Blogmas 2018: Day 1!

The Blogmas Day 1 header image. It shows the title in a box in the centre with a photo of white branches decorated with fairy lights behindI can’t believe it’s already December! We’ve started our advent calendars, the first lot of decorations have been put up and it’s finally feeling properly Christmassy even if the weather isn’t. This yea I’m going to do the daily advent calendar opening like I have the past few years but I’ve also found a list of 25 questions that I’m going to answer each day. It’s from Pinterest so I can’t save the picture and the site keeps saying it doesn’t exist but it’s from and apparently from 2012 so it’s not new, I’ll have to make a new graphic to show the questions and add it in here some time.

Anyway, the advent calendars I’ll be posting about are the Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Cleaner Beauty and the Harry Potter Funko Pop one. I do have the Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea one and I’ll review those if I’ve actually drunk it when I post but might not do that one every day. If you want to find out what was behind door number 1 on each of them then keep reading!

I’ll start with the Blogmas Question, which is:

1. what is your favourite Christmas Movie?

The Santa Claus the Movie poster with Dudley Moore

I have to admit there are a few I could put here but a favourite that I watch at least once every year is Santa Claus the Movie with Dudley Moore in it. I’m not even sure why I love it. Maybe it’s all the elf puns, maybe it’s the cheesiness or maybe it’s the odd machine that Patch comes up with to make toys that’s made out of wood and has random wooden ducks, I don’t know. I do also love Dudley Moore and he’s great as Patch. If I wrote out the summary it wouldn’t sound that good but it’s just Christmas to me, and seeing how Santa started and evolved in it is nice too.

And onto the advent calendars. I didn’t take a photo of my tea but it was the White Tea from Holland and Barrett and I really liked it. I’m not sure I’ve ever had white tea before but I did need some sweetness and a tiny splash of milk (and I do mean tiny) which may be totally wrong to any true tea lover but I liked it.

The front of the Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Sustainable wipesThe photos shows the back of the sustainable wipes packaging with the list of ingredientsToday’s gift in the Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Cleaner Beauty Calendar was a pack of Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton Sustainable Beauty Wipes. I’ve never heard of using seahorse plankton in wipes before, I’ve never heard of the plankton either, but it supports the Seahorse Trust and they smell nice and fresh. They’re nice and refreshing to use and are compostable so you can throw them in the compost and they’ll break down. That’s the one thing about face wipes for me, they always seem like they could be made of something better for the environment and I feel bad throwing them away but these I won’t!

Having looked them up I found they have a whole range of products in this Seahorse Plankton range, if my skin likes these I’ll be having a look for them in the sales I think. This pack of face wipes with 30 in would cost £5.99 in Holland and Barrett.

An image showing the Harry Potter Funko Pop figure. He has the Christmas jumper with an H knitted on it he got from Mrs WeasleyAn image showing the Harry Potter figure in a hand for scaleI love the mini Harry Potter in his Christmas jumper knitted by Mrs Weasley that was in the Funko Pop advent calendar today. I have to admit that these figures are smaller than I expected but they’re so cute in this size. Unfortunately they haven’t got the best balance so he’s standing at the back of the fold out scene in the calendar but I’m hoping as there are more they’ll hold the front down and I can build up a nice little display over December.

It’s pretty detailed and, for the size, the painting job is decent. There aren’t any really obvious parts where they’ve gone over the line, just a couple around the base of the rousers where his shoe colour has gone onto them but it’s nothing noticeable, just if you’re being very picky.

I hope your December has started well. We’ll be decorating for the next couple of days and I even got a mini tree for in my blue tongue skink’s vivarium from Ikea yesterday so he’ll be getting in the Christmas spirit too, at least a little bit! Have you guys got any advent calendars? I’ve been good about not getting chocolate this year but they’re everywhere and I’ve almost caved twice today!

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2018: Day 1!

    1. Thanks 😄 I tend to find if I do advent calendar ones I get too excited when I open them and just want to post about them anyway. Blogmas is just about having fun so doing any days you can is what it’s about I think, whether it’s every day or every few days or once a week. I just take it as a challenge and it’s pretty much the only series on my blog I seem to finish on time! 😆

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