Review: Soap and Glory Naughty But Spice Duo Gift Set

I don’t remember Soap and Glory doing a festive limited edition scent before, and being a fan of their products I had to try the Naughty But Spice scent collection. It comes in two gift sets, the smaller Naughty But Spice Duo for £5 with a mini body wash (75ml) and body butter (50ml), and the larger Naughty But Spice Collection for £14 with a 250ml body wash, 200ml body butter and standard 100ml body spray. These are also both in the 3 for 2 Christmas gift offer at Boots.

As far as I can see the Naught But Spice scent is only available in the three product types and in these two sets, unless they’re planning on releasing singles. It’s sold as “fabulous floriental scent-sation that smells good enough to eat! With notes of baked plum and cinnamon.” As a fan of plum scents and spicier smells in the cooler months I had to try it. I decided to get the smaller set to try and if I love it the larger one can go on my Christmas list.

I always love Soap and Glory packaging, the black and white photo parts always stands out and I like how they used a more purple based colour to go with the plum scent. The box itself for the gift set isn’t really anything special but I always like it when they choose simple shapes for gift sets, it makes them so much easier to wrap! The size and price of this one also makes it a good stocking filler (if the stocking’s big enough).

The scent for both of these is pretty much the same. I tend to find that soap and glory products with the same scent do really smell the same, whereas some companies the base for the products changes the scents and which notes come out stronger. This is definitely a very sweet smell, I’m not sure I get plum but it’s quite like a lot of sugar plum based Christmas products but fruitier and with a floral note, something like orchid maybe rather than a traditional floral scent. It does have some spices in there but they’re not overpowering and it’s definitely under the fruit, which is nice as sometime they can be overpowering. I can’t pick out the exact spices but I’d say cinnamon and cloves are in there as it has that warm Christmassy hint to it. One thing it really reminds me of is a spiced Ribena that they brought out a while ago, but more perfumey.

The body wash, Best Washes, is the standard Soap and Glory creamy body wash formula. I do love the formula for Soap and Glory body washes, it’s so creamy and moisturising and a little goes a very long way. It lathers up really well and the scent for this body wash does linger for a while. I also find they’re good as bubble baths, the foam is soft and bubbles last really well. I love any body wash that leaves my skin feeling more moisturised than before I used it, as my skin is dry I often end up having to cover any lingering scents with moisturiser, which is very annoying if it’s not one that has a moisturiser that goes with it.

I think that the Righteous Butter may be one of the most well known Soap and Glory products and their body butters in general are great, they don’t sit on your skin for ages feeling greasy but they do seem to moisturise deep into your skin and really help with dry skin, especially in the winter for me. The This Butter Be Good Body Butter in this set is the standard formula and smells so comforting to me for some reason. I definitely find that the sweet plum scent comes out more on my skin than in the pot but I know that my skin can do odd things to perfumes so it may be different for you.

I love this scent but it is very sweet, I’m not sure how much I’d use it as a body spray, though the body butter does turn into more of a light perfume scent as it warms up on my skin so maybe it would work for me. I’m definitely adding the bigger set to my Christmas list even if I don’t like it as a spray because I want to be able to use this the rest of the year too! It does seem to turn more floral at times so it’s not straight up fruit and spice like I expected but it’s definitely a more perfumed twist on the spiced fruit theme a lot of companies do for Christmas. I think if you like lighter scents this might be good for you, it’s very feminine on me but not as strong as a lot of their other scents to me, which I know some people find overpowering.

I think this would make a great present or secret Santa gift if you know someone likes floral sweet scents. I think it could be one of those scents that some people don’t like though, rather than a safe and fairly neutral scent, but it is good for fans of body products as it’s not something that needs a bath and anyone can use it. If you’re thinking about buying it for yourself I would recommend getting the smaller set first. It may seem a waste of £5 but I’d rather spend £5 on 2 minis that I don’t like than £14 on three full sized ones.

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