Blogmas 2018, Day 20: Christmas Food!

The Blogmas title image. It has a bottle of glögg with a glass full of it next to itToday was the turn of the second face mask in the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar, I think this is the only duplicate product in the calendar. The Harry Potter Funko Pop figure was Hedwig, the second pet and another that I have in the blind box Funko version.

It feels quite appropriate that today’s Blogmas question was about food, we went food shopping today and came back with what looked like enough to last a month! I have a feeling the Christmas food will still be being eaten in January. We always think that we’re getting less than last year but it still seems to be way too much. At least we have a lot less chocolate this year, I think the extras are different fruit and nuts so at least that’s better, right?

Also, I think I have a new favourite Christmas drink. I might have to go to Ikea each year to get the Glögg, though I might see if I can find somewhere else that sells it near me as I don’t want to have to deal with those crowds and I know I’ll just end up buying things I don’t need every year if I do go!

A list of 25 Christmas themed questions for Blogmas. Day 20 says: Favourite Christmas meal?

I feel like I should say Christmas dinner, I do love it, but I actually love the buffet type meals we have in the evening afterwards. Having a mix of different things we don’t have the rest of the year and sitting round watching TV or movies. Or when we have snack picky things when we’re playing games. Crisps and dip or olives and snacks.

Today’s tea in the Holland and Barrett herbal tea advent calendar was peppermint, which is a pretty standard tea and one that I’ve drunk a lot in the past. It isn’t the strongest version I’ve ever tried, it doesn’t have the minty freshness that some of them do, but it was a nice, slightly more subtle minty flavour. It’s less a wake you up and refresh you tea and more a nice, slightly sweeter, minty flavour.

The front f the Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal mud mask sachetThe back of the face mask sachet showing the ingredients and instructions for useI like the Yes To… range and the Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Face Mask is a charcoal face mask in a sachet. These are single use and are meant to help reduce acne and clear your skin, definitely something I could do with at the moment so I’ll be using one tomorrow. I’ve seen some.of the Yes to… face masks in Tesco when we went round before and they seem to be available in various places and they do have a range of different ones targeting different skin care problems. I do love a good mask and my skin flares up at times so I’m definitely happy with this being the product there are two of. These cost £2.99 each but they seem to be in offers fairly regularly.

The front of the Hedwig Funko Pop Pocket Pop figureThe back of the Hedwig figure, showing the detail of the feathers painted onA size comparison between three figures. The Harry Potter from a previous advent day is on the left, today’s Hedwig is in the middle and on the right is the Hedwig from the funko blind box collection

The Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar had Hedwig in today’s window, though I did have to open tomorrow’s as it had fallen into the next window. I love the texture they put into these animal models, and the eyes with the plain black make them slightly less cute and cartoony than their blind box ones somehow. I also really like the detail on Hedwig’s feathers on this model, plus it’s pretty stable as the tail at the back helps to keep it steady.

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