Blogmas 2018: Day 12!

The Blogmas Day 12 header image. It has candles on the left lighting up a decoration with berries, cones and dried oranges on the right

Today in the advent calendars I got a miniature of one of the full sized Funko Pops I own. Maybe it’s just me but I always like mini things and seeing a mini version of a figure I like is always interesting to compare them. The Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar has a moisturiser from a brand I’ve heard of and been interested in but never actually bought anything from. I’ve been leaving my moisturiser to run out as I always get so much skin care in these things and today it’s moisturiser day, just in time as well.

The house smells of Christmas cooking today. I love making Christmas food and yesterday I made some mincemeat slices, like mince pies but with oats and wholemeal flour rather than standard pastry, and they are so nice but slightly healthier (only slightly). Today we may have ended up going shopping and buying more Christmas cakes. We’ve never really got them before but we got some mini Stollen and Lebkuchen, I think the lebkuchen are some of my favourite Christmas sweet foods. I’m the only one in the family who likes them so we don’t normally get them, but it was a small pack at a good price and they’re being kept till Christmas so I’ll try and be good and not sneak any before then! Do you guys have any favourite Christmas foods?

A graphic showing the list of 25 questions for Blogmas. Day 12 says: Wrapping Paper or Gift Bags?

(I’m not going to quote the questions any more, I’ll just answer them I think)

I am a fan of wrapping paper, though I do love a good gift bag and we have so many that we just reuse them and then put them away again. I always get my wrapping paper from Paperchase and use bits of old ribbon from gift boxes. Lush gifts always have pretty ribbon on that I just stuffed into a hat box to keep so now I use it for family, I normally end up getting it back to use again anyway.

The Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea advent calendar got off to such a good start but I wasn’t that keen on today’s tea. It was Green Tea and Matcha and so bitter, maybe it would have been nice cold and in a shot size glass rather than my mug. I used to drink Matcha every day but maybe I’ve gone off it now. Either way it’s not one I’ll be running out to buy.

The Sukin Face Moisturiser tube

I love trying new skin care but the sample sizes are often too small to really give them a try, which is why I love how many of the products in the Holland and Barrett advent calendar are proper full sized versions. Today’s is the Sukin Facial Moisturiser and comes in a 50ml tube which is more than enough to get an idea of whether it works or not. The full sized version is a pump bottle that holds 125ml and costs £8.49, so it’s actually not that expensive. I don’t know why I always thought of Sukin as an expensive brand but if my skin likes this I’ll have a look at some of the other things in their range.

The back of the Facial Moisturiser tube with the ingredients and symbols showing cruelty free and various ingredients it does not include such as synthetic fragrances or colours

The moisturiser itself is fairly thin and light, it applies so easily and sinks in very quickly. It has a bit of an odd smell, for some reason it takes me back to camping but I have no idea why! It’s very strong to start with and slightly herbal with a hint of plastic for the first minute or two, however when that goes away it smells a lot like Lush’s Dream Cream with the lavender and orange in there. I think it’s the vitamin E as well, I’m not sure if it’s what vitamin E smells of (do vitamins have a scent?) but a lot of vitamin E creams smell like the base notes in this to me.

There are so many calming ingredients and ones that are supposed to do great things for your skin so I’m looking forward to trying it in the long term and I’ll do a proper post on it in a month or two.

I really like the full sized Albus Dumbledore I have, though I was kind of hoping that the one in the calendar would be the other version of him it is nice to see the two side by side. This is the version as played by Richard Harris, at least I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be given the style of the beard and the outfit he’s wearing.

He’s got a single flat surface as a base so he’s pretty stable and I really like the detail they’ve put in his hair and beard. The robes have a hint of the pattern that the full sized version has but it’s not very obvious and is the same size as the original so I suppose this way stops it from looking over sized in comparison to the model. I think one of my favourite bits is the stars on the hat, on the miniature these are raised and stand out more, I think I prefer that to the printed version on the full sized Dumbedore.

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