Blogmas 2018: Day 3!

An image of a painting of a black dog with a Santa hatIs it just me or does it already feel like December is going by quickly? I love Christmas but it feels like there’s so much to do in the next three weeks I’m.not sure how it’ll all fit in! Today was another day of decorating, this time my room and an accidentally colourful Christmas tree, and painting for this year’s Christmas card which is a bit behind schedule but hopefully will be taking it to be printed tomorrow.

My Hogwarts golden trio was complete today with the Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar, they’re so cute I’m tempted to stick them in my tree as decorations but it may be a bit much alongside the Primark Harry Potter decorations. In the Holland and Barrett ones I got a completely new flavoured tea, something I’ve never even heard of before and had to Google to see what it actually was, and another fun oil to try out and see if I can mix my own beauty products, I’m getting a bit excited about that.

The third Blogmas question is one I feel I shouldn’t answer, partly because I’m not sure if I can, but anyway. These questions come from (still not working for me so not making a proper link for it).

3. When/how did you find out Santa isn’t real?

I feel like I had to include at least one Elf gif in this Blogmas series and it seemed like the perfect time. And the answer is I don’t know. I remember having a conversation in the car when I was in year 5 about making sure my sister still believed when we were waiting to pick her up from school and I already knew. It wasn’t one of those ‘I found out when X happened’ more I just sort of knew.

The tea in the Holland and Barrett advent calendar was ginger and galangal, which is apparently a similar looking root. It was definitely a stronger tea than I expected, which is great for me. The finger is pretty strong but the galangal root made it slightly citrus so it was almost a bit of a ginger and lemon type taste with a bitter flavour. It does have some liquorice in it but I couldn’t taste it. One I might get again.

The front of the Miaroma Grapeseed Oil bottle in front of the Holland and Barrett advent calendarThe back of the Grapeseed Oil bottle, it gives instructions on how to use itToday’s Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Cleaner Beauty is a 100ml bottle of Miaroma Grapeseed Oil (£3.99). It seems like this is one used as a base for massage oils if you add essential oils and scents to it. It feels nice and light and seems to sink into my skin fairly well, though it does leave a bit of an oily feeling for a while it does leave it feeling moisturised. I’ll have to see if it works similar to Lush massage bars I used to use as an intense moisturiser. Do you guys have any tips or recipes you’d recommend of you’ve tried this before?

The Hermione Funko Pop figure is standing in front of the Harry Potter and Ron Weasley figures from the past two days

The Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar had a Hermione figure in it to finish off the golden trio. I think it’s meant to be early years Hermione to go with Harry and Ron. She has more detail than the other two and this does end up with more places where the paint can overlap or bleed into each other and they do. From a distance it’s not too bad but looking close up the area where her arms are holding the book aren’t that precise. Overall I do love the look of this, it’s obviously her and I like the mould for the hair. I’m liking how the scene is building up on the snowy base as I add more characters to it.

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