comic strips, puzzles, stories and all sorts of things depending on the theme. I’ve had a Rupert annual every year since I was born and recently have been getting the Doctor Who ones too.

I know everyone jokes about socks for Christmas but I love getting fluffy socks. These are so cute with a fox pattern, they have the grip on the bottom too. I did get another pair of socks but I’ve been wearing them, they’re fluffy and purple with white stars on. I’ve been wanting to try watercolour pens for a while, since I discovered them, so I’m really looking forward to trying this set out. I guess it also shows that Instagram advertising can work, that’s where I saw these.

I did also photograph the box for the chopper that I’ve got in the next photo, I didn’t realise I’d missed the other kitchen things out so did an extra photo, I didn’t get two of them.

On a table are the Deliciously Ella cookbook, two packs of tea from the English Tea Shop and the Kenwood mini chopperI recently got the Deliciously Ella With Friends book out of the library and loved some of the food in it so my parents got me the first book. I’m not vegan but some of the recipes sound so nice, I’m definitely going to be making a shopping list soon for trying these out. The chopper is something I’ve kind of said about for the past couple of years as a lot of the food I’m trying to make needs finely chopped herbs or ground things so this will help so much with that. My sister got me the two teas, I’ve tried the energising one and I love it, it’s kind of citrus and spearmint and I’m thinking of keeping it for ice tea in the summer, or keeping some of it anyway as a few have gone already.

On the floor is a blue rug and on top of it is stood a white chair with a white fake sheep skin rug thrown over the back.For ages I’ve been meaning to get a new desk chair and I saw one earlier this year in Ikea that I love. I don’t think it’s actually meant to be a desk chair but it’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for. They also had this fake sheeps skin rug there and I can tell this is the kind of chair that will get dirty so quickly so something that can be thrown in the washing machine and I think looks good will make it so much easier to look after. The rug on the floor is pretty much a perfect match for my wall and the right size fit eh space, though it looked a lot smaller in the store than on my floor.

On the left is a dusty pink coat and on the right is a rose gold geometric lampI’ve had my eye on this lamp from Asda, they’re still there and £6 each I think, as I’ve bought and put up a drawer thing in my wardrobe to organise all my beauty products but it’s so dark in there that I needed something. It’s not what I originally planned but I love their geometric lamps and with no wires it’s prefect for in there. Plus it can be hung from somewhere or sat down, I’m probably getting too excited about a lamp aren’t I? When we were there I saw this coat, it’s so warm and fluffy and perfect for what I’ve been looking for. It’s a bit of a pity the weather has been way too warm to wear it though. It’s also still there at £35 if you like the look of it, it’s like walking around wearing a duvet!

I think this year I may have ended up with only two surprises as I tended to keep my eye on the things I wanted and only include any links to sales. We normally give our a list of things and they pick which things to get or tell people to get so we know that they’re things we want but not know what we’re going to get, a bit like a lo-tech amazon wish list. We used to sit down and flick through the Argos catalogue and make a not of anything we wanted when we were little, including the catalogue numbers so Santa knew exactly which ones we meant. Did anyone else do that?

I hope you all had a great Christmas and Santa got you what you wanted. What did you get for Christmas? And have you got anything in the sales? I’ve been pretty good this year, though I missed getting anything in the Lush sale so the money I put aside for that this year will be being spent online I think. Maybe not quite so good then.

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year! And What I Got for Christmas

  1. Happy new year!
    That L’Occitane set looks lovely. I like the Verbena scent a lot too – so refreshing to use in the mornings.
    The desk chair looks so comfy and the addition of the faux sheeps skin throw is perfect.
    I got a few beauty items – Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, the Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum – some clothes, jigsaw puzzles, chocolate, Birkenstock sandals, gift cards. Our family exchange wish lists too so there usually aren’t any surprises – just if they end up selecting the items off my list (usually we share 10 items with each person and they pick say, 5 items off the list).
    I didn’t buy much in the post-holidays sales. Just a Philosophy perfume set in the Ballet Rose scent, and some clothes. I’m saving my money for vacations this year – we’re planning on going back to Japan so I will shop there instead!

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    1. The chair means I can finally actually blog at the desk, it’s nice and fluffy too. I was tempted by the chocolate bar palette in the sales but I found the semi sweet one smells too much of chocolate scented things for me, is the original like that too? I haven’t found one in stores near me to smell. I haven’t got a jigsaw puzzle in years, though we get them for dad and do them together, they’re great in the winter when you’re inside. Oooo that sounds amazing, I’d love to go to Japan. Definitely save and spend it there. I ended up getting more from the sales but such a mix of things and half of them haven’t arrived yet, I think a lot of stores got more traffic than they expected on their websites so it’s all a bit delayed.


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