Blogmas 2018, Day 14: Real vs Artificial Christmas Trees and my Advent Calendars!

Various things needed for wrapping presents on the floor including paper, ribbons and tapeI am so happy with today’s Funko Pop figure. Dobby is so cute and is pretty much the perfect character for the Pop proportions, he’s almost the right shape anyway without them distorting him as much as other characters. Plus he has his sock! Also loving the fact there’s another lip balm in the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar. This time of year I can never have too many of them and I was starting to run out.

I love real trees, we always have one of those ones that doesn’t drop its needles as my sister is allergic and seems to be ok with them and I love the way they look and the smell. Plus they’re different each year. Though we have always had an artificial tree too and we decorate it with ornaments either to heavy for the real one or the ones we’ve made when we were little. We even have some bells that were pieces from egg cartons covered in blue foil that I think I made when I was four!

Basically both, I love the range of artificial trees you can get now, I have a purple tinsel one and a real looking one in my room, but I’m not sure you can beat a real tree.

I feel like I already had a teabag with the Ginger and Lemongrass tea that I got in the Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea advent calendar. It was fairly citrus and I could taste the ginger but it wasn’t the strongest. It was nice with a bit of honey, a bit like a mild honey, lemon and ginger, and great for my sore throat. I will say it’s not the strongest of the teas I’ve had this month but it’s a nice flavour and could be nice in the summer too as it’s light and refreshing without the honey in it.

The Burt’s Bees Ginger Spice lip balm tube

I love Burt’s Bees lip balms, they just work so well for my lips but I haven’t had one for years. Today’s gift in the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar is a Ginger Spice flavoured one. I’m not sure if this is a limited edition Christmas one but I haven’t seen it around. The others in the range are £3.99 on the Holland and Barrett website. It smells really nice, somewhere between pure spicy ginger and gingerbread. It has a bit of sweetness but not the bakery type scent and it’s not overly strong. I did half expect it to be one of those that makes your lips tingle, or be warming in some way, but it doesn’t and it doesn’t actually taste of ginger to me.

I do like how these make my lips feel, they’re the kind of lip balm that sort of melts as you apply it and it applies evenly and thinly but can be built up if you want. It’s great for a base under liquid lipsticks as it sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue so doesn’t affect how the lipstick applies. It is a light balm though so not the most intense if you have dry lips like me. It’s one that’s a good balm for in between a more moisturising one.

The Dobby figure is at the front with other characters from the advent calendar behind in the background.The Dobby figure laying down to show the detail in the sock and pillow case that he is wearing

I love Dobby, the character in the books as well as the way they made him in the movies. To me he’s definitely the one that fits the Funko style best out of the ones I’ve had. His big eyes and ears are such a feature for him that he almost doesn’t look out of proportion compared to the original. I really like the details they’ve given his face with the wrinkles around his eyes. I love the sock and pillowcase, it’s a simple design but shows his exact outfit. The only negative I have for this figure at all is that it doesn’t balance all that well. It sits best if the base is leaning back slightly rather than upright as it tends to fall forwards on his face!

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