Blogmas 2018: Day 4!

How did this not post on the 4th? Sorry guys, but it does mean 2 today!

The decoration boxes are back in the attic and all the clutter is cleared away so it finally looks properly Christmassy. It’s surprising how many boxes there are, though this year we’ve not used as many lights as normal I can’t seems how we used the extra sets. I also gave my blue tongue skink’s vivarium a Christmas theme, he seems to like it so far, he’s been climbing on his mini Christmas tree and hiding under the sparkly flower.

In the advent calendars today I got the first of the Pocket Pops that I already own in a full sized version. The Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendar has a soap in from a company that I’ve heard of but never tried, which I might end up looking at in the future for bath products.

Today’s question is one that I found so hard to narrow it down.

5. What is your favourite Christmas song?

The song I have always loved, even though it’s more of an anti commercialisation song rather than a true Christmas song, is I Believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake. It’s one that’s everywhere but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cover of these.

I am so annoyed as my original post had five of my favourite Christmas songs, but for some reason it didn’t upload and this bit is missing so I’m going to go with only adding the explanation for one song in here, it took me too long to link them and I’m writing this alongside today’s post! The others I originally added with explanations were:

  • Slade – Merry Christmas
  • Wizzard – I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day
  • Barenaked Ladies – Elf’s Lament
  • Bowling for a Soup – Feliz Navidad

The teabag in the Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea calendar was Moringa. It’s one of those flavours that I’ve heard of, mainly in bath and body products like in the Body Shop, but didn’t know what it actually is. As far as flavour goes this tea was pretty bitter and had a smoky flavour to it. It does taste a bit like a black tea but more subtle. It’s a nice one but I’m.not sure I’d buy it in a full box.

In the Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Clean Beauty advent calendar today has an orange soap from Nature’s Kitchen. This doesn’t look much but the scent is really subtle and sweet but still citrus, like a satsuma rather than the sharper oranges. It definitely smells like fresh fruit, not like some more artificial scents. It’s a fairly traditional looking soap and does lather ok, not the best but there’s some, and it leaves a more squeaky clean feeling. It does feel like it should be more drying but I didn’t find it dried my skin out too much.

I hadn’t noticed on the past days but on today’s door the beauty advent calendar has some information on the company. Nature’s Kitchen has been around for 40 years so it’s an older company that focusses on natural ingredients for skincare.

The Pocket Pop figure in the Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar is one that I actually have in the full sized version, Professor Snape. He’s a fairly simple design and I like how it transferred into the smaller figure. This one seems to stand up well and the balance seems to be better than the other three, maybe because it’s one base rather than two feet.

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