Blogmas 2018: Day 7!

I am so annoyed at the moment, somehow the posts I had prepared for this weekend and scheduled haven’t posted. Unless you’ve already seen this, then sorry for the double post and I guess it’s not showing up on my blog my end. It said at the time my scheduled post was published but I can’t see it on my blog. I’ll do 2 a day to catch up.

A white tree covered in lights and decorations with Blogmas Day 7 in frontThis weekend is the start of family visits for Christmas so I’ll be in North Wales for a big family meal. It seems to end up that we only really see each other once a year, or most of us anyway, so it’s nice to catch up and have a meal out together. There’s always Christmas crackers, there will probably be at least one of those fortune telling fish and the hopping frog, and I have a proper Christmas dress this year, it even has Santa on it!

As we’re away (and I feel like I’m cheating with the advent calendar and opening these few days early) I’m not going to be drinking the teas till we get back, I’ll have to do a couple in each of the posts then. However I am looking forward to thing the first haircare product from the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar and I have a mini Draco Malfoy to go with Snape to start on the Slytherins in the Harry Potter Fubko Pop advent calendar.

Today’s question from the list I found was:

7. What is your most memorable Christmas?

This is another hard one to answer as, although I remember Christa’s and the traditions, a lot of then sort of blurred into one when I was younger. I feel like probably one of the most memorable would be the one where we had a treasure hunt and had all these clues to follow and in the end the surprise was a piece of paper hat said we were going to Disneyland Paris! I was 9 I think, we went in the February and I still have the 2000 millennium t-shirt from there. Mum’s Whinnie the Pooh fleece is also still going so that’s doing pretty well!

There was one Christmas, a lot more recently, when my sister was working Christmas morning so we had a different schedule, which made the day memorable, and it was a lot slower and we took our time doing things in the morning.

The tube of Naturtint CC Cream is stood in front of the drawers of the beauty advent calendarThe back of the tube of CC Cream with the ingredients and instructions onI like the range of products in the Holland and Barrett Beauty advent calendar, today’s is the first haircare product with the Naturtint Anti-Ageing CC Cream. A full sized bottle is 200ml and costs £8.49 so it’s not overly expensive if it lasts quite a few uses. To start with I thought this was a face CC cream until I read it and it seems like it’s pretty much a hair mask to help with coloured hair. It’s supposed to help repair and moisturise damaged hair and it does smell nice.

I’ll have to give this a go and see what I think as I do like hair masks, they just don’t often do much for my hair as it’s so thick. I have a feeling I had a pot of hair mask from them that mum didn’t like that I thought was ok, we’ll see if this one is better. I do prefer these squeeze tubes over rubs for these kinds of product, they’re easier to use with wet hands and it’s not dipping your hand into the product and then leaving any bacteria there, especially when it comes to more natural based products like this one.

The Draco Malloy figure is stood in the foreground with the students from previous days in the background Today’s figure in the Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar is Draco Malfoy, I’m not sure which year in particular but I do like the way they’ve done the robes for these, the hood detail in the back is a scaled down version of the full sized figures. I like the slicked back hair and it does really look like Malfoy.

One thing I find with some Funko Pop figures, when they’re human without anything too distinctive, is that they do just look like a generic person with a certain outfit on. I think the clothes in the Harry Potter universe help to make them more distinctive when they’re in their school uniforms, but I think even in standard Muggle clothes he’d be recognisable.

Do you guys have a most memorable Christmas? And why was it memorable? I feel like the often blur into one Christmassy mess and it’s harder to distinguish one from another a lot of the time. It seems like they’re getting closer together as I’m getting older too! The years don’t feel as long as they did when I was little.

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