My Advent Calendars This Year (There’s a Bit of an Odd Mix!)

My three advent calendars; Funko Pop Harry Potter, Holland and Barrett Beauty Advent Calendar and Holland and Barrett Tea Advent Calendar

This year I planned on getting a couple of advent calendars, one was going to be the Marks and Spencer’s Beauty Advent calendar, the other was probably going to be the cheapest of the three Body Shop ones. However, I managed to write down the wrong date for the M&S one so missed out on it and the Body Shop one was sold out by the time I had the room in my budget so I’ve been having a look around at some and actually will have four within my budget for two (I have one on the way which I will link to at the end as well). I did plan on getting the NYX one too, which may sneak into a basket if it goes on offer but I don’t really need the extra makeup even if the colours do look gorgeous!

I think this year will be the biggest variety in advent calendars I have ever had, it pretty much covers most of the things I like and they aren’t even really linked in any way. The first is from Funko Pop and is one I found by accident and had to get when I saw it was in stock, the second is a beauty advent calendar that was better than half price and has some amazing products in but it’s not one I’ve seen any posts on in advent calendar round ups, and the final one I have with me is full of tea! The fourth is Christmas decorations for the tree and I just love the style of them, plus I did originally decide to get it before I found any of the others and I just wanted an advent calendar.

The outside box of the Harry Potter Funko Pop advent calendar with a white, grey and silver snowflake patternI’ll start off with the Funko Pop one, though unfortunately it’s out of stock in most places and the only place I can find it now is eBay which can be risky and it can be way overpriced. This is a Harry Potter advent calendar with 24 mini Funko Pop figures and cost £47.99 when I got it. I love my current Funko Pops and I love how their minis for the students and animals are actually perfectly to scale with the full sized teachers. You do also get a bit of a scene to place all your figures on (you know I will be doing this) like the Lego advent calendars do. It has Whomping Willow and Hagrid’s Hut stand up card pieces to add to the Hogwarts in the background. I’ll definitely be closing all the doors again after I take the figures out with this one.

Inside the Funko Pop Advent Calendar with the Hogwarts scene printed on the doors. There is a pop up Whomping Willow and Hagrid’s Hut in front on a snowy base.There’s nowhere that gives the list of figures officially but I did find a video here on YouTube that unboxed all of them. If you don’t want spoilers then don’t watch it and I won’t say too much about what’s in it. One thing I will say, and the only negative thing I can think of, is that I wish there were less duplicates of certain characters and they had a bigger range. I get that Harry, Ron and Hermione are the main characters but I’d have quite liked someone like a Bellatrix or Lupin in there. Saying that I can’t wait for my collection to be bigger and to compare the ones I have full sized to these minis.

Inside the Holland and Barrett 25 Days of Cleaner Beauty adven5 Calendar. The doors are open and show a dark green and gold patterned interior with drawers, one is open showing the doors for the advent gifts.The beauty advent calendar I went for this year is from Holland and Barrett and is the 25 Days of Cleaner Beauty Calendar, currently still in stock for £34! That makes it cheaper than the 12 days one they’re doing and this has 25 days worth of healthy beauty products in it. I wanted theirs last year but missed out so when I saw this was on sale I had to get it. I haven’t seen much about this one online but it has a mix of skin care, hair care and essential oils that I’m really looking forward to trying. I feel like I can’t post on this without saying how much I love their packaging for this. It has drawers, but inside each there are doors that you have to pull open and get the product out. The tops of the drawers are glued on but I think they should be easily removed, even if they need a knife to help (I didn’t try too hard as I didn’t want to ruin the surprise since I’ve already forgotten half the products in there). I think this may become the new home for some of my makeup!

Everything in here is vegetarian friendly and cruelty free so it could be a great way to get into some new brands and save money on them individually. I think that everything in here is considered a full sized product. I may be wrong as I haven’t compared the list on the white paper band to the products on their website but they all look like good sized tubes and jars and the nail varnish and face packs definitely are. It has some from Dr Organic, who I love, including a Dragon’s Blood product, and the Weleda Skin Food I’ve seen rave reviews of in magazines but never actually tried. I’m interested to see how the essential oils work for me too, it’s something I’ve been interested in when it comes to skin care but haven’t got round to trying as it always seemed a bit overwhelming knowing what to pick, but as these have been picked for me it might be something I’ll get into.

The Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea advent calendar. There are 23 tea bags, number 4 is missing.The final one I have with me at the moment is the Holland and Barrett Organic Teas advent calendar with 24 different teabags for the lead up to Christmas. This one was also half price at £3. I wanted a change from chocolate but still something to taste and I do love herbal teas. I’ve not tried any from Holland and Barrett before but I’m interested in seeing how some of these taste, the pineapple one in particular is a flavour I’ve never tried but sounds good.

The back of the Holland and Barrett Organic Herbal Tea advent calendar. It shows all 24 types of tea and their ingredients.I like how they have all the teas and ingredients on the back in a decent size so it’s easy to read. I also like the fact it can hang up, it’s going in the kitchen and will be held up with tape on the tiles but it’ll still look nice and bright and you can see how close you are to Christmas as they’re in the right order so it’s sort of doubling as a count down to Christmas too! The only bad thing with this is it did arrive missing a teabag, however I’ve contacted them and a new one has already been dispatched. Their customer service is always great so I’d recommend trying them online if you can’t get to a store near you.

All 24 of the clay tree decorations in the advent calendar. It includes reindeer, gingerbread men, snowmen, Santa and other Christmas themed designs.The final advent calendar I’ll be getting is full of 24 different Christmas tree decorations. It’s the Unomor Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar, which I found on Amazon and costs £16.99. The photo is from amazon and it’s all of the decorations, the advent calendar itself isn’t the best looking but I’ve always liked these Fimo clay style decorations and it seemed a fun way of getting some for my tree.

I may have gone a bit overboard with the advent calendars this year but I love opening a door each day and getting something different, and these are all things I’ll love and use. Do any of you get advent calendars? Any that you’ve had your eye on this year? I’m keeping an eye on some that are still in stock to see if they’ll be reduced if there are some still left in stock in December.

I’m going to be doing a post every day in December when I open these so come can check back then if you want to see my first impressions of everything.

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you want to see more you can find me on social media:

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