Review: MAD Beauty Disney Villains Sheet Masks

The front of the face mask gift pack has the images of Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent on itYou know you’ve taken too long to review something when it’s not on the site any more! I’ve had these Disney Villain Face Masks from MAD Beauty since some time in November when I did an order from Boots. I have found them on the Grindstore website for £9.99 for the set, or if you want to pick an individual mask they’re available on MAD beauty’s own website at £3.99 each.

I’ve been a fan of Disney villains for ages, I think when I was little I preferred the baddies to the goodies when I watched the movies half the time, they’re just more interesting. I also have a bit of a weakness for sheet masks, so when I saw this set of three face masks with two of my favourite villains I had to try them. The three sheet masks are Cruella (coconut), Maleficent (green tea) and Ursula (cucumber). MAD beauty do also do Disney Princess ones but they didn’t sell them in Boots and I think I prefer the villains anyway!

The back of the packaging with the ingredients listed This set comes from MAD beauty who are cruelty free, and from their website it sounds like they’re vegan as they don’t use animal derivatives but I can’t find anything to show that on the packaging so maybe check the ingredients to see. The masks are supposed to be suitable for all skin types but do ha e different focuses for each. They also each ha e the character on the packaging printed on the sheet mask, which looks slightly crazy when you’re wearing it especially the Cruella one!

I like the packaging itself for these, it’s a nice looking gift set and the individual sachets have a nice design too. I like that it has the original Disney animation style artwork on the front and the colour schemes are dark but also quite pretty to me. They have the ingredients on the back of each, but also all three on the back of the outer card packaging.

The packaging unfolded, showing the three individual sheet mask sachetsThe unfolded Cruella sheet mask with the plastic backing attachedEach of the masks comes in an individual sachet, like most sheet masks, but these also come with a piece of white plastic attached to the back with the same shape. It does make it easier to unfold and stops it from crumpling up inside which is helpful. I did find that each of the sheet masks is a bit wide for my face, they’re pretty round, but the eye and mouth holes actually fit better than a lot of the sheet masks I’ve had. I will also say that all three are definitely on the wet side but it did all sink in eventually so I didn’t get a second sheet mask out of the excess.

The Cruella mask is the first I tried and this one really smells of coconut, like a fake coconut scent rather than fresh though. If you’re not a fan, like I’m not, then it can be a bit overwhelming for the twelve minutes you ha e it on, though I did get used to it after a bit. It did leave my skin feeling very nice though, for the few days afterwards it felt softer and smoother so it did seem to have the benefits of making my skin more supple and I was surprised at how long lasting the effects seemed to be.

Me using the sheet mask, it fits well but looks a bit crazy with all the lines on it!I tried the Ursula mask second and this one had the fresh cucumber sort of smell you get in cucumber based skin care. It wasn’t as overpowering scent wise and felt nice and cooling on my skin. I found that, again, the effects actually lasted quite well for me. It did help calm my skin for the first day and made it less red but the main after effect was, again, feeling more moisturised for the next few days. I noticed that parts of my skin that are normally slightly drier and flaky, especially in the winter, weren’t as much, especially around the topics of my cheeks.

The last face mask is the Maleficent one and it was probably my least favourite. I liked the scent, again it was an artificial green tea skin care type smell and had a bit of bitterness, and it wasn’t overwhelming. It did feel nice when I took the mask off and massaged the excess in and it did feel refreshing. However, I’m not sure about the antioxidant effects on my skin. It did feel nice but I didn’t have the more lasting effects of the other two, maybe my skin needed the more moisturising ingredients more than antioxidants but it didn’t have as much of an impact on my skin.

The back of the Cruella face mask showing the instructions and ingredientsOverall I was pleasantly surprised by these. I will admit to buying them as they were in the three for two offer and they were the free product. I thought they were going to be nice looking but not necessarily up to much, especially given past experiences with some sheet masks that are more novelty than serious skin care. If you have drier skin I’d recommend the Ursula or Cruella ones, actually I think in general I’d recommend those two. The Maleficent one was nice to use and a bit of fun but nothing special.

I think this would make a great gift for fans of skin care and Disney, especially if they like the villains. It would also be great for a night in with friends as I think the designs are fun and it’s always nice to have a bit of a pampering session.

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