Blogmas Day 22 & 23: 2 Days in 1!

The Blogmas title image. It is split in two with two Christmas Costa coffee paper cups, one on each sideI didn’t manage to write a proper advent calendar Blogmas post yesterday but I did post something so I’m counting that! For some reason today I’ve felt like it’s Christmas Eve all day, I’m already getting too excited for Christmas! Also today was a fun day until my phone screen pretty much shattered, though stayed in place, so it’s all taped up and I’m crossing my fingers it’ll last till February, or maybe longer, before I need to get a new phone as my contract will definitely go up as I’m sim only at the moment and I need to save everything I can in January!

Anyway, onto the advent calendars. And the Harry Potter figures are so appropriate together and I’ve really been looking forward to the day I got the creature that came in today’s window so I’m so happy with these two. I kind of wish one of them could have been on Christmas Eve as I have a feeling I know what’s coming and it’s not as exciting. The Holland and Barrett beauty goodies were so good too. It’s got to the point where I’ve forgotten what was even meant to be in here so they’re all surprises again. Another essential oil and some deodorant may not sound that interesting but I think the deodorant may become a favourite from the calendar. Is that weird?

A list of 25 Christmas themed questions for Blogmas.

As it’s been two days I’ll answer both and update the second question as this graphic is six years old.

22. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

I don’t remember ever having egg nog and I have to say it’s not something that really appeals to me so it’d definitely be hot chocolate. I tried two of the Costa hot chocolates this year, the orange one and the hazelnut, and they were both amazing. The orange one was definitely my favourite though.

23. Plans for Christmas 2018?

The plans for this Christmas are pretty much stay home and have Christmas with the family. My sister’s here too and we normally get up, open our stockings and then have breakfast before opening our presents. Then it’s dinner time and we all help a bit with that and after if there are any presents left we open them but if not then we pretty much play games or do something with the presents if they have something to do. This Christmas I know I got a chair from Ikea so we’ll be putting that together.

The miaroma peppermint essential oil and the salt of the earth natural deodorant from the advent calendarThe product in day 22 of the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar was the Miaroma Peppermint Essential Oil. This was a slightly bigger bottle than the other oils at 20ml and would cost £10.59. Like the Eucalyptus it’s designed to be used in a base for massage, in the bath or to be burned in an oil burner. It’s another that’s a nice refreshing scent and supposed to be invigorating, I know that having a minty bath always wakes me up so maybe I’ll have to try using it in that.

The back of the salt of the earth spray deodorant bottle, it shows the ingredientsWithin the last year or two I made the switch to deodorant rather than antiperspirant and my skin has been loving it so I’m loving the fact there’s a deodorant in the advent calendar. This is the Salt of the Earth Pure Aura spray deodorant and smells of melon and cucumber so it’s so refreshing. I’m not sold on the type of spray yet but I’ve used it today and it’s impressed me so far. This is the travel spray version, which is 50ml and I can’t find online, but the full sized 100ml spray costs £5.99. I am definitely going to use this over the next couple of weeks and I’m tempted to get the roll on and see if it works as well, I’ve always preferred a roll on deodorant and this one just smells so nice.

The Luna Lovegood figure next to the Thestral figure from the two days of the Funko Pop advent calendarThe two figures from the 22nd and 23rd in the Harry Potter Funko Pop advent calendar go together so well I’m actually kind of happy I didn’t get the one up and they’re in the photo together. Luna Lovegood came in the 22nd and the Thestral was in day 23.

The image shows the Luna Lovegood figure from two anglesLuna is so detailed and I love how distinctive she is, it’s like it’s the opposite of what I was saying with Neville. She has so many things in the figure that are just Luna, from the tiny earrings to the really obvious old style 3D glasses. The hair is really nice too and I like the fact that she’s very well balanced and doesn’t have any problems standing up. I think that this one looks even better in this scale than it would in a standard size, it just seems like the detail is finer which sees to suit the design more than if they were bigger blocks of colour. I’m not sure that even made sense but I hope it does!

The Thestral figure shown from two anglesI’ve always liked the idea and design of the Thestrals, even from what I imagined when reading the books. And it’s one creature that actually looks better, and pretty close to what I imagined, in the movies. I wasn’t sure ho well it would suit the proportions of a Funko figure but I think it does. I like the fact that a lot of the detail comes from the mound and figure itself rather than painting it on but it does have the brown highlights and the white eyes definitely give it that creepier feeling. It stands up well on its four legs and I just love seeing it next to Luna, the bright next to the dark and the fact it fits so well with in the books just makes me think they’d look great displayed together.

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