Review: Lush Cinders Limited Edition Christmas Shower Gel

I recently got a bottle of the Cinders Shower Gel from the Lush limited edition Christmas range. It’s a more creamy formula that’s supposed to be moisturising and skin softening with maple syrup in it and the scent is described as Brazilian orange oil, ginger, nutmeg and allspice powders. This sounded like a great mix to me with a hint of the spices I like in winter products.

As with their other shower gels this is available in three sizes; 110g (£5.50), 260g (£10.95) and 520g (£18.25). It’s a self preserving formula, which I have found tends to make them good ones to keep if you like the scent. I was half expecting this to be like the shower creams that Lush released, which were a nice thick consistency to start with but turned to water after two uses, so had to give them a proper try and use them a lot to see how well they kept. So far it’s been good but it’s only been a month so I can’t comment on the long term stashability of them yet.

I do love a multi-use product, so shower gels are often some of my favourites as they’re a bit of an all in one product for shampoo, soap and bubbles. I like the look of Lush products in bottles, the black and white makes them look clean and they look nice out on the side. I like the pop of colour seeing the Cinders gel itself through the bottle, it’s a really bright orange. I was a bit worried about it dyeing the shower, or looking bright orange when washing with it, like some of the brighter shower creams but apart from looking slightly like you’ve been tangoed when actually showering it’s fine.

As I said, the formula reminds me of some of the shower creams. It’s not quite as thick as some of them were when you first open them, it’s easy to use and thin enough to squeeze out of the bottle easily but not so thin that you lose half of it down the plug in the shower. It’s definitely one of those ones where you need very little, the photos were taken after four uses. Using a shower puff means it goes even further and lathers up really well. It also makes nice soft bubbles that last for quite a while in the bath.

I’m not sure I’d say that it left my skin feeling any softer really. It didn’t dry my skin out particularly or give it that squeaky clean feeling that some shower gels do, so in that way it was more skin softening than some shower gels or soaps. I think it’s one that does moisturise your skin slightly, nothing major like more oil based shower products but it didn’t leave my skin flaky.

Scent wise to me it smells exactly like a diet cherry cola. It’s not overly sweet but it’s definitely got that cola type smell. I think it’s the spices, maybe the allspice, as ginger and nutmeg are in a lot of winter products that smell nothing like cola. It’s not the scent that I was expecting, reading the description, but it’s a nice scent. It’s also not one that I’d say it an unusual or unique Lush scent like some they do, but as far as cherry cola scents go it’s a nice one that isn’t too sweet or overwhelming.

The only thing I can say is slightly disappointing, or maybe odd, is the odd stuff that’s settling at the bottom. It’s like when you get snow fairy and it’s a year where the shimmer sinks. I think it’s supposed to be in there, and goes with the Cinders name, but it’s always annoying when particles sink and end up as sludge at the bottom. No matter how much I shake it they won’t mix through again. Has anyone else got a bottle and is this meant to happen?

I think if you have issues with sensitive skin and Lush doesn’t make it flare up like a lot of artificially perfumed products that would smell like this could (I know cola scents have been the culprit for me fairly often) then this might be worth checking out. It does seem expensive when there are other brands that do similar scents for less, but it’s a nice all year round scent and the formula is the same consistency today as it was a month ago when it arrived so I think it’ll be one that stashes ok going by past Lush products. Also this shower gel is vegan friendly, and like all Lush is cruelty free.

Overall I think this is a nice scent, though it’s nothing all that different to what some other companies do for cheaper. It’s not one that I’ll stash but I do really like it and the fact that so little lasts for so long means this 260g bottle will last me a while so I don’t regret buying it, I just probably won’t be buying more unless it’s in a gift set in the sales.

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