Blogmas 2018, Day 19: Wreaths, Colds and a Weasley

The Blogmas title image. It has a homemade wreath hanging on a door.

We finally made our wreath today! It’s a bit late with less than a week to go but I do love how festive it makes the house look. We’ve made wreaths for as long as I can remember but we’ve never used the fir we have this time. We still have the fake tree left to decorate but then all decorations will be done!

The Holland and Barrett advent calendar today had a great gift for how we’ve been feeling lately with some Eucalyptus essential oil, great for when you’ve got a cold. The Harry Potter Funko Pop advent calendar had the second Weasley twin to add to the family.

A list of 25 Christmas themed questions for Blogmas. Day 19 says: favourite stocking stuffer?

I think my favourite stocking stuffer is probably a bit predictable but I do love a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. When we were little we used to get satsumas at the bottom of our stockings, which evolved into Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. Now we tend to have one to share or those mini segments that we put out in a bowl but if I ever do a stocking for someone I feel like I would put one in there.

Today’s tea in the Holland and Barrett Herbal Tea advent calendar was a Sencha Tea, which I had never heard of and had to google to find out what it was. It’s a tea from Japan that uses leaves that are steeped in the water, like a regular teabag, rather than crushed and mixed in like matcha, at least that’s what I think it is. It did have a similar taste to matcha, it was slightly bitter and fairly strong. I wasn’t a huge fan but it wasn’t bad, a bit of a middle of the road tea but at least now I’ll know what it is if I see it out on a menu.

The Miaroma Eucalyptus Oil bottle next to the box.As I said this Eucalyptus essential oil from Miaroma came at a great time as we all seem to be coming down with colds of some kind. This is one essential oil I have tried before and it’s amazing at clearing a stuffy head. This says it can be mixed with the base, which I got in the calendar too, or used in a bath. I might have to have a bath with it tomorrow and see if it helps.

This is a very strong smelling oil and it only needs a few drops to scent the bath and have the positive head clearing effects so this bottle will last a long time. It has 10ml in and costs £5.59 on the Holland and Barrett website. I think most people will probably know what eucalyptus smells like but it’s one of the main scents in Vick’s Vaporub so if you’ve smelled that you’ll know how strong it can be!

The Fred Funko Pop figure is in the foreground. He is wearing a green jumper with the letter F on it.

Today’s Harry Potter Funko Pop figure is the second Weasley twin, Fred Weasley, in his knitted jumper from Mrs Weasley with his initial on the front. I do like the fact that they have pretty much the full set of characters in these jumpers now along with Harry and Ron, but I think they could have done them in a different outfit. I’d quite like to have one or two of the characters in their Quidditch gear, and as these are both on the team they could have been the ones.

The two Funko Pop figures of the Weasley twins stood next to each otherHe is identical to George, with the exception of his initial, which is nice as they are identical twins, and I’d guess that the mounds are exactly the same. It does show that there can be differences in manufacture as Fred seems to be slightly more stable when he’s stood up than George, other than that it’s basically two of the same figure, which is what you’d expect from it really.

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