Review: Harry Potter Eyeshadow Palettes (Part 1)

This post was supposed to go up on the tenth! It doesn’t seem to be on here so I’m going to guess it didn’t post. Sorry it’s going up a bit late, part 2 will come tomorrow with the other two palettes. Luckily all four are still available in a lot of stores so if you want them before Christmas hopefully you can find them!

The front of the Harry Potter eyeshadow palettes. On the left is Gryffindor with a red lion and the right palette has Ravenclaw with a metallic blue raven

When I saw that Boots were releasing Harry Potter makeup I had to have some, and the two palettes that stood out the most were the Gryffindor and the Ravenclaw. The Gryffindor one is no longer available online but might be in stores. I do love red eyeshadows recently but I don’t really have much in the proper red or cranberry red sort of colour, and I really liked the look of the blue in the middle of the top row in Ravenclaw. I am going to get the other two as well, so part 2 will be coming soon! I really want the colour changing lipsticks and the hand cream and lip balms are so cute! I have a feeling I might be searching for them in the sales.

All four palettes cost £12.50 each and are in the three for two Christmas gifts offer, along with the rest of the Harry Potter range. They each have six eyeshadows in and as far as I can tell they all seem to have shimmer to some degree. There are four colours that go with whichever house the palette is based on, alongside two that would be more neutral, everyday sort of colours. It seems like they’re going for a palette that you can use as the only palette for a look and I can see that working.

The insides of the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw palettes, each has 6 eyeshadows and a Mirror in the lid I love the packaging for these, the matte white background with the metallic silhouette of the house animal coming out of the block of colour on the side. I have a feeling I’ll be keeping these out on the side even if I’m not going to use them all that often. They also have a magnetic closure so they stay closed, even holding the lid the weight doesn’t open the palette. They are card though, so I can see these getting messy quickly if you’re not careful with them. They do wipe clean with a damp tissue but I wouldn’t want to do that too often.

Inside there’s a clear plastic cover that actually fits the base the pans are in so you can slide it back on a bit like a lid. The mirrors are nice and clear but they do give me a bit of a house of mirrors feel when I look in them, it’s like my head gets narrower! I won’t be using them as the mirror to put my makeup on. I like the fact they added some of the characteristics that the houses are known for underneath.

The eyeshadows themselves are hit and miss. The Gryffindor one is pretty much all hits, one that’s a bit weaker than the others but it’s still ok and good to blend out. The Ravenclaw is pretty much 50/50 and annoyingly two of the weaker colours are blues. They do work slightly differently on the eye to swatches though.

Swatches of the Gryffindor eyeshadow palette, both with and without a primer baseI’ll start with the Gryffindor as that’s the one I wanted to try the most. On the back it says that shades 1&6 are the same formula and shades 2,3,4 & 5 are the same. I was so surprised at this, at least the second group.

1 and 6 have an amazing formula, they’re creamy, opaque and so pigmented that they are actually ok without a primer. They also apply less shimmery and almost metallic on the skin which was a surprise seeing them in the pan.

2, 4 and 5 are great too, so creamy and pigmented and that red is so pretty when you use it on your eyes. These also appear less shimmery and more almost metallic than I expected, the red especially looks like the shimmer would be more obvious when in the pan.

Shade 3 is the weak colour in this palette. The pale pink is ok, it’s a lot dryer than the other eyeshadows and feels powdery. It has an ok amount of pigmentation, pretty much what you’d expect from a novelty eyeshadow palette, but compared to the others it seems weak. It is a nice pale pink and works well for the inner corner or to add a paler shimmer on top of the red but as far as using it on its own it almost disappears on my skin.

Swatches of the Ravenclaw eyeshadows, with and without a primer baseAnd now Ravenclaw, which also has shades 3 and 4 from the Gryffindor palette, though this time they’re shades 5 and 6. I won’t review them again but it will show how the two palettes compare when you see how many are like the weaker colour in Gryffindor. In this palette it’s colours 1&4 that are the same formula as well as 2,3,5 & 6

It’s clear that colours 1 and 4 are the same formula as they’re probably the weakest in the palette. Both of these apply unevenly, feel powdery and dry and disappear completely without a primer. They can be built up to be decently pigmented if you want so you can get the bright colours in the pan but it takes maybe four layers of gently patting the colour on with a fairly tacky base. They also don’t blend that well, they tend to leave a mark where they were first placed and then disappear around it.

Colours 3 and 6 are the best eyeshadows in the palette. They’re so creamy and pigmented and work well without a primer too. These are also very easy to use in an everyday look. They have the almost metallic look and apply like a few of the foil finish shadows I’ve had from other brands.

The last two shadows, 2 and 5, are in the middle of the two pigment wise. They aren’t the best but are pretty creamy and apply evenly. The blue is decently pigmented, if you’re careful with it does apply close to the colour in the pan and has a nice finish that looks silver at certain angles. The pink is the same as in Gryffindor and doesn’t quite have the same amount of pigmentation as the blue. The blue also blends better and doesn’t feel quite as dry.

The back of the palettes with ingredients listOverall I’d say that these are definitely not consistent. I would recommend Gryffindor to fans of Harry Potter and makeup, the shadows are decently pigmented and the few great shadows really stand out. I don’t actually have anything like the red in my collection so it stands out for that reason too. I don’t know that I’d recommend Ravenclaw unless you’re buying it for yourself and you either want to complete the set or are a Ravenclaw and want to have the palette for your house. If you want blue eyeshadow palettes there are better one, probably for cheaper too, but the Harry Potter name is what you’re paying for with the Ravenclaw one. The Gryffindor having the six colours and the quality of five of them it probably is worth the £12.50 in some makes even without the franchise.

With the duplicate colours (and I’m pretty sure there will be more duplicates in the other two) is it worth getting all four? Probably not. Will I get them anyway? Yes. This may sound odd but I really like the look of them, they are ok palettes if you know how they’re going to work and I love the idea of having all four on display. Plus the fact that I’m paying for them with Boots points and they’re three for two doesn’t hurt. I’m not often a completionist when it comes to makeup lines but I will be for this one, the palettes at least.

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