Blogmas 2018: Day 10!

A sepia toned image of stocking hanging on the bannister of the stairsBack home after the weekend and today’s been so busy that it’s not so Christmassy feeling now! I don’t think I’ve done anything all that festive today, I started a course for developing a business to see if I can create a business plan so it’s all been about that so far. It’s exciting lead up to Christmas may not have been the best time to start on this!

I am loving the moisturiser in the Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Cleaner Beauty Advent Calendar, it’s one of the things I was most looking forward to trying, and the Funko Pop Harry Potter Calendar is adding to the Hogwarts staff with a pretty detailed and well done character.

A list of 25 Christmas themed questions for Blogmas

Now I have this graphic I’ll be including it every day, sorry f it gets a bit repetitive but I like it and it shows the full list. As today is day 10 the question was:

10. Favourite holiday scent?

There are quite a few I could choose from, I love it when companies bring out cranberry scented products over Christmas, though they don’t feel overly Christmassy to me and I use them all year round so they don’t feel like Christmas scents. The same could be said about Snow Fairy from Lush or their Rose Jam as that’s been released at other times of the year and didn’t even start as a Christmas scent.

I think the one I’m going to pick is sort of a general scent rather than a specific company or product, and it’s spiced oranges. Something about the spices along with citrus is just Christmas to me.

Today’s tea from the Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea advent calendar was Green Tea and Ginger, so similar to yesterday’s but not as nice to me. It didn’t really taste of ginger at all, just green tea, so it was ok but nothing special and definitely didn’t have the warming taste of ginger.

The tube of Weleda Skin Food standing next to the box it came inBack of the tube of Skin Food showing a bit of a description of the product and the side of the box with the ingredients on

This may sound odd but the product in the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar today was actually one of the ones I was most looking forward to trying. It’s the Weleda Skin Food and it’s one of those products I’ve seen in magazines and mentioned around the place but never actually tried it. This is the smaller 30ml tube and costs £7.95, though larger ones are available too. I like how it’s actually a metal tube, these are always the easiest to roll up and get the last of the product out at the end.

The tube is being squeezed and there is some of the moisturiser coming out of the endThis is one of those products that’s been around for years and it does smell like an old fashioned, good for you type products. To start with it had a citrusy sort of scent to me but within a couple of minutes it turns into a fairly strong herbal smell. It’s very thick and does leave a greasy feeling on my skin but sinks in quickly and it does well to reduce redness and leave rough patches of skin feeling smoother. I have psoriasis and have tried it on a couple of patches and I’m surprised at the difference, it’s not getting rid of it but making it less sore looking. I’m definitely interested to see what it does in the longer term so I’ll be trying this out and doing a full post on it in a month or so. So far I’m impressed and wish I’d tried it sooner!

The Professor McGonagall figure is stood on the fold out base of the advent calendar with previous Funko Pop figures in the backgroundSo far I like the range of characters in the Harry Potter Funko Pop advent calendar. Today’s is another member of staff with Professor McGonagall, I think this may be the most distinctive of the characters so far. I like the fact she has her hat and robes on, it’s definitely the most magical looking design for the characters. It also makes her very distinctive and the design of the robes makes the figure very stable.

I think another thing that adds character to this particular figure is the expression they have given her, rather than just round eyes she looks like she’s frowning at you. I know the blank eyes is the trademark but I wish they’d done something like this on some others, maybe Snape.

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