Smashbox Superstars Limited Edition Gift Set First Impressions

This wasn’t going to be my original post for today, but as it says this set is limited edition and it seems to be out of stock online already I wanted to put this up so you might be able to find it in a Boots near you. This is a sort of first impressions or look at what’s inside the Smashbox Superstars Box that’s on sale in Boots for £30 and has £88.50 worth of products in it. I have to admit I was sceptical about whether it was truly worth that much but I’ve put the links to each of them individually and it does add up.

Smashbox is one of those brands that seems expensive, or more expensive than I’d often spend on the products I’ve been interested in trying from them. However, they seem to get such good reviews they were one of the brands I put on my to try list this year so when I saw this set I had to get it. It’s supposed to contain some of their best selling products, with a Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette in Ablaze, Light Photo Finish Primer, Photo Finish Primer Water, SuperFan Mascara and their Contour Shadow Brush. I do have a weakness for brushes and have wanted to try one of theirs for a while but £20 for one brush was a bit out of what I spend on them, maybe this one will convert me.

The box itself is pretty standard, it’s a nice enough looking display that shows all of the products and the plastic in it holds them all in place so it survived the shipping. I do like how it includes a list of everything in it, including sizes, along with the ingredients on the back so you can see exactly what you’re getting. I know a lot of gift sets do but some you have to hunt thought tiny text and this is a decently readable size. It also shows the PETA cruelty free bunny in the top corner showing that this is a cruelty free brand. I also find it kind of interesting how many countries they use to make their products, I think with the Primer Water this may be the first time I’ve actually got something made in Canada! I’ve posted the ingredients further down at the end of the review.

Onto the actual products and the ones I’m the most excited to try, which may surprise you, are the two primer products. The Oil Free Photo Finish Primer in Light comes in a 15ml tube, a great travel size and more than enough to get an idea if the product is for you. The current travel size is 12ml and costs £15 so you actually get a little more than in the new style. This is such a nice feeling primer, light and non greasy and applies more like a moisturiser or serum but leaves that perfectly smooth finish that’s a great base. It’s one of the more powdery feeling ones rather than a tacky one and I’m looking forward to seeing how this one works for me.

I have to admit I haven’t really tried setting sprays, the few I did early on felt more like spraying hairspray on and left my skin either tacky or crispy, but this Primer Water in the travel size is a nice fine spray that does feel more like a refreshing mist than any of those other setting sprays. This is a 30ml bottle and costs £12 individually, it feels like a little will go a long way so if this works it’s another I might be tempted by for repurchasing.

Probably the product that stands out the most in this set is the eyeshadow palette. I do love the colours in the Ablaze version of their Cover Shot mini palettes and the lenticular lid really stands out to me. I tried not to play around with them as I’m planning on a full review and want photos but I couldn’t resist swatching them straight on my skin and they seem like they have decent pigmentation. At £24 this is higher up on my budget as far as eyeshadows go, especially given the size, but in this set it seemed like the perfect way to try it.

You may be aware that I have a slight thing for brushes and I have had my eye on Smashbox ones for the past few years, though I kept missing the sets when they popped up in sales after Christmas. This set has the Contour Shadow Brush, worth £20, and I like the way it feels so far. It’s so soft but feels nice and dense like it will work well for blending out shadows as well as applying colour. I do like their red handles and will be on the lookout for their brushes again in the sale this year.

The final product type is one I’ve often got way too many of, in the form of a black mascara. This is the SuperFan mascara and costs £17.50 full price so slightly more than I’d normally pay but it too much. I have to say that I wasn’t that excited about this product, I was thinking I’d add it to my mascaras and use it whenever, but having seen the brush I’m looking forward to trying it. I love these plastic bristle brushes rather than the fibre ones, and the formula looks nice and light and there are no clumps on the brush when I got it out. This may have jumped up my mascara queue to next in line.

Overall I work out that these do add up to £88.50 so if you can find the set and want to give any of these products a go it could be worth it. If you want the brush and a primer it’s still cheaper than getting them separately, even the travel size, so if these are products you already like and want the travel versions of along with a couple of extras it’s a good price. I’m definitely looking forward to trying these products, have any of you tried them? I’ve seen mixed reviews on the Cover Shot mini palettes but the not seen much on the other products in here recently. Maybe some them are such old products that have been around that everyone knows about them and I’m late as usual!

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