Blogmas 2018: Day 11!

An image of a lit up white branch with baubles hanging from it, on the right is a narwhal decoration hanging off the branchI felt so organised last week getting all the posts ready and scheduling them and then they didn’t post! At least we’re caught up now and I have a couple of gift set posts I want to do coming up so there will be two posts a few days. I always feel a bit like I’m cheating on the advent calendar when I do these posts in advance, I open them each day and it’s a bit of a treat but then I open three at once to take photos! Do you guys do advent calendars a day at a time or in chunks, or just open them all at once?

Today is the first of the duplicate characters with another Harry Potter, though he is pretty different to the first I would prefer it if they’d thrown in a few others that I know aren’t in here, I won’t spoil it by says who I’d have added yet. But the Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Cleaner Beaut Calendar was great, I’m a huge fan of Dr Organic products, so is my skin, and it’s something from a range I’ve never tried before.

The list of 25 questions for Blogmas

I’m not sure if I should keep adding the questions down here now I have the graphic, which looks a lot better, but the question for day 11 is:

11. Favourite Christmas tradition?

Do advent calendars count as a tradition? I’m not sure how to answer this question, we have so many traditions, but I’m going to go with a general tradition rather than something specific to us. The decorating is one of my favourite bits, getting everything down each year and seeing the things we’ve had for years.

I’ll add a personal tradition in here too, and I think one of my favourites is the family meet ups we have, getting together and catching up with everyone. We do them every year and have a meal out and stay with relatives so it’s sort of a long weekend of seeing people and good food and just being surrounded by Christmassy things.

The tea today was one I was not a fan of, it was the Cinnamon flavour but it was 60% cinnamon and 40% liquorice root. I think it’s the liquorice root that I did t like, it has a distinctive flavour that I’m not a fan of in tea. The cinnamon by itself was pretty nice. It was one of those drinks where it’s nice to start with but half way through the mug the liquorice flavour was too strong, which is a pity as the cinnamon was nice and festive.

The Aloe Vera Concentrated Cream jar with the box next to it

I really like most of the Dr Organic products, there are some that haven’t agreed with my skin but most of them do, but I haven’t tried anything from their aloe vera range. This Aloe Vera Concentrated Cream (£8.49) is designed for using on your face and body and it definitely feels like a rather rich cream so I don’t think I’ll be using it on my face, maybe when I’ve tried it a bit. I like these glass jars, they hold 50ml and look nice, plus you can see exactly how much of the product is left.

The open jar of the cream turned s you can see the ingredients printed on it. The box is turned too to show some information on the product

The cream is definitely thick but it does sink in very fast, it feels quite cooling which I think is the aloe in it and the vitamin E might help with that too. It also has a few different citrus oils in there so it does have a hint of citrus scent to it to start with. This does disappear relatively quickly and it becomes a more standard aloe scent, a nice light and very green sort of smell, though this doesn’t really linger so it won’t clash with any perfume. I’m looking forward to giving this more of a go and see how well it works, it feels nice so far though.

The figure is Harry Potter in a check shirt and jeans and with his glasses broken and fixed with tape in the middle

I like the Harry Potter figure in today’s Funko Pop window but it’s the first of the duplicates. I like the detail of Harry’s broken glasses fixed with tape and the outfit has more of the different patterns and materials than most of the other designs. The glasses and lightning scar on his forehead make him obviously Harry Potter but without them this is a figure that could be any character in a lot of TV shows or movies.

The two Harry Potter figures side by side for comparison

I think the shirt pattern is done nicely, it almost seems like some of the ones with the finest detail are painted better, like the fine necklace on the McGonagall figure. This Harry stands up pretty well, it doesn’t have the best balance and does need to be on a flat and level surface but it doesn’t fall over when left on its own like some of them. One thing that I have noticed that makes him different from the other Harry is that this one is leaning back more which does make him slightly less well balanced, though it does mean you see his face better.

I have quite a few things planned for tomorrow, I’m going to be organised and start my wrapping. We also have some Christmas shopping to do. I was organised and got all the presents from just me but there are other family presents to get. Have you guys got your Christmas shopping yet? Or are you more the kind of person who ends up shopping the day before Christmas Eve?

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