Blogmas 2018, Day 21: Tired Legs and Neville Longbottom

Blogmas title image. The photo behind has presents wrapped in red and white patterned paper and tied with red or white ribbonsI haven’t tried anything from the brand in the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar, I’ve never even heard of them before, but that’s what I love about these beauty advent calendars and why I buy them in the first place. This time a year a revitalising leg gel seems a great idea, especially for anyone working in any of the kinds of jobs that everyone wants in the festive season and there’s a lot of standing around! I’d already seen the Funko Pop character after having to dig in this door for Hedwig yesterday but I’m still happy to have a Neville, at least I think he’s Neville!

I’m sure we were supposed to have had snow at some point this winter, I think it’s the weather that’s making me not feel as Christmassy as normal considering it’s only four days away! This time last year we’d had quite a bit of snow, Google helpfully showed me the photos on the 10th and made me want it even more! Oh well, I hope it stays away for everyone to get home over Christmas but it would have been nice to have had some in December! As I write this it’s pouring with rain and so windy the birds had to make several attempts to land on the feeders.

A list of 25 Christmas themed questions for Blogmas. Day 21 says: do you travel on the holidays?I don’t tend to travel that close to Christmas, I stay at home, but we always go and visit relatives in the beginning of December. If that counts then yes I travel, otherwise no. I don’t think I’d want to have Christmas away from home, wherever that is at the time, I’d rather have a quiet time with the TV and going for walks if I can rather than doing anything that requires travel or tourist destinations.

Today’s tea from the Holland and Barrett herbal tea advent calendar was Turmeric, which seemed a bit of an odd tea but it did taste nice. I almost felt like I should add some milk to make it more like I drink standard black tea but it was ok without it and just a bit of sugar. It wasn’t as strong as I expected and tasted pretty close to a weak black tea. Another okay one that I enjoyed but wouldn’t buy a box of.

The front of the tube of revitalising leg gelThe back of the tube shows the list of ingredientsThe Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar today had a tube of Actidren E’lifexir Revitalising Leg Gel. This is a 40ml tube but the full sized on is 150ml and costs £15.99. I have never heard of this brand before but it’s a nice light gel, it almost feels like a cross between a cream and a gel, and it sinks in really quickly. It doesn’t leave a sticky feeling but my skin does feel smooth afterwards and the scent lingers for a bit which is nice. Three of the ingredients that I can see are grape, cherry and cranberry and I can’t smell any of them, I just smell an orange sort of scent. It really reminds me of the orange soap I got early on in the advent calendar.

I haven’t tried this on my legs, just my hand, but it’s definitely cooling and soothing. I can see this being really nice at the end of a long day when your legs and feet aren’t feeling so good. I am going to look up and see what the ingredients are meant to do and how it’s supposed to relax and help your legs before I use it but I’ll report back on this one. If it does help tired legs then this will end up being something I actually buy in a full sized version as it does make my skin feel nice and if it has other benefits that’s win win!

The Neville Longbottom figure in his Hogwarts robesThe back of the Neville figure showing the robe detailsI am so happy that there’s a Neville Longbottom figure in the Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar, I was worried my version wouldn’t have him in. I’ve always been a Neville fan, even before he turned out to be one of the heroes and was just the funny character. I think I even had a t-shirt I made with Team Longbottom on it, I feel like I should have kept that somewhere but it’s probably been thrown away.

This is a nice figure, it’s well balanced and I do love the detail they’ve given all the Hogwarts uniforms, the folds and the hood on the cloak are sharp and work well. I also like how Neville has a pretty detailed Hogwarts crest on his robes, which Ron didn’t seem to have on mine. I am saying that this is Neville as I can’t think of who else it could be, he’s a Gryffindor and has the right kind of hair, but if you wanted this figure could almost be any generic Gryffindor boy. I guess the character in general didn’t have many distinguishing feature but maybe a pair of earmuffs or a mandrake root would ave made him more distinctive. If this isn’t Neville and there’s an official list for what’s in here and it isn’t him then sorry, but to me this is Neville anyway.

If you like Harry Potter, did you see my post earlier today about the eyeshadow palettes that Boots are selling this Christmas? Also asking as I’m not sure if posts are showing up in feeds or even actually being published at the moment!

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