Blogmas 2018: Day 2!

Blogmas title image with Blogmas Day 2 and a decorated Christmas treeWhy does Christmas decorating always take longer than you expect? Or I guess it’s more preparing for decorating, I swear I spent an hour untangling lights today, and it’s so tiring. Tomorrow will be putting the decoration boxes back in the attic and all of the boxes will be away for a month or so. I’ve still got some bits to sort out in my room and tidying it all away, I’m sure our puppy will miss the fun of poking around in all of them and helping us to sort them out.

Day 2 in the advent calendars was another good one, though I know the Funko ones will be as they’re all mini Funko Pop Harry Potter figures and I’m trying to work out if they’ll all fit onto my mini shelves in one go. The Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea Calendar was a good one and I think the 25 Days of Cleaner Beauty one had one of the more interesting and unusual products for a beauty advent calendar.

I’ll start off with the Blogmas question again. These all come from a post by (it’s still not working for me so I don’t want to do a proper link in case it’s a different site now). They’re also from 2013 so I’ve had too change the dates but they’re still fun questions. And for day 2 the question is:

2. What is on your 2018 Christmas List?

I could write out the list but it would be a bit boring. I do know some of what I’ll get, I was there and picked them in Ikea, but there are some bits to finish my room like a nice desk chair, a rug and a fluffy mini rug to go on it. Then there are some fun things like Lego, yes I do still play with Lego, and some bits from Boots, I always ask for the Soap and Glory big set and tell my parents when it’s in the star gift offer. I have also asked for some art supplies as I’ve wanted to try watercolour pens for a while. I’m not sure what I’m actually getting from most of my lit, we sort of put more than we know will be spent and then it’s a bit more of a surprise which things we get.

A mug of tea from above with the red from the tea bag swirling in the water

I did actually take a photo of the tea in the Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea today. I mainly took it because I liked the colour coming out of the tea bag but I’ll try to think of some different ways to photograph tea. Anyway, this was the Hibiscus tea and it was stronger than I expect. I like my herbal teas strong so tend to leave the bag in as I drink, I didn’t need to with this one. It’s got the fresh, slightly sharp taste of hibiscus drinks and I really liked it, I think it’d be great in the summer, suite light and refreshing.

The small bottle of Rosehip Oil in front of the Holland and Barrett beauty advent calendarThe dropper showing the Rosehip Oil

The second Holland and Barrett advent calendar, the beauty one, had a small bottle of Rosehip Oil in it from Trilogy. It’s a 5ml glass bottle with a dropper inside and the 20ml bottle costs £19.99 so I’m going to guess this would be around £5 of product in here. It’s a great size for trying it out as it says use two or three drops each time and once or twice a day so this will last plenty of uses. The bottle says that this is good to use to brighten and even skin tone and smooth lines so well have to see if it helps even out my skin a bit.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever smelled Rosehip but this smells exactly like when they get squashed, which makes sense, so it’s not perfumed. It’s got a fresh, green scent, like crushing new leaves. It’s a very light oil, not very thick, and does spread easily. I’m definitely looking forward to trying this, though I’ll wait until after the family meet up in case my skin disagrees. I’m interested in seeing how essential oils work with my skin, I’ve wanted to try them for a while but never knew where to start.

The Funko Pop figure of Ron with his Christmas Jumper on

I do feel a bit like a kid at Christmas each time I open one of the doors on the Funko Pop advent calendar. The fold down base has flattened so they stand up and I’ll have a little winter scene as it starts to fill up. Today’s Harry Potter Funko was Ron in his knitted Christmas jumper to go with Harry. I love how these small ones look, they still have the detail of the large ones but a smaller scale. This Ron seems to balance a bit better than Harry does which is good. I like how they both look together and they have a bit of a Christmas theme without being over the top so they’ll be out on display the rest of the year too.

I have to say I do love doing the Blogmas question in there each day as well as the advent. I’m also wondering what you guys have on your Christmas lists. I need to get better at posting these earlier in the day, it’s been so busy the past couple of days I’m only writing these posts in the evening.

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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