Blogmas 2018, Day 24: Christmas Eve!

The Blogmas title with a photo of a ‘Night Before Christmas’ moose candle holderIt’s Christmas Eve! I can’t believe it’s Christmas Day tomorrow, not sure why but maybe it’s not cold enough or something but I haven’t been feeling as Christmassy today as I have before. The two advent calendars are kind of duplicates of previous days, the BB Cream in the Holland and Barrett beauty calendar is one I’m happy about though. The Harry Potter one less so, though it’s a different figure there are multiples of this character already.

List of 25 Christmas themed questions for Blogmas. Day 24 says: favourite Christmas Eve tradition

The final Blogmas question is about Christmas Eve traditions and I’m not sure which one to pick. Quite often we’d be decorating the Christmas cake but this year we did it yesterday. The best tradition is probably when we get all the presents down and put them around. So,e presents get put under the tree in the build up but recently we’ve started to help put the presents downstairs that used to appear by magic overnight. Most of our traditions are Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve though. We do always light the night before Christmas candle though, I like that as it’s something we do each year, but it’s not much of an event.

The front f the Dead Sea Spa Magik B.B. cream

The Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar has another of the Dead Sea Spa Magik BB Creams in the shade natural. I’ve been using it and my skin seems to like it, the colour matches me pretty well and it’s moisturise enough that I don’t use a moisturiser underneath. It blends well and so far it hasn’t caused any breakouts. I would say this is one of my favourite products in my advent calendars this year. The full sized version is 50ml and costs £13.50, I can see this lasting quite a while as it doesn’t need much for a good amount of coverage.

The winter Harry Potter Pocket Pop figure

In the Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar the final figure is another Harry. I do like the look of this, he’s in the winter cloak with a scarf and gloves and it goes well with the winter theme but I would have preferred less Harry’s and some other characters could have replaced him. It’s pretty stable and it does look good in the snowy landscape that the advent calendar creates, maybe I’ll use him next year as a decoration with a snowman or something but it’s not one I’ll have on my shelf year round.

A black puppy holding wrapping paper in its mouthAnd a final picture, because I took it earlier when we finished wrapping the presents for the crackers and he’s just cute, is our Puppy Stormy helping us by carrying the wrapping paper!

Hope you all have a great Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas then a great day in general.

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