Primark Christmas Decorations Haul

A picture of a selections of Christmas decorations from Primark, three Harry Potter and one rose gold mooseI do love a good Primark shopping trip, but the ones near me aren’t really the best when it comes to the homeware department, we normally get everything well after it’s been off the shelves (the Chip mugs appeared about six months later at full price) so I was very happy to see some of the Christmas decorations there that I thought would have missed us.

They had a decent amount of the Harry Potter Christmas decorations along with some of the Disney themed sets of two and quite a lot of the decorations that aren’t a collaboration or licensed products from someone else. I could have spent a lot more but I was good… ish.

A rose gold moose Christmas decoration hanging in front of a white wallA rose gold moose Christmas decoration hanging in front of a white wall with the lights off and a fairy light reflecting off itI should probably start off with the generic thing first before jumping into the Harry Potter as this is actually the first thing I saw that I wanted. I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a moose and reminds me of the style a lot of the more expensive brands are doing this year too. At £1.50 I couldn’t resist, he’s rose gold and ceramic and I love how the lights reflect off him when he’s dangling on a branch. It’s a simple design but I kind of wish I’d got another animal or two, I think there were three there but I may be remembering wrong.

Two Harry Potter Christmas decorations hanging in front of a white wall, one of Hagrid’s and one of the Hogwarts ExpressThey had a lot of these sets of two characters, there are a few sets I’d like to get extra and will be on the lookout for but I’m tempted to go for eBay. The ones they did have included the Disney princess duo, Bambi, the Friends sofa and coffee cup and the Whinnie the Pooh set. They all seem like they’re a decent quality, they definitely have some weight to them, and I didn’t notice any obvious issues with prints when I looked at them. All of the sets of two hanging decorations from a franchise were £5 each so I got the two I wanted. One thing I did notice is the packaging was dented or cracked on a lot of them, not something that matters if you’re buying for yourself but if you plan on gifting it then maybe find one that’s intact.

Two Harry Potter Christmas decorations hanging in front of a white wall, one is Harry Potter and another is Hedwig the snowy owlI love how these feel, they do have some weight to them but they aren’t so heavy that I think most Christmas trees will manage them. The ribbons on the top look nice, though they are tied a bit unevenly that’s nothing you can’t redo yourself at home. I really like the style of the Harry Potter characters they’ve released this year, it’s not just Primark I’ve seen it in so you can match with other sets from other brands.

A picture of the front of the Hogwarts Express Christmas decoration, it shows the Howard’s Express written at the top and Platform 9 3/4 along the bottomOf the four I got I think that Hedwig is my favourite, I just like the way she looks kind of angry in this cartoon style and I may have more Hedwig stuff from their collection than I should have! I just realised today when I was taking the photos how derpy my Hagrid’s looks, his eyes are a bit wonky, but I still like him. I love the detail on the Hogwarts Express, the writing on the front of the train is a nice touch, including the Platform 9 3/4.

Two pictures showing the front and back of the Hedwig snow globe. It has Hedwig sat in the globe with white snow and stars floating around. The globe is sat on a pile of books.Continuing with the Hedwig theme I had to get this snow globe. It’s £8 and I’ve always loved the look of snow globes, I used to get one each year for Christmas when I was little, though they’ve long since gone as they were cheap plastic. I’d be tempted to keep this one out all year as it’s one of those products that’s obviously Harry Potter but at the same time looks more grown up to me than a lot, maybe that’s just me. I guess it’s the fact that if you didn’t know anything about Harry Potter it’s just a cute looking owl on some books and there isn’t a big Harry Potter logo on it somewhere.

The image shows the Hedwig snow globe shaken up, the white snow and silver stars are covering HedwigI definitely love everything I got, it’s just a small haul but they’re things that will come out every year. I’m kind of hoping that Primark keep doing Harry Potter goodies in the future and maybe being out other characters next year, sort of build a collection. I know it’s not likely but I can hope!

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